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Shattered Dawn

November 20, 2008
By Anonymous

It was raining outside, a great day in California. The house on the road belonged to John Stevens. Then a van parks right into the driveway. The man is pale with jet black hair. “The boy shall be mine. I can feel it. His powers are too strong, and I know he will drink my formula and triple his powers. I must kill him.” The man muttered under his breath. He broke down the door and raced in too fast for the man in the house to see. “Who goes there? Show yourself now you cow…….!” The man yelled before he was grabbed by the shirt and picked up. The man was Ted Stevens, grandfather of John. Ted looked into man’s eyes. They were black and mysterious. Most importantly it was filled with hate. “Where is the boy?! Tell me now!!” the man yelled. Ted looked into his eyes and was frozen with fear. The next minute he was thrown against the wall. “Where is the boy?! I must know!” He screamed. It was too late, Ted was dead. “Hoover DAM! Now where will I go! NOOOOO!” He yelled as he tore the house down.

John was in the taxi on his way to Virginia Swamp Communities. John had white skin and was a blonde. A popular person at his school he was more attractive than he thought (especially at age 17). John hated Virginia Swamp Communities badly. First off, it was a swamp. A dirty, ugly, smelly and it wanted to make him upchuck. He got out of the cab. “Thanks dude. Here is your money. Smell ya’ later!” He said as he started walking out. He then suddenly tripped and fell face first into the mud. You know what, he barfed and he swallowed mud. His grandma’s house was a couple of blocks away he would just ask her to wash his shirt. The Virginia swamps were the worst place ever (in his opinion). He got to his grandma’s house in a couple of minutes. He rang the doorbell twice until his grandma came. “Oh my little munchkin! How are you?” she asked kindly. He just walked in. “Grandma can’t you move I hate this place! And can you wash these for school tomorrow?” he angrily said. He ran to his room (that was set up for him). He opened his backpack with his X-box 360 and assembled it. He then took out his copy of Halo 3 and started playing.

The next day at Clover Jr. High John arrived on time in his usual attire. Everyone was as friendlier than anyone at his old school. He went to the front office and got his schedule and locker number. When he walked to his locker he was greeted by another kid about his age. “Hi, my name is Joe Hacker. You’re the new kid right? Anyway I’d like for you to meet some people.” he said nicely. “Oh by the way, I’m John.” John said followed him. He then saw a table full of people. John was stunned. “These are my friends. Come on and join us.” said Joe. Joe introduced John to many people. “Well from left to right its Kevin, Seamus, Matt, Jack, Robert, Mitch, Tony. Now the girls Amy, Andrea, Laura, Cara, and of course Cindy. You’ll love em’!” John absolutely did. It was an easy welcoming. Still he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Amy. He opened his lunchbox and pulled out his Red Bull. Once he drank it he collapsed. “Oh my god!! John! Are you all right?! John!” Joe yelled. Those were the last words John heard before he blacked out.

“He drank it! All my work GONE!” the man yelled. He knocked everything off his desk. He then saw a paper that he treasured forever. He hated life. The drink was his antidote. He would then be cured of his mad mutation and then he would be able to control his powers once and for all. Now the child’s powers would be tripled and he would control his own fate! Then it happened. “No, not now. NO! It can’t be happening now!” he yelled. His eyes turned pure black, he turned pale and then it happened.

The author's comments:
I am in 7th grade and I absolutely love writing. I have been writing scince 1st grade.

I am planning to write a novel called Shattered Dawn. I hope to release it next year.

I have many inspirations for my writing. The author's who have inspired me are, Rick Riordan, Eoin Colfer, Stephenie Meyer (even though I am a guy) and J.K Rowling.

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manda r said...
on Dec. 5 2008 at 1:21 am
Nice work Taha! With a little editing this would be a great story! :) See you at school!