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The Curse of the Vampires

October 21, 2010
By luv_icecream SILVER, Dubai, Other
luv_icecream SILVER, Dubai, Other
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I felt as if red-hot coals were being pressed to my skin, as if my brain was being squeezed out, as if I was thrown into a large fire. I felt the venom flowing through my veins and burning every part of me. I was writhing uncontrollably and I couldn’t stop it. It was like my mind had lost control over my body. And to think I had wanted this to happen to me. I felt another jolt of pain and then all of a sudden it stopped and I felt myself drifting into a deep sleep…
“How is she?” I heard a male voice say.
“She survived,” a female voice said, “although it was one of the worst I have ever seen.”
“Well, there is a price to pay for being invincible.”
“It’s not worth it,” she said laughing bitterly. “I wish I had that choice.”
“So you kill fifty humans every year…”
“More like murder those poor, innocent defenseless creatures, and then cry for nights wishing you hadn’t committed that crime “
“Your heart is too soft…”
“I’m not sure you even have a heart anymore, James” she retorted angrily.
He laughed, “Being one of our kind, it’s better not to. Don’t you agree?” Before she could reply he came to my side.” The young one is awake.”
My throat felt dry and I felt a kind of craving I had never felt before. I felt an uncontrollable thirst. “She is very attractive, even to one of our kind,” James said.
“Does that matter? It is the face of someone who has no choice but to kill, someone who like me may end up hating herself.” With that the woman stormed out of the room.
“Pay no attention to Aderes,” he told me, “She is going through a sort of midlife crisis.” He laughed at his own joke.
“I am thirsty,” I told him in a voice that sounded nothing like my own, it was beautiful, and melodious.
“That is to be expected,” he told me, “Come, young one we must hunt.”
With that he ran away so fast that all I saw was a blur. I stood there open-mouthed. In less than a minute he returned. “You know you are supposed to follow me, right?” he asked.
“But… I can’t do that…” I said
“You are one of us now,” he said amused, “Try it, and see what happens.” With that he ran out of the room at top speed. I began running after him. I was actually running like one of them. I didn’t think about my speed and agility for too long as the burning sensation attacked me once again. James stopped and motioned for me to stop too. I obeyed. “We are now going into the forest, as it is the only place we can hunt without being seen. If you see any prey follow your instincts. It’s the only way you can get rid of the thirst.” I nodded my head.
We began running in the forest. Along the way James and I killed many animals ripping apart their necks and sucking their blood. The thirst went away temporarily but it kept coming back. “We need something more,’ James told me, “Follow me.”
We ran for a few miles before coming to a human hunting trail. “James,” I began fear clouding my face, “We aren’t going to drink…” Before I could finish my sentence we saw two humans approaching. I tried to control myself but I couldn’t. I jumped on to one of the human’s, saw the true fear on her face, and began to drink and drink until she was dead. I felt a moment of joy and elation, the thirst had finally gone.
It was only then that I realized what I had done. I let out a blood curling howl as tears rolled down my cheeks. I had murdered an innocent little girl. I had made my first real kill, the curse of a vampire.

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