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When darkness ensued

November 10, 2012
By fictitious-quandary GOLD, Orlando, Florida
fictitious-quandary GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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This day was like any other, except, when the dust settled and the sky went black it stayed that way. The damp summer air bit at our senses, the only light was from the burning buildings and the smell was atrocious; imagine what it smells like when you find a dead rat or two in your house times a thousand, that is what it smells like when bodies burn in the crumbling tenements that once stood before me. It is still impossible to believe that the world we once lived in- thrived in- is gone forever. How could this be, how could tyranny reign supreme?

It all happened one terrible summer day a year ago, the lights were the first to go. The lights flickered and soon the world saw total darkness. Next to go was the internet, phone reception and TV signals. In total darkness, terror ensued and groups began what is known as night raids, though, the raids were at no specific time in the day- when it is dark 24/7 you don't need it to be nighttime to hide in plain sight.

I remember when the damp summer air smelled of citrus and the Florida landscape thrived, the tenements even had their allure- well I guess anything has an allure when the sky is constant black. I can hear the honking of horns and the bzzzzz of bees from the nearby orchards. And it is all gone now and we have nothing we can do about it.

Now all I hear is the whispers from the surrounding tenements and the slow whistle from the distant fires, I don't see much except the dirty dishes piled in the sink. The maggots are everywhere now, cockroaches are more prevalent then people. The fear is in all of us. Those who pilfer even fear the cold, dark dreary days because behind every door could be a shotgun and someone unafraid to pull the trigger. It can be very tiresome sitting at home, eating what is left and just waiting- for what I am unsure of- just waiting. The food is gone, the stores are dry, the nights are cold and we are but pawns to the shady characters that hide in plain site; the same men who keep us hidden at home with no supplies, no food, no water; nothing.

And now I miss what we had before; the simplicity of it all, the buzzing of the bees, the smell of citrus in the air, the cold tenements, heck I even miss work. It is unfathomable how we ever took for granted what we had before the darkness ensued, before the tyranny reigned supreme.

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