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Fisherman High

August 23, 2012
By snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
snowgirl SILVER, Mooers, New York
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People don`t believe us, but its true it happened right here in theis very hall. On theis very day, seven years ago. Tommy Hills, it all started withe poor little Tommy in 6the grade. You see, on August 14, 2012 Tommy Hills was declared missing. It was a shock to us all because very few know this but he was last seen in this very hall, on this very day, seven years ago. A week later Sam Davison disappeared, the funny thing is that school went on like normal and the days just kept moving marking another day that they were gone. We contacted the police but they claimed we were crazy, that nobody named Tommy Hills or Sam Davison existed. Their parents even acted like we were crazy. After that the teachers held a meeting forbidding us from even thinking or worse yet mentioning the names of the two missing boys.

Well let me start from the beginning before I get ahead of myself. My name is Emma White; I am sixteen years old and go to Fishermen High on a small island in thee middle of nowhere. If you haven`t guessed already my town is known for fishing… can you say ironic? Any way where were we. Oh yes 6the grade well after Sam disappeared boys kept disappearing every Monday for thee rest of the year. During thee summer after 6th grade boys stopped disappearing all togetheer and we thought that was the end but we were far from right. As boys continued to disappear rumors began to spread. They started off slow, just whispers in the wind but they began to grow and as the rumors stared we noticed that some of them were true. You see only boys were disappearing and it was only from thee class of 2018, my class. Here is another tidbit of information you might need to know. Well my class is thee only class in the whole school who has boys in their class. I mean it’s not like we just go to an all girl school or anything but all the other classes always had very few boys and the ones they did have moved away in grade school. It’s not even as if my class is low on boys in fact there are more boys than girls and that’s how the rumors started.
In tenth grade it became a game to see which boy was going to disappear next. My cousin and I were joking about it one night. Logan guessed theat Ted Verdi was going to disappear next and I guessed Noah Fertile was going to be the next one to go missing. It never even entered our minds that he would be thee next one to go missing; I mean he had a state of the art guard system theat was on shift around the clock. My parents woke me up around midnight to tell me the news. I was devastated, so devastated that I ran out of the house in my PJs to go looking for him, not to come back home for anotheer three days. The next day I set out looking again with my boyfriend Spencer and still came up empty handed. People started to understand as their loved ones started to disappear as mine did so long ago. They started to realize that there was nothing theey could do to stop this madness.
At the start of eleventh grade Spencer and I were still going strong and there were only a total of ten boys left. Spencer walked me home that afternoon and we ended the day by saying goodnight to each other on the phone. Ever since Logan disappeared we stopped betting who was going to disappear next instead we acted like everything was normal. Spencer had a state of the art alarm system, two armed guards outside his bedroom, four attack dogs, and windows that don`t open. He had the best, the best stuff on the island because he was the only son of the richest family on the island and they planned to keep it that way. Spencer knew that even though he had all this extra protection that if it was his time that he would still be taken. I woke up the next morning and sent Spencer a good morning text like we always did. Fifteen minutes later after I was done getting ready for school, I still had no response from Spencer. I didn’t think anything of it; he always forgets to charge his phone anyway. By the time I arrived to school everyone was acting weird. I hurry to my locker to meet Spencer (we meet at my locker every morning). I get there and he isn’t there I didn’t think anything of it there was only a couple minutes left to get to homeroom anyway. I stuff my bag in my locker and grab my textbooks for the day. By the time I arrive to homeroom everyone is staring at me. I push my way to the front of the crowd to get into the class room. Since the only boys left in the whole school are in my homeroom it isn’t an unusual sight to see a crowd gathered in the doorway. I pause for a moment to see whose gone today, and everyone was in there seat. My eyes dart to Spencer`s seat (located in the back of the classroom next to mine) and I find it empty. I run to the nearest person (Lilly Dade, her boyfriend went missing last week) we share a moment of acceptance together before I burst out of the room crying. I run to my locker and hastily dial my combination. I dig through by bag and grab my cell phone; the screen says 1 new voicemail.
“He called, I whispered”
“What are you waiting for then answer it, a girl next to me says.”
I shakily press play and the sound of Spencer’s beautiful voice comes out threw the speakers. He hastily whispers instructions to where he was heading then the line went dead. Over the loud speakers I am called to the office and I walk into what I know can only be trouble. Turns out my parents somehow found out that Spencer had disappeared and had come to take me home. They locked me in my room for two weeks and during those weeks the last of the boys disappeared. The day after the last boy disappeared I got a phone call.
“Emma, don`t talk just listen. The people that took us boys are coming for the girls next. They were talking about taking you first. Get into the woods then run and don’t stop running, Spencer says.”
“Fat chance I manage to get out. My parents have had me under house arrest since you disappeared. Spencer, I whisper. There`re here.
The class of 2018, all disappeared one week before the end of the school year. One week later after the last girl disappeared from the halls of Fisherman High did the terrible tragedy happen. A nuclear explosion occurred killing off the whole island population. No one knows how the explosion accrued, but we all do know one thing. That it changed our lives.

A year later just weeks before we would of graduated from high school we were dropped off right outside of the old high school. No one was hurt except for a few bumps and bruises, but we were left there to pick up the pieces and start a new life. All by our self on our little island out in thee middle of nowhere.

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