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The Wolf and the Rat

December 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Once upon a time there was a rat. This rat`s name was Scruffy. There was also a wolf named Hunter. Now Scruffy was always getting into trouble like stealing and falling from trees. Hunter was always going after and trying to catch Scruffy ever since he fell on his head and lied to him. Hunter would have eaten him then and there, if it wasn`t for Scruffy tricking him to let him go.

Scruffy told Hunter that he knew where a cave was that was filed with diamonds and that was guarded by a nice, big, stupid weasel. When Scruffy told him this they were in the forest, and there was no room for Hunter to run. So Hunter could not run after him. Scruffy said he would tell Hunter where it was, if he let Scruffy go, so he did. As soon as scruffy was free, he took off running. Scruffy did not trust Hunter, he thought he would just eat him even if he told him where the cave was, and he was greedy, he wanted all the gems for himself.

Now after weeks of searching, Hunter caught Scruffy. Scruffy was a clever rat. To get free, Scruffy told him where the cave was, but he lied. So Hunter let him go again, so he could search for the cave. But when he got to where the cave was supposed to be, he found nothing but dirt and trees. Hunter was even madder at Scruffy now. Once Scruffy got away this time, he told animals about how he tricked a wolf twice, those animals told animals, and so on. Eventually they told Hunter. When Hunter heard this he followed the chain of gossip back to where it started, Scruffy.

To catch Scruffy, Hunter made a trap. He knew that Scruffy liked cheese and precious gems. This how Hunter did it; he put up signs showing the way to precious gems and cheese. These signs led the way to a cave, the cave where Hunter lived. When Scruffy saw these signs, his belly growled, so he followed them all the way to the dark cave where Hunter lived. Since Hunter lived here he was able to trap Scruffy and he bit him on his tail. Scruffy then realized that he was about to be eaten, so Scruffy said to Hunter that he will lead him to the cave. Hunter agreed, but he would not put Scruffy down. Scruffy had no other choose so he led him to his special cave. When Hunter went inside, he saw that he did not lie about the diamonds, but that Scruffy did lie about the weasel, and Hunter was hungry for a weasel. Scruffy then told Hunter that he would leave now, but then Hunter threw him into the air, opened his mouth wide and gobbled Scruffy down in one bite.

The moral of the story is to always tell the truth and never lie. It is not okay to lie. If you do lie you will end up like Scruffy. You won`t be eaten like him, but something bad will happen to you. If you do tell the truth, you end up like Hunter, well at least good things will happen to you. So remember to always tell the truth and never lie. Honesty is always the best solution to everything.

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