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Six Dragons

November 19, 2011
By hebos97 SILVER, Kincardine, Other
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Once in time before our beloved Earth, our brilliant sun, our dazzling stars and spectacular moon, there were six dragons. Each dragon wondered the universe not knowing that each other existed. In one of the endless days every dragon felt a need to fly to one particular spot. It was like a whispering in their individual heads telling each one to go to this place. So each dragon set off not knowing where they were flying or exactly why. They had nothing better to do in the empty universe, so why not?

After many days of traveling, every dragon met one another in the middle of this void, at the exact same time. Ancient eyes met each other with hostility not knowing what to expect from the others.

“We were all brought here for a reason but what is that reason?” exclaimed a sapphire blue dragon with shimmering scales that seemed to flow like water.

“I think we all know. All of us are nearing our time of passing and we posses much magic and knowledge, but what happens to it after we die? We need to pass it on or it will be lost forever,” said a dragon as red as blood.

The ageing dragons nodded their heads in solemn agreement. Everyone felt their hearts slowly tiring from supporting their massive bodies.

After much discussion it was decided that each of the six dragons controlled and were the very essence of an element needed for the creation of something to pass their knowledge onto. The sapphire blue dragon was Water, a blood red dragon was Fire, a dragon that was nearly transparent was Air, the sandy brown dragon was Earth and then there were two twin dragons. One as black as the void they lived in and the other was a glimmering white. It was Darkness and Light.

It was agreed that the creatures should all live on one planet so they’d never drift far apart and their knowledge would be shared. In his paws Earth gathered stray particles around the universe and compacted them into one large dusty ball.

“They need something to drink,” so Water shed one tear onto the lifeless planet and from it came all the rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, seas and oceans that we know today.

Air decided that they needed to breathe something because these creatures couldn’t be supernatural like them. Air gently released a warm breath on the planet that set it spinning slightly (and it still spins to this day) and provided a sheet of air covering the young planet.

“What about warmth? This planet is cold and the water is already icing over. They can’t survive like this,” and with that Fire exhaled a ball of flame, known as the sun, near the planet to warm it and keep most of the water from freezing.

“What about when the planet isn’t facing the sun, how will have light then?” Light then shook her-self scattering scales across the universe creating stars. But it still wasn’t enough light. Light then plucked the largest, most circular scale from her back and placed it carefully in the sky making the moon.

“It can’t be light everywhere all the time,” exclaimed Darkness. Then he bellowed his loudest roar and small places on the planet closed off their access to the light. Places like the deep abysses in the sea, or the when the dark months hit Antarctica in the winter.

The last task was to create other furnishings for the creatures that would be on the planet. Earth planted scales in the dirt and with the help of the others tending to them, created the first plants which sprouted from the ground and grew at immense rates until they covered almost all the land available.

Now it was time to for the creation of the living creatures. They decided they would make different kinds and then choose the smartest species to pass their knowledge onto eventually.

Forming a circle around the planet each dragon touched their wings together and concentrated as best they could. Each had different thoughts of what the creatures that would inhabit the planet looked like. Suddenly they all breathed their element onto the planet and with that all their ideas were combined forming the different animals we know today. In the plethora of animals were two small, fragile ones – people.

For many years the dragons kept hidden from the people, just watching their intelligence grow and deepen at an amazing pace. They kept the planet perfect though so everything was favourable for them. Rain, light, darkness and the other elements all came at scheduled times, thus keeping everything in order. Eventually though people multiplied and began to see more of the dragons. With the passing years the dragons had gotten smaller and were able to live on the planet themselves.

The people began to have a strange feeling about the dragons. It was fear and greed. When people don’t know about something they fear it, and then they want to destroy the thing that they fear to stop from having the awful feeling of not being able to protect themselves. Also when people see something they like, they’ll want it. The people thought that if they killed the dragons their powers would become theirs, but that’s not exactly how it works.

A band of people had formed and were looking for the dragons to kill them. On one search they found Light and Darkness in a deep slumber inside a cave during the day. Stealthily the people snuck up and slit Light’s throat and then promptly impaled Darkness’s heart on a spear.

Triumphantly the people wailed into the sky for their “victory”. The planet’s darkness and light cycles are the same to this day because they are stuck in the pattern that Light and Darkness had them in before they died.

Soon enough the other dragons heard the commotion and a council was held. It was decided that each remaining dragon would release an evil upon the planet to create hardships and miseries for the people’s terrible offence and then commit suicide. Then the people wouldn’t be able to handle their powers or knowledge if they got a hold of them.

Fire made it so that was fire was hard to control and that it would occasionally wreak havoc via forest fires, volcanoes, burns and escaping containment. Fire then burned himself to death until he was nothing but ash.

Water released tsunamis, ice, snow, blizzards, hail, acid rain and rough, unpredictable seas and oceans upon the people and then drowned herself so her body drifted to the bottom of the deepest chasm of the ocean.

Air released pollutants, deadly gases, hurricanes and tornados. She then suffocated herself to death until her body was a limp heap of meat.

Earth let loose upon the planet earthquakes, terrain that was difficult or impossible to traverse across and plants and that could kill or harm. He himself then ate a deadly plant and died.

So you can see that is how our planet was made, how everything on it came to be and why we are plagued with the natural disasters we have today. Human’s fear of the unknown and our dangerous greed was the end of one beautiful species and will be the end of many others – maybe even including ourselves.

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This was really entertaining to read. You really put a lot of thought into this, huh? It was all so detailed and corresponded with many of the things we see before us now. You did a good job on the representation of people. Keep on writing. (: