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June 17, 2009
By OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
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After all that I had been through, I could not describe myself as normal. Being something different from everyone else and finding my source of happiness all in one place helps if you seem to have a lot of near death experiences. Being the most powerful person of your kind is difficult especially when everyone around you could be your enemy. One person is connected to my heart and if I lost him, what would happen? My life has changed, for good or for bad, I am not sure. What do you do when you are Chosen for a special reason and ruin it by making one foolish decision?

Part one
Venus’ Castle

“Emily, are you okay?” I asked my friend, her expression was a mix of confusion and horror. “N-no,” She stuttered “Someone is f-following us.” Her face had gone chalk white. What is she talking about? “Who is following us Emily?” I asked. She didn’t speak but instead pointed into the darkness behind my shoulder. I whipped around and squinted into the darkness. The dim orange streetlights were barely any help. I heard before I saw. Footsteps were getting louder, as if someone was approaching us. “Run!” Emily yelped. Emily sprinted down the dark street and I began to follow her but suddenly a ripple of shock entered my body and I was frozen to the spot. “Rose?” Emily called out of the darkness “Where are you?!” I could hear panic seeping into her voice. I tried to call her name but a lump rose in my throat. I was unable to do anything. I was standing under a dim orange streetlight when the footsteps slowed to a halt.

“Hello, honey,” A male voice spoke behind me “What’s your name?” The lump in my throat was no longer there. The hairs on my neck stood upright. “It’s definetly not Honey.” I growled. He chuckled and stood under the streetlamp’s faint orange light. I gasped; he was the most attractive boy I had ever seen. His coal-black hair fell into his equally dark eyes. “So, are you going to tell me your name?” His deep but soft voice sent shivers up my spine. “Why should I?” I scowled. It was like I could only operate my head. I couldn’t run or use my arms to push him away. He chuckled again but stopped abruptly when Emily began yelling my name. The lump in my throat came back instantly when I tried to reply to her. What is happening?! The boy looked around eighteen but he was still very tall. I looked up to meet his big, dark eyes.

“So your name is Rose?” The boy listened to Emily’s calls. My brows furrowed and I snapped “Yes, got a problem?” Should I of said that? Has he got a knife?! “Don’t worry, I carry no weapons,” He smiled slightly, not showing his teeth. Did he just read my mind? He chuckled quietly “I can read facial expressions easily.” “Rose? Rosie? I’m calling the police if you don’t answer me!” Emily yelled from down the street. I could hear her approaching us. “She’s going to wonder why you haven’t run away or I haven’t killed you. She’ll probably think you’re making out with me…” The boy smiled slyly. Oh gosh! The boy put his finger under my chin and kissed my neck. Yes, my neck. He pressed down hard and I swear I felt something sharp but that same ripple of shock entered my system and I went numb. Then just as Emily walked towards us, the boy grabbed me by the waist and pressed his lips against mine.

“Oh!” Emily gasped “So you two were playing a rotten joke on me were you?” The boy pulled away from me and grinned. “Yes, I know Rose very well; I suppose I should go, see you later.” He winked at me and walked away. Now how weird was that? “Who was that guy?” Emily raised her eyebrows as we began to walk down the street towards our neighbor hood. “He’s an old friend.” I lied.

That night when I lay down in bed my head began to pound uncontrollably. My neck started to throb badly and when I placed my finger on my neck, my skin burned. “Ow!” I gasped. I tossed and turned in bed and I got zero sleep. So obviously I was grouchy the next morning. “Morning Rosie,” My Mum heard me lollop into the kitchen. I grunted a reply back. My Mum turned around and put some pancakes on a plate in front of me and shrieked in horror when she saw me. “W-where….” My Mum trailed off, her eyes widened in disbelief. “What?” I growled. “Get out,” My Mum screamed “Get out, out, OUT!” She backed away from me and started to sob hysterically. Looks like I’m not the only one who got zero sleep last night. I rolled my eyes and walked towards her.

“What is up with you?” I asked, standing in front of her. “Help, Samantha! Please help!” She screamed my sister’s name. “I’m here Mum. What’s wrong with you?” I laughed, had she lost her mind? “Rose you’re a monster!” “What did you just call me?” I was astonished, had she just called her own daughter a monster? “What is going on?” I demanded. She grabbed a tray and held it in front of her. I gasped at my reflection. “This can’t be happening!” I gasped. This wasn’t me! My blonde hair was abnormally long and it glistened in the sunlight that was streaming in through the window. My once sea-blue eyes had turned pitch black. My tanned round face was now ghost like and bony.

“What has happened to me?” I choked. “You’re a vampire!” My older sister Samantha gasped as she entered the room. “No, this can’t be happening!” I cried. “Rose, we have to get you out of here!” Samantha yelled. My arms were cold and chalk like. “Mum, I don’t want to go!” I knew too well where Vampires had to go. Venus’ Castle, the School for young vampires. “Hurry, if the neighbors find out you’re a vampire they’ll call the Trackers.” Samantha yelled at me, throwing a backpack at me. “Pack your things Rose Smith; you’re going to Venus’ Castle.” My Mum choked through her tears. Samantha grabbed me and shoved me into her car and drove off towards the Castle. I cried all the way.

“Welcome dearest ones to Venus’ Castle. I am your Vampire High Queen Venus.” A tall slender, flame hair colored woman greeted us as we entered the main door of the castle. Samantha was shaking nervously, as was I. “Hi, I’m Rose Smith.” I told her. My Mum had a period in her life when she was in love with roses. Why did it have to be the period in her life in which I was born? “Hello, my name is Samantha Smith. I am Rose’s older sister.” Samantha smiled nervously. See my twenty year old sister gets a nice name. “It seems you were bitten by a wild vampire.” I noticed Venus’ eyes were a fiery red color. “Yes.” I replied, staring at the stone floor. “Can you be certain?” Venus asked me. “Well, he had the same color eyes as I do now.” “Didn’t you realize at the time he was a vampire?!” Samantha growled. “Yes. No. Well yeah but something made me stay glued to the sidewalk so I couldn’t escape.” I confessed. “Ah.” Venus smiled but her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

Samantha folded her arms across her chest. She was clearly not impressed that her little sister kissed a random guy who happened to be a vampire, who chose her. “She appeals to him in a way humans call love.” Venus explained. “A vampire fancies my little sister?” Samantha yelled, outraged. “He was wild so he does not attend this school. Not many wild vampires are situated in this part of the world.” Venus smiled but yet again her eyes were telling me she might know more than she’s letting on. “Could he find her?” My sister asked. “Oh most definetly,” Venus paused for a brief second “Rose, what do you mean by the fact you couldn’t move from the sidewalk?” “I’m not sure what happened. One minute I was running and then the next it was like a jolt of electricity made me stop. I couldn’t do anything then.” “Apart from kiss him.” Samantha rolled her eyes.

“Oh,” Venus spoke to herself; she sounded irritated “Samantha Smith, thank you for dropping your sister off. You may call her whenever you like. Goodbye.” Venus spoke to Samantha with a fake smile. Then Samantha was gone. No hugs, no goodbyes. Nothing! I was alone, in a Castle full of vampires.

“Hi, you must be Rose?” A dark long haired girl with pink streaks smiled, showing her fangs. Did I have fangs too? I was about to touch my front teeth when the girl laughed. “You’re only a newbie. You have to wait a year or so.” The girl grinned. “Oh.” I said stupidly. “Nice meeting you Rose, I’m Sahara Jones by the way,” She grinned and pointed to the bright pink stripes in her pitch black hair. “Everyone calls me Pinky here.” She trotted off then. Where did Venus go? Damn. I lost her. “Rose, I’m over here.” The fire haired woman waved in my direction. I walked over to her and she smiled, showing her brilliantly white fangs. I shuddered.

“Hey? Rose?” A short girl with bronze hair jumped off her bed and was by my side in the blink of an eye. So vampires do have agility and speed. Cool. She shook my hand firmly. “I’m Cherry Jenkins but everyone calls me C.J.” “Hello C.J.” I smiled. “This is all you brought?” She looked at my small backpack which was full of clothes and some personal things. “I was in a rush.” I said shyly. Clearly C.J was a fashionista. I made a mental note to myself to make sure she doesn’t see my fluffy sheep pajamas. (Yes, Fluffy sheep. They are cute ok?) “So do you have any relatives here?” C.J asked. What? “No, I kissed a vampire and I guess he bit me or something.” I whispered. I knew I felt something stab at my neck! “What? Ohmygod! Are you serious?” “Yes.” I sighed. “So your family is human?” C.J asked. I nodded. “That must have been weird.” I shrugged, was it weird? Yes, yes it was.

“So your whole family is vampires?” I raised my eyebrows. Honestly, I was impressed. How did a whole generation of vampires live among humans for so long? “Yeah, it’s kinda cool really. But scary.” I could see C.J’s eyes were lined with tears. “You must have had to travel a lot then?” “More than you could imagine,” C.J sighed “That’s why I’m glad I came here to escape it all. The trackers I mean.” “Who are the Trackers?” I asked, I’d heard of them but I’m not sure what they do. C.J nodded “They track wild vampires, torture them and possibly kill them.” I now understood why my Mum was crying in the kitchen and why Sammy rushed me here. They wanted to keep me safe. A knock on our room’s door startled both C.J and I. “Hello? It’s Daniel.” I could almost hear C.J’s heart skip a beat. Vampires had exceptionally good hearing. “I’m coming!” C.J chirped as she brushed her hair and applied lip-gloss. “I’ve got a date,” C.J winked “Go have a look around the Castle if you like.” And then she was gone.

I got changed into a purple jumper and black trousers and decided to do some exploring. I found our school uniform and shoved it in the wardrobe. It was mid-term so I could wear what I liked. I walked down the long dark stone corridor and went back down the huge steps Venus lead me up and decided to go find the dining hall. I heard a group of people chattering around the corner so I went to investigate.

“Hi, uh, I’m Rose.” I greeted the group of teenagers which were huddled in a group. They looked around the same age as me. One girl turned around and gasped. “Rose Smith?” She had an Irish accent. The rest of the group turned to stare at me. “You’re Rose?” Another girl with incredible black curly hair asked. “She’s Rose!” A male behind them exclaimed. He was wearing a pink t-shirt with white skinny jeans. What is going on here? How do they know who I am? The girl who spoke first came forward. “I’m Cathleen but you can just call me Cathy;” She then shook my hand “We have been waiting for you.” I stepped back and scowled. “Excuse me?” I gasped.

The second girl who spoke stepped forward. Her hair was a mass of black curls. “I’m Tiffany, nice to finally meet you.” Finally meet me? These girls are loonies. “I knew you were coming. You’re gifted as am I.” Tiffany smiled. “I have visions. I knew you kissed a vampire. You also have some sort of gift.” Tiffany said. Cathy smiled warmly at me, her hair was blond and her eyes were the same as everyone else’s; Dark black. “Rose?” I heard a male speak my name. The voice sounded familiar. I had a feeling I knew who it was. I slowly turned around and nearly died in shock. It was him! The ‘wild’ vampire who kissed me! He was here, in this Castle!

“Oh, it’s you.” I scowled at the extremely beautiful boy who had kissed me (and bit me). “Hello Rose.” The boy grinned. “Excuse me Kellan? You know her?” Cathy raised her blond eyebrows. “I chose her.” He beamed. A sob escaped from my mouth. Tiffany stood on my left and Cathy stood by my right. “You bit a human?” Cathy hissed. “I did.” Kellan smiled at me, totally entranced by me. “Why did you do that Kellan?” Tiffany surprisingly sobbed. I stared at Tiffany who wiped her dark eyes. “Mum is going to flippin’ kill you!” Tiffany scowled, punching Kellan in the ribs. “Ow! Tiff that hurt!” Kellan joked and rolled his eyes. Tiffany and Kellan were brother and sister. I get it now.

“Tiff, if you tell anyone…” Kellan didn’t have to finish his threat. “Cathy?” He scowled. “I won’t breathe a word.” Cathy returned the scowl.

I realized now that Venus knew Kellan had bit me. Kellan grabbed my wrist and lead me away from my two new friends. “You’re an idiot!” I hissed as not to arise any attention to us. “Tiffany and Cathy promised they wouldn’t tell. I didn’t.” Kellan dropped my wrist and stared at me. His eyes were full of anxiousness and worry. I thought I would feel guilty for saying that but strangely enough, I wasn’t guilty, and that familiar ripple of shock seeped into my system making me feel guilty. Ugh, this electric shock was starting to bug me. “Ahem.” Kellan cleared his throat.

Tiffany sprinted towards us and bent over to catch her breath. “I saw what you did, dork!” She hissed at Kellan. Kellan growled and started towing me away from his sister. “Kellan…” Tiffany warned him. I was really confused. Kellan maneuvered me around people and led me out into the Castle’s huge gardens.

“Care to take a walk?” Kellan teased, holding his arm out, I linked my arm around his and he began to walk down a pathway. “I’m sorry I bit you Rose,” Kellan sighed “I have no idea what came over me! It was like you were a magnet, drawing me to you.” “Are you serious?” I giggled. “Yes Rose.” He answered me. I unlinked my arm from his and let my hand fall to my side. Kellan got the hint and locked his fingers with mine. His coal black hair shimmered in the moonlight.

“I’m not sure about everything…” I admitted. “Ah,” Kellan smiled, looking down at me “Anyone with black eyes is not a full vampire yet. The teachers here along with the High Queen Venus all have blazing red eyes. That means they are fully grown,” I nodded and he continued “Garlic, crucifixes and all that stuff that are supposed to kill a vampire are all myths.” Kellan paused, staring into the darkness lost in thought. The before I could ask any questions, he continued explaining things to me. “Daylight sucks for us. Seriously, big migraines but we don’t shrivel and burn up like it says in story books. So basically we have our classes inside with absolutely no light coming into the classrooms. We can get fresh air at nighttime then and we sleep at night too. We don’t turn into bats either!” Kellan laughed.

“Do we drink blood?” I mumbled. “No! Only the fully grown vampires do.” Kellan chuckled. “A human that is alive?” I questioned him. “They are dead or they buy donated blood from hospitals.” I was utterly shocked. Dead humans! Oh, I’m going to faint. Everything went darker and my knees buckled. “Rose!” was the last thing I heard. How could grown vampires kill humans and drain them of blood. What was I going to become? My Mum was right. I am a monster, or I will be.

“Rosie? Wake up.” I heard Kellan shake me softly. I didn’t want to wake up! I was going to become a monster! “Kellan, leave her be!” I heard Tiffany scold her brother. “What are you doing here?” Tiffany hissed at the incoming footsteps. “She’s my roommate,” I heard C.J hiss “Why did she faint?” “Uh, I told her stuff...” Kellan said sheepishly. “You fool!” C.J yelled. “She’s only a newbie! Of course she’d pass out!” I heard C.J cracking her knuckles.

“Cherry…” Tiffany warned. She obviously didn’t like C.J very much. “Back off C.J,” Kellan growled. “You’re not wanted here.” I heard C.J hiss at Kellan and then I heard Tiffany stamp her feet. “Stop it! Both of you! All of you leave here, NOW!” I heard mumbles and footsteps getting distant. I think I might like Tiffany. “Kellan please leave.” Tiffany growled. “No.” Kellan protested. I heard a loud smack and Kellan shouting at Tiffany. “Tiff you little cow! That actually hurt!” “I told you to leave. I hate repeating myself.” Tiffany spat.
“Fine, I’m fricken goin’ okay? I’ll be back in the morning.” And he stomped off.

“Silly.” Tiffany murmured to herself. I couldn’t help but smile.

“You heard all of that didn’t you?” Tiff laughed. I opened my eyes and started laughing too. “It’s been a long day for you Rose, I should go now, let you have some rest.” “No,” I frowned “Please stay, I’m kinda scared.” “Of course I will.” Tiffany smiled and settled into a chair beside me. “So, what didn’t my brother fill you in on?” She scowled. “Uh, what we eat really.” “Not blood anyway,” Tiff smirked “Well Kellan eats complete crap food, I prefer human stuff.” “We can eat pizzas?” My mouth was drooling at the thought of it. “That’s my favorite food!” Tiff laughed.

“Morning Rose, how are you?” Kellan asked, sitting on the hospital bed beside me. He brought me breakfast too. Gosh, did I fall asleep talking to Tiff? “This is for you.” Kellan handed me a silver breakfast tray with toast, some green stuff, orange juice and some purple gunk. Gross. I’ll just throw it away later and say I ate it; I don’t want to hurt Kellan’s feelings. “Thanks, it looks…delicious.” I forced a smile at the dark haired vampire. The word vampire still sent small shivers down my spine.

“Eat.” Kellan grinned. That annoying ripple of shock seeped into my system and without knowing I cupped the bowl with the green stuff in my hands and poured it in my mouth. “Ah!” I started to choke and Tiffany woke up in the chair beside me. She watched my hands pour the purple gunk in my mouth and my body swallowing it. “Kellan, stop it!” Tiffany dashed at quick vampire speed over to Kellan and whacked him with the silver tray across the head.

“Stop it now!” Tiffany ordered. “She has to eat Tiff.” Kellan snapped. “She isn’t two years old! Let her eat what she wants!” Tiffany screamed at him and Kellan stared at her, gob-smacked. My hands stopped forcing the gunk down my mouth and I understood what Tiffany was mad about. “Excuse me, KelI” I said softly. “Yes, Rosie?” “Come here.” I smiled sweetly at him. Tiffany winked at me. As soon as Kellan got close enough I grabbed his collar and whispered in his ear. “If you ever use your weird electrocuting powers on me again I’ll shove that silver tray so far up your-” before I could finish the threat the Vampire High Queen Venus walked swiftly to my bed. I let go of Kellan’s collar quickly and smiled at her.

“Miss Smith, how are you feeling?” Venus’ sweet voice sounded like a bird’s song. “I’m okay.” I stuttered. “I’m sorry your boyfriend told you everything so bluntly,” Venus rolled her red eyes at Kellan “I’m happy to explain everything in a much clearer and nicer way Miss Smith. I’m here if you need me.” “Thank you.” I smiled at her. Her long flowing flame colored hair was way past her waist and the dress she was wearing was a long velvet black gown. She looked exactly like I imagined a Vampire High Queen would look like.

I was allowed out of the infirmary and Tiffany and I went up to my dorm room. “So what’s C.J like?” I asked Tiffany. “She’s….okay.” Tiffany was slow giving me an answer. Something was up. I’d only known her for two days but I could tell C.J and her had problems. “You can tell me.” I assured her. “She stole my boyfriend so I moved out of her dorm and went to stay in my own dorm room. We don’t talk anymore.” Tiffany was clearly upset by all of this. “Daniel?” Remembering the guy C.J was going on a date for yesterday. Tiffany nodded. “You’re too good for him Tiff.” I smiled, giving her a hug. I used to hug Emily when she was sad too. Ohmygod! Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily! “Tiff I have to go, talk later.” I blabbered and ran down the corridor and into my dorm room.

“Oh!” I gasped as I stumbled into my room where I saw C.J and Daniel in C.J’s bed. I felt sick. “Aw Rose!” C.J spotted me. C.J leapt out of bed and covered her naked body with her blanket leaving Daniel fully exposed. I covered my eyes. Thank god Tiffany didn’t come up here with me. “I forgot you were staying here!” C.J sighed. I stared at my side of the room purposely avoiding Daniel and snorted. My clothes were on my bed and my alarm clock was positioned on the bedside table. How could you forget someone was living with you when their clothes are beside you?

“I was distracted.” C.J glared at me, understanding why I snorted. I rolled my eyes and said “I’m making a phone call and when I come back I want him gone.” ‘Him’ was Daniel who had turned bright red. I was surprised to hear my own voice. It sounded stronger. “Okay.” C.J growled. I don’t think C.J and I were going to be the best of friends…..

“Rose? Where have you been?” Emily sounded angry. “Emily…” I began. Should I really tell her where I am and who I have become? “What?” “My grandma died so I’m in Ireland for her funeral. I won’t be back for a month. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” I said so quickly because I was afraid I’d burst out crying. “Okay, sure.” What is up with her? “Yeah, I’ll see you soon.” I snapped. “Yes, okay. See you soon Rose.” And she hung up. Was she okay? She didn’t sound herself. I had no time to worry about Emily as I saw Kellan approaching me.

“Hello beautiful,” Kellan smiled “What are you doing roaming the corridors?” I liked when he called me beautiful, it made feel like I wasn’t a monster. “Are you okay?” Kellan’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. “Me? Uh, yes I’m fine. Honest.” “Why aren’t you in your room?” Kellan asked. Just then my dorm door opened and Daniel strutted out and winked at C.J who was standing in the doorway. Daniel was shorter than Kellan and had mud brown hair and of course, dark black eyes. Daniel looked me up and down, whistled and nodded approvingly and then froze when Kellan roared at him. “Look at my girl like that again and I’ll….” Kellan was interrupted by Daniel. “Yeah, I’ll just look at her when you’re not around.” Daniel smirked.

“Kellan, what did you do now?” Tiffany demanded as she flashed up in front of Venus’ office. Kellan was sitting beside me in a huff. “You’ll see.” I laughed, motioning towards Venus’ shut door. The door opened and Daniel limped out holding his head back and pinching it with two fingers. “You broke my nose you idiot.” Daniel growled but stopped when he saw a curly black haired girl walking towards him. “Oh.” Daniel groaned under his breath. “What did you do?!” Tiffany spat at Daniel. “So, your talking to me now are you?” “Dude,” Kellan smirked “My sister hates repeating herself.” Daniel gave him a sour look and turned back to Tiffany.

“If you must know, I was with C.J all night,” Daniel paused to see Tiffany flinch and then continued with a smug smile “Then your dumb-a** brother and his b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l girlfriend saw me and then Kellan hit me.” Yes, Daniel spelt the word beautiful, I saw Kellan’s fists clench. “Don’t you ever call my brother a dumb-a**! Do you understand?” Tiffany spoke the last part hard and slowly as if she was talking to someone who couldn’t understand English. Clearly Daniel is foreign. “Kellan is a dumb-a**.” Daniel folded his arms and looked very smug until Tiffany kicked him with her pointy shoes right where it hurts. The smile was wiped off his face and Tiffany beamed in satisfaction. Kellan didn’t.

“Jeesh, Tiffany! I’m older than you; I can handle these sorts of things!” Tiffany looked disappointed but then her face turned red hot. “I wasn’t doing it for you,” Tiffany growled “That were a gift from me.” She turned around and stormed off. I’ll give her a while to calm down. “Kellan, you are such a goofball!” I scolded my totally hot boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend. Sure why not? He chose me and he is absolutely unbelievably adorable. “What did I do now?” Kellan sighed. “That was Tiffany’s way of telling you that she doesn’t need looking after.” I explained. “She’s sixteen, as are you,” Kellan smiled down at me “I need to protect my two girls.” No-one has ever said they needed to protect me. “True Kellan but Daniel did break her heart.” I said. “And I broke his nose.” Kellan grinned. “Exactly, she probably wanted to do that herself.” I rolled my eyes. Were all boys just clueless?

“Hi C.J, it’s Rose.” I knocked lightly on my dorm door. It was slightly ajar so I tip-toed inside. I gasped in horror as another boy, definetly not Daniel was not in C.J’s bed but in mine, cuddled up with that girl I met a few days ago. I think her name was Pinky. Aw no. What am I going to do? I saw bottles half empty (or half full) blue and red liquid scattered across the floor. C.J was curled up in her bed with Daniel again. I’m tired and I need to sleep now. I hate drunken people. I’d been at Venus’ Castle for little over two weeks and I barely had any sleep. I was having terrible nightmares.

“C.J, will you get up now?” I hissed. “What?” C.J bolted upright and accidentally hit Daniel’s nose. “Oops!!” C.J yelped as Daniel screamed in pain. Now Pinky, her guy, C.J and Daniel were awake. “Nice seeing you again Pinky but I need sleep and that’s my bed.” I smiled politely. “Goodnight guys.” C.J called as she shut the door on Pinky, Pinky’s guy and Daniel.

I lay down on my pillow and my mind began to wander. I opened my eyes and was in a dark room. A crowd of people were huddled in the corner. They were all wearing long black cloaks and they had their hoods over their heads. One cloaked person turned to face me. His eyes were a fiery red and the corners of his mouth were dripping a red liquid. Was it blood? “Join us oh gifted one.” The man’s slender stick-like finger motioned me towards him. My feet slipped and I was by his side in an instant. I too was wearing a black cloak with the hood pulled over my head. “Feast now my dear.” The man croaked. I stared down at the corner of the room the rest of the cloaked figures were at and instead of gasping in horror I licked my lips. I towered above the human whose hands and feet were tied. “Please,” The teenage girl begged “Have mercy.” “You need more than mercy to save yourself.” My voice was like sandpaper. The girl cowered away from me and instead of lunging towards her throat; I touched her shoulder and screamed the word ‘Death’ The little girl gave one yelp and slumped on the ground. Her body was limp and lifeless. I then realized that girl was me. I was the killer and the victim.

“NO!” I screamed in fright. I was sitting upright in my bed. I was gasping for air and my body was sweating. “Holy crap Rose, you scared the bejeezus outta me!” C.J was by my bedside holding a glass of water. I looked around the dorm and pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t in a horrific nightmare. “Are you okay?” C.J asked, slightly scared by me. I couldn’t control my breathing and I was puffing and gasping like I was drowning. “Rose?” C.J sounded alarmed. I looked up at her. “What’s that dribbling out of your mouth? Rose, is that blood?!” C.J’s scream echoed mine. I touched the side of my mouth with my finger and wiped the liquid away. I stared at my finger which was specked in blood. I jumped out of my bed and ran into out tiny bathroom. I puked for almost an hour.

“C.J, is she okay?” Kellan’s voice was anxious. “Yeah dim-watt she’s in there puking her guts up. She is totally fine.” C.J said sarcastically. “Kellan….” I groaned. Kellan was by my side in an instant. “What’s wrong Rosie?” Kellan asked. “Get Tiffany and Cathy please.” That was all I could say as I leaned over the toilet basin again. “Rose!” What the-” Tiffany gasped when she saw me. I told her everything that happened in my dream and that when I awoke; blood was dripping from my mouth. “Oh. My. Gosh.” Tiffany and Cathy both said at once.

“What’s wrong my children?” Venus eyed us worryingly as we galloped into her office. “You should all be in bed.” “Venus, Rose dreamt about cloaked people and she was one of them and they killed a young girl which looked like her and when she awoke; blood was dripping from her mouth!” Tiffany told Venus everything. “My, my, my,” Venus said after Tiffany had finished “You think you are becoming a monster yes?” Venus asked me. I nodded. “Read this aloud and our Lord Yulah will tell you, you are not a monster. He never lies.” “But Venus-” Kellan protested but Venus stopped him.

“Read this,” Venus handed me a small old piece of paper. “And look out side that window and summon your personal strengths to find out your gift.” C.J, Tiffany, Cathy and especially Kellan looked at me, completely petrified. I read the piece of paper as I glanced up at the stars. They began to shine brighter than usual and something inside me started to shout. Go outside. I ran out in the Castle’s gardens closely followed by my friends, roommate and the Vampire High Queen. A shooting star flashed across the sky and I repeated the prayer again. Suddenly a feeling of emptiness and horror filled my soul. I fell to the ground and passed out again.

“Hey! Everyone, Rosie’s waking up!” C.J yelled. I opened my eyes and five heads were looking down at me. Kellan, Cathy, Tiffany, C.J and surprisingly, Daniel all breathed a sigh of relief. Kellan pecked me on the forehead. “Stop passing out Rosie.” Kellan teased. “I can’t promise you that.” I laughed, trying sitting upright but I was pushed back down again. “Lie down.” Kellan frowned; I felt the familiar rippling shock through my body. It was quite soothing now. “Thanks.” I whispered to Kellan. “Wait, why won’t you guys let me sit up?” Panic etched my voice. “It’s okay, everything will be okay Rosie,” Kellan soothed me by stroking my hair “Don’t worry.” What happened? Everyone is so quiet. Ahh! Just then Venus strode into the Infirmary.

“Rose, stay still.” Was there a spider on me? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I hate spiders!! I twisted around and screamed. My whole spine cracked. “Knock her out!” Venus ordered. I felt a needle prick my arm and I heard Kellan whispering to me. “It’ll be okay.” My eyes closed and after what felt like an eternity, I opened my heavy eyelids and sighed deeply. What happened? Ugh. My head pounded. Was my spine broken? “Rose?” Kellan looked worried. No. He looked terrified. “Tell me what the hell happened.” I pleaded. Kellan moaned as if he were in pain. “You’ve been Checked.” He choked.
“Huh?” I was really, really confused.

“When you fell to the ground you started to shake and cry in pain,” Kellan looked nervous “You started glowing and when I went over to see what was happening I touched you and I got shocked.” He held up his bandaged hand. “You have been covered in special marks,” Cathy told me “You’re covered in stars.” Wow. Now that’s cool. “You’re getting your gift or the Vampire Lord Yulah wants you to be a sacrifice.” Daniel laughed. Venus touched his shoulder and he fell to the ground and started to snore. “He’s got a screw loose.” Tiffany smiled at me. “Sacrifice?” I yelped. Kellan squeezed my hand. Just then I took a first look at my hand. It was covered in black marks which resembled stars. “What’s happening to me?” I was shaking uncontrollably. Kellan squeezed my hand harder. “Our Lord Yulah has decided to Check you which means your new gift is trying to work quicker than usual or that Yulah wants you as a sacrifice.” Venus’ tone was sincere. Tiffany ran into the room panting. “I know how we can save her!” Everyone turned to stare at her and then me. “I’ll do anything, please!” I begged.

I’d hoped anything but that! Ohmygod! How can I do it? Kellan was just as shocked and as angry as me. “No way is she doing that!” he roared at Tiffany. “It’s the only way!” Tiffany sobbed. “I might not be a sacrifice! I could get a gift!” I looked at everyone surrounding my hospital bed. “It’s not painful getting your vampire power removed. You’ll be human so then Yulah will have no need to take you.” Tiffany said. “Tiffany! How could you say such a thing?" Kellan gasped “I thought you cared about Rose!” “I do.” Tiffany moaned. “Not as much as me though,” Kellan shouted “I need her!” My heart melted right then. I couldn’t leave. Not now, not ever.

“Wait, couldn’t you remove my power and then let Kellan bite me again?” I asked Tiff. I was starting to worry if maybe I didn’t get a gift that I’d die. “No, a person can only be bitten once and it’s illegal anyway, we’ll all die if the vampire official guardsmen find out.” Tiff moaned. “I do have another idea,” Tiffany’s eyes glimmered hopefully “You have to be a bad vampire, break every rule so Yulah will reject you and you will be a normal vampire, gift or no gift.” “Yes.” Kellan and I chorused. “Okay, all you need to do is be the worst teenage vampire, ever!” Tiffany laughed but then whispered “And drink Human blood.” “Ugh.” I leant over my bed and puked on the floor. Cathy jumped out of the way just in the nick of time.

“I’ll do it.” I told everyone. “Rose, are you sure?” Kellan asked. Kellan and I left a few days later to go to a human town to try to injure a human and make a human complain about me. We did both with one person. I stalked a woman in her twenties, hissing and making scary noises - complaint done - we heard her call the Vampire official guardsmen and then I made her trip over a wire in which she twisted her ankle. Job done. “Ready?” Tiff asked me. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” I sighed. A vampire school inspector was visiting the castle so this was my chance to be the worst teenage vampire. I’d changed into a belly top and shorts and I started to strut down the corridor clutching two bottles. They were full of blue liquid. I had no idea what they were.

“Miss, what are you doing?!?!” The middle-aged vampire was stunned. He grabbed his notepad, took down my name and then I caused an uproar. I tried kissing him. “Miss! Are you drunk?!” He yelled. “Why yes sir I certainly am!” I babbled offering him some blue stuff. I hadn’t actually had alcohol, it was all an act. “How old are you Miss?” The inspector demanded as he was scribbling complaints onto his notepad. “Sixteen,” I grinned stupidly “Want to go somewhere more private sir?” I could hear Kellan laugh around the corner but I ignored him. “Miss!” The man said outraged “What are you asking me?” I rolled my eyes dramatically and said “Jeesh, do you wanna have some fun or what?” The inspector eyes bulged and he ran away.

“Rose Smith,” Venus laughed behind me “You have to be the worst vampire I have ever met!” She threw a dressing gown at me but Kellan caught it before I did. “You’ll look better without it.” He whispered in my ear. “Kellan, I’m standing in a freezing cold corridor in a belly top and shorts. I’m covered in star shaped marks and the Vampire High Queen is laughing at us. Give. Me. The. Gown.” Then suddenly the class bell rang and all the students filed out into the corridors to go to their next class. Everyone stared at me. Two hundred and fifty vampires, to be precise. “Crap!” I squeaked as all the older boys walked past me giving me little appreciative nods and making whistling noises. Kellan was two years older than me so he knew all the boys. “Cheers lads.” Kellan joked. Then without warning my knees buckled and I fell to the floor.

“You really like passing out don’t you?” Kellan chuckled as he squeezed my hand. “Shut up!” I smiled as I opened my eyes. “Here’s your gown.” Kellan snickered. “Seriously, shut up! You’re the meanest boyfriend ever.” I pretended to be angry at him. “So I am your boyfriend?” He raised his dark eyebrows. “Yeah, for like the whole month since I’ve been here!” I laughed at his surprised expression. “You’re healed now.” Kellan grinned. “Yes!” I gasped excitedly. I pushed away the covers and tried to hit Kellan across the head. I was still in the skimpy clothes. I didn’t have to drink blood but my marks had disappeared. “You carried me through the school in this!!” I yelled. “No, half way I covered you with the gown.” Kellan chuckled. “Liar!” I scowled. “Sorry Rosie.” He laughed. “You’re unbelievable!” I growled playfully, messing up his hair. “Now, gimme the gown…” I put out my hand. “Nope, you’re going to have to catch me first…..” And Kellan sprinted out of the infirmary laughing like a hyena. “Kellan…!” I screamed after him. “I’m going to kill you!”

Part two

“Rose, what’s up with you lately?” My eighteen year old vampire boyfriend asked me as I walked slowly beside him towards my dorm room. “Nothin’” I replied but I kept getting a feeling something was wrong. Vampire hormones perhaps? Kellan shrugged and took my hand. A small figure was coming in our direction. It was Kellan’s younger sister Tiffany. Tiffany was the same age as me but she was a good two inches shorter than me. Her black curly hair probably weighed more than her body alone. Any celebrity would die to have a figure like Tiffany as she could fit into children’s clothes.

“Hi guys,” The small teenager said bluntly. “Hi Tiff.” Kellan replied and I shot him a confused glance. His tone was icy. Tiff’s eyes narrowed at her elder brother but she turned to me and gave me a hug. “So, are you still coming to the movie showing tonight?” Tiff raised her dark eyebrows the same way Kellan did when he was up to mischief. Sometimes it was scary how alike Tiffany and Kellan were. “Uh, yeah, of course were coming. What movie are we watching?” I asked her. “That’s a secret,” Tiff grinned “I’ll see you later.” I heard her drag out the ‘you’ in her sentence. As quick as lightening she was gone. “Are you two fighting?” I looked up at Kellan and he instantly froze. “Uh, no,” Kellan replied hastily “Why would you think that?” I knew Kellan wanted me to drop the subject but I wasn’t going to. I stared into his black eyes but he wouldn’t look at me for longer than a second.

“Cathy?” I called into the dark games room. She spent most of her time there. “Mmm?” I heard Cathy reply from behind a computer. Yes, behind. “What are you doing?” I laughed. “Fixing this stupid computer!” Cathy’s voice was shaky. “You okay?” I asked her. “Yeah course. Perfect. Why are you asking?” Cathy sounded the same as Kellan. What is goin on with them? They are all acting strange; they must be keeping something from me. “I have to go,” I said quickly, running back out into the corridor. “Tiffany!” I spotted the curly haired girl walking in the opposite direction. She turned around, saw me and ran. “Tiffany?” I choked but she had vanished.

Strong but caring arms wrapped around my waist. “Hi.” His soft voice was still a bit shaky. I unlocked myself from his grasp and scowled at him “Tell me.” Kellan stepped back, startled. “What?” Kellan stuttered. I folded my arms and stomped my foot like a five year old. “Stop playing stupid Kellan! Tell me whatever you are hiding from me!” Kellan looked at his shoes. He shook his head slightly. “I swear I’ll-” I yelled but Tiffany interrupted me. “He cheated on you.” I whipped around to face Tiffany.

“Excuse me?” I stared at Tiffany is disbelief. “Rose….” Kellan begged. “Don’t come near me.” I growled, not facing him. Tiffany’s eyes were lined with tears. I was here for two months at Venus’ Castle and Tiffany welcomed me with open arms. I knew she was telling the truth. “Tiffany, who-” I asked but yet again I was interrupted. This time by C.J, my roommate. “Kellan was with me.” Her voice was mocking. “Rose…” Kellan pleaded edging closer to me. Tiffany pushed him back and flashed up by my side. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently.

A shock rippled through my system and I instantly felt calm. I knew it was Kellan’s doing. “Cop on.” I hissed at him and then my mood returned. I was livid. C.J stole Daniel from Tiffany and now she’s taking Kellan from me. I couldn’t let that happen. I wasn’t going to let that happen. “Hello C.J.” I fake smiled. “Rose, I’m sorry.” C.J said bluntly. Liar! Big fat boyfriend stealing liar! “Save it for someone who gives a crap.” I spat as I strode past her and down the hall. “Hey! You not gonna hit me? Are you too scared?” C.J yelled after me. I turned around and saw C.J standing beside Kellan and Tiffany was leaning against the other wall sobbing quietly. Kellan was going to kill her. “No, I’m not as immature as you.” I replied coldly. C.J’s eyes narrowed at me. “Later loser, we can all see you didn’t care about Kellan.” C.J spat. “I think it’s the opposite way round.” I replied to C.J but I was looking at Kellan, shaking my head sadly.

I knew they’d done more than kiss with C.J’s reputation. I’d walked in on C.J and Daniel twice. Once another girl called Sahara or otherwise known as Pinky was in my bed with some other guy! Just then, I felt a sharp stinging pain in my heart. I ran to my dorm room and realized C.J was going to walk in and start a fight any minute. I grabbed all my belongings and shoved them into my tacky backpack. I ran down another corridor towards the Vampire High Queen Venus’ office. Basically she was the Vampire House’s Mother figure. We had to live in Venus’ Castle so Venus and the other High Vampires (or ‘teachers’ to humans) could take care of us young vampires properly and teach us about vampire stuff. I banged on Venus’ office door and yelled. “Venus it’s me, Rose!” The door automatically flew open.

“Come in my child.” Venus’ voice spoke softly from the back of the room. Venus’ office was a long room with no windows and very ornate pictures and furniture inside. Venus was perched on her huge solid oak desk. As vampires had built in night-vision, I could see Venus as clear as a human could see in the daylight. “I know of your troubles my child.” Venus spoke again. Of course she’d know. She was a Vampire High Queen. They had all sorts of weird powers even stranger than Tiffany’s visions.

“I want to move dorm rooms tonight.” I sobbed. “I understand Rose. Tiffany has no roommate. Would you like to move in with her?” Venus raised her fire-red colored eyebrows. She was wearing a long black and red satin dress with dipped at the neckline to show off some cleavage. For one-hundred years old Venus looked about twenty. One bonus of being a vampire - You never look old. In fact you’ll always look like a model.

“Tiffany?” I knocked quietly on her dorm door. It opened slightly and Tiffany peered around the door. “Rose! Ohmygod! I’m sooo sorry!” She gushed and pulled me inside. Tiffany’s room was black and white and had three old photos blown-up onto big canvases placed on her walls. Two single beds were on the opposite sides of the room from each other. “This is your bed.” Tiffany smiled, pointing at the bed on the right hand side of the room. “Thanks.” I replied, putting my backpack beside my bed. “Rose?” Tiffany spoke quietly “Are you okay?” I looked at her and she looked really sad. I shook my head and sighed deeply. “Why?” I moaned. She knew what I was talking about. “Kellan was drunk.” “When did it happen?” I sighed. “Three days ago, when you skipped the movie night because you weren’t feeling well.” “I figured as much.” I sighed.

“Huh?” Tiffany asked, sitting on her bed. “He was fine three days ago, he even brought me soup to cheer me up but then yesterday and the day before he was all….” “Awkward?” Tiffany finished my sentence. “Yeah, and he kept asking me was I all right. I thought it was because I was sick but now I realize he was trying to keep me from asking him questions.” I groaned. How stupid was I? “It’s not your fault Rose!” Tiffany shouted. Annoyed at her brother I guess. Kellan was the vampire who ‘chose me’. I was a vampire because of him and we had this bond like humans called ‘being in love’ but it was far stronger. What was I supposed to do now? The answer rushed into my mind straight away.

“Rose! No! I’m not letting you!” Tiffany was shocked at my idea. So shocked she spat out her cereal. “It’s the only way to stop me hurting inside.” This was true. Since Kellan and I ‘broke’ up the vampire ‘love’ connection burned so strong inside me my heart felt like it was on fire. It was the morning after I moved into Tiffany’s room and I felt a little better being away from my old room ‘enemy’ C.J. I told Tiffany I wanted to turn back human. “You can punch him. That’ll help but there is no way I’m letting you withdraw your vampire powers. Not now. Not ever.” Tiffany was firm. Why did I even tell her? Ugh. “I have to!” I shouted at her. We were in the dining room and everyone stared at me in shock. I was standing up clutching a spoon in my hand. I must have looked like a mentalist. Especially when the spoon snapped in half!

“I’m sorry for shouting at you Tiff.” I cried softly as I sat back down. All eyes were still on the loony vampire. This was me of course. I spotted Kellan staring at me in shock. Crap. Did he know what I was up to? “Rosie, please don’t do whatever you’re planning.” Kellan ran up to me while I was on my way to Vampire social studies. (It’s how vampires should react around hostile humans) I turned around and looked blankly at him. “I have no idea what you’re on about.” I lied. I sighed heavily but then I was caught off guard when C.J flashed up beside Kellan clutching his hand. Kellan pulled his hand away like he had touched a piece of burning coal. Interesting but not believable. “I can do what I like.” I snarled and I ran away (Well I ran with immense vampire speed so it was like I’d vanished into thin air)

“Rose?” Tiffany called as she entered our dorm room. “Yes?” I answered her from under my bed covers. “You’ve missed all your classes today and it’s the first day back from mid-term. Venus wants a word with you.” Tiffany said. I groaned. I didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. “Tell her I’m busy.” I snapped. “But that would be lying Rose.” Venus’ voice was like sweet music. “Damn.” I groaned under my breath. “Sorry Miss.” I sighed as I crawled out of my bed. “I heard you’re up to something.” Ugh so this wasn’t about me ditching classes. I’d actually hoped it would be. “I’m going to do it.” I replied, not making contact with her red eyes which matched her thigh-length hair. (How did she manage to keep it in such good condition?) I mentally shook myself.

I looked at Tiffany who was – yet again – wearing another black and silver gown. Tiffany had her long black curls up tied into plaits and she was wearing the schools uniform which was a black pleated skirt, black stockings and a deep purple cardigan (the boys wore blue jumpers and black trousers). Tiffany was looking at me worryingly. I wasn’t keen on turning back human so I came up with another plan. It’s far more dangerous. I wouldn’t dare tell Tiffany I was planning to run away because I was sure her eyes would fall out of their sockets in shock. “You shouldn’t Rose.” Venus’ voice was stern. “It hurts.” I sobbed, my heart felt wrong. As if it was taking its last few beats. “Kellan...” My heart throbbed achingly at the sound of his name. What is wrong with me? “He chose you out of all the girls in this school, out of all the girls in the world. The connection between you two is so strong it could make a rip through the centre of your heart.” Venus’ voice was soft again.

Oh my goodness. Ridiculous vampire love! Tiffany sat on the floor in front of me and Venus sat on the bed beside me. “My heart is literally breaking?” I gasped, realizing the meaning of her words. “He,” Venus carefully avoided saying his name “was drawn to you like a magnet. You’re his source of peace and happiness.” “He’s really depressed since you two broke up.” Tiffany told me. Venus nodded. “It seems his heart is broken too.” I started to cry then. It had been three weeks since ‘him’ and I had broken up. I’m never going to say his name again. My heart bled every time someone called his name or even when I thought about him. Venus excused me from all classes as Tiffany saw me having trouble to read, write and even talk. I felt like I was dying. My heart rate was slow and uneven; it was having trouble pumping blood through my veins as I could see think blue veins raised against my chalk-white skin. I had to run away now. Perhaps the Trackers would find me and finish me off. Vampires had heart believe it or not; it just doesn’t contain the same type of blood as humans. It’s mostly pure liquidized iron. This was freaky.

“How are you today?” Cathy knocked on my already open door. I grunted a reply. “What?” Cathy didn’t hear me. Vampires had exceptionally good hearing and eyesight so I knew she wanted to get me to talk more. “The same as I was yesterday, the day before that and before that…” I continued until I reached Monday. The day I found out it happened. “Which is?” Cathy asked sitting on the end of my bed. “Wretched.” I replied, sitting up in my bed. “Ew,” Cathy wrinkled her nose in disgust “You smell terrible Rose! When was the last time you showered? No, let me rephrase that. When was the last time you got out of your bed?” Cathy asked. “Twenty minutes ago.” “Going to the toilet doesn’t count.” Cathy grunted. “Damn.” I teased. “I’m serious Rose, get up and take a shower at once.” Cathy ordered. I automatically obeyed like I did when Kellan put a current of electric waves through my body. I shuddered at his name.

“You look much better.” Cathy grinned after she made me put on a low neck top with blue jeans. She brushed and dried my wet elbow-length blond hair. She applied make up on my face and used some powder and eye-shadow to cover up my red blotchy eyes. I needed something to cover my breaking heart. Not my eyes.

I sighed heavily and started to choke on my own sigh. I was even annoying myself now. Just then my stomach growled like a chain saw and Cathy gasped. “When was the last time you’ve eaten?” She asked. I shrugged my shoulders. Tiffany had brought me three meals a day but I shoved them under my bed. How could I eat when my heart was literally breaking into tiny pieces? Yet again I say, ridiculous vampire love. “Eat some of this.” Cathy ordered stuffing a chocolate bar in my mouth. I spat it out and ran to the toilet and puked my insides out.”

“Jonah,” Tiffany cried to our guidance councilor “She needs help! It’s been a month and she is still not eating, drinking or talking much.” I decided I would stretch my legs so I went for a walk through the corridors. I heard Tiffany sobbing to Jonah who told her “I’ll help her.” I peered around the corner and I saw Tiffany sitting on a wooden bench and Jonah and Venus standing over her. Jonah and Venus’ red eyes were glimmering in the dim orange light which radiated from a wooden stake which was on the wall above Tiffany. There was no electricity in the castle, just wooden stakes that were dotted on the walls. “Where is she?” Venus asked. “Sleeping I presume.” Tiffany told her. “We’ll speak to her when she awakens.” Jonah replied.

Now was my chance. I had to leave now. I turned around and in record speed I reached the main door of the castle. No-one was here so I gingerly opened the huge wooden doors and stepped outside into the sunlight. It must have been two o’ clock in the afternoon. The sun’s rays hit me but I felt no migraine. The pain in my heart blocked everything else out. I walked quickly through the castle’s lavish gardens. I was amazed to hear birds singing and I looked up into the sky to see white cotton-like clouds floating in the heavenly sky. I hadn’t seen the sun, clouds or heard birds in over two months. I also hadn’t spoken to my Mum, my sister Samantha and my best friend Alice. I was in too much pain to call them. They’d think the vampires were killing me. The truth was, only one vampire was. “What are you doing out here?” The voice hurt my ears even though he spoke quietly.

I slowly turned around and heard the gravel crunch under my feet. “I could ask you the same thing.” I replied, looking into his dark eyes. Surprisingly, he stared back. The corner of his mouth twitched as if he were trying not to smile. I stared blankly at him waiting for him to talk. “It’s,” He said quietly “Sunny.” I rolled my eyes and his lips twitched some more. “You have no migraine?” He raised his dark eyebrows. “No, do you?” I barely spoke. “No.” He replied. Could he blink? He was nearly hypnotized by me. Cool. “How are you?” He sighed, knowing the answer already. “I’ m doing fine.” I lied. He blinked now! “Honestly?” He sounded stressed. “No.” I spoke so quiet that a human couldn’t hear me even if they were standing directly in front of me. I knew he heard though.

He flinched and shivered for a fraction of a second. “Come with me.” He spoke, then turned and walked through an archway made of climbing plants. I hesitated but then I went through the archway. Kellan had disappeared and then suddenly reappeared behind me. I jumped a little in shock. His hands were behind his back. His eyes were full of guilt. Woah, what is going on? I have to go. Run away for good. The Trackers would kill me as soon as they saw me. I didn’t want to be a monster.

My heart was close to stopping. “Rose,” He spoke quietly “I’m sorry. I really am. My heart feels like its being ripped apart. I feel I’ve lost a part of my soul. Please, I’m begging you to forgive me. C.J is an imprudent girl and so am I.” He smirked when he spoke the last part, as did I. From behind his back he held the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. Even with night-vision vampires had, nothing in the gardens looked beautiful. This flower shimmered in the sunlight; the tiny beads of rainwater which clung to the dainty petals glistened like tiny diamonds. The luscious red petals reminded me of blood. The flower was a rose.

I was speechless. He smiled slightly, wondering if I was going to run away. I really wanted to do this. “Please don’t pass out.” He teased reminding me of passing out three times in a month. My heart still throbbed but a new sensation seeped into it. A sensation I had lost. Kellan carefully laid the rose on a nearby bush and I jumped into his arms. I missed his smell, his touch, his voice. I missed him. He smiled at me. “I missed you.” He whispered in my ear. I felt the throbbing die away and it was like my heart had glued itself back together. Kellan and I both winced. “Ouch, I’m getting a migraine.” He set me down, grabbed my hand and picked up the flower. We both ran back towards the Castle.

“Oh! Rose what happened? Where did you go? What are you doing here Kellan?” Tiffany was standing in the entrance court when Kellan and I dashed inside. Kellan stopped abruptly and stared at Tiffany. “Sorry.” He breathed at her. Tears slipped down her face and she whipped in front of him. I knew she missed her brother. It was only a month since she hadn’t spoken to him but Kellan was all she had here. “I’m sorry too Tiff.” I said softly. “You don’t have to be,” Tiffany smiled “I know how hard it must have been for you.” I knew she didn’t but I smiled all the same.

“Ah, I see your heart is fixed young ones,” Jonah grinned, walking swiftly towards us. His red eyes were full of happiness. “I hate to see my students unhappy.” Kellan squeezed my hand and smiled down at me. “What were you guys doing outside, in the daylight?” Tiffany asked us. I wasn’t going to tell her I went out there to run away and let the Trackers do what they wanted to me. I looked at Kellan and he didn’t open his mouth either. A feeling of shock swept into my system and I started to shake. He was out there only because he wanted to run away to the Trackers too! I pulled my hand from his and stared at him for a brief second before I disappeared, flashing up the stone stairs and through the many corridors until I reached my dorm room. I flopped down on my bed and started to shed tears.

“Rose?” Tiffany and Cathy called my name as they entered the dorm room. I croaked a reply that sounded like “Go away.” But they ignored me. They both knelt down beside my bed. I opened my eyes and blinked away the tears that stuck to my eyelashes. “What just happened? Why are you crying?” Cathy asked. I tried to get my breath back from all the crying. “He was going t-to go to the trackers!” I hiccupped. “Kellan was going to go to the Trackers?” Tiffany gasped. “Yes” I choked through fresh tears. “Oh!” Cathy and Tiffany gasped. They were as horrified as me. “And how did you know he was going to them?” someone asked. “Because that’s why I went outside so I could run away and when Tiffany asked us why we both went outside I wouldn’t tell you guys I wanted to go to the Trackers because my heart was ripping apart and I had a feeling Kellan was doing the same because he wasn’t saying anything either!” I blurted it out so fast I started to hiccup again.
I yelped as the person who asked me the last question was not a girl.

“Rose, what were you thinking?” He sounded harsh, outraged. Cathy and Tiffany jumped up and stared at him. He was livid, his breathing heavy. “Kellan…” I squeaked. “You were going to…” Kellan trailed off, I could hear both despair and anger in his voice. “I jumped out of my bed and rushed over to the doorway where Kellan was standing. His fists were clenched. “It hurt too much….” I croaked. I tried to put my hand on his chest but he stepped back. “Kellan, you were going to kill yourself too!” Tiffany defended me. He shot a glare at her and looked back at me. “Stop it Kellan!" Tiffany yelled. “I wasn’t going to kill myself! I followed her out there! I wanted to talk to her!” Kellan shouted back. He followed me?

“Rose, you are the most idiotic girl I have ever met!” Kellan hissed. That felt like a slap across my face. I flinched. Cathy and Tiffany growled. Kellan sent a ripple of shock through Cathy and Tiffany. I knew he had made them stay silent as their bodies shivered slightly and they sat on the floor. He walked inside my room and shut the door behind him then he locked it. I walked backwards stepping over Cathy and Tiffany who were sleeping on the ground. “Why would you plan to do such a stupid thing?” He hissed. “It hurt too much!” I referred to my throbbing heart which suddenly stopped and I started to choke. I wanted to be human so the pain would stop. Vampires don’t die of human illnesses but it harms them. I was having something worse than a heart attack. My heart just stopped, cracked, dissolved.

“Rose!” Kellan roared as I fell to the ground clutching my sides, gasping for air. Kellan let Cathy and Tiffany wake up and they saw me crying in pain. I started to puke up blood and Kellan dropped to his knees in front of me. “She’s dying!” Cathy screamed shaking my body to try to get me to stop. Dying? I’m dying? Dying! How? “Has this something to do with your connection with her?” Tiffany asked Kellan worryingly. “I-I don’t know! Her heart, its-its stopped! This is something much worse!” Kellan choked. I kept shaking and blood poured from my mouth and nose. “What is going on here?” Venus’ voice was shockingly loud. Kellan told her that I was going to the Trackers to kill myself and that he got really angry and I just started to choke blood. Well at least I didn’t pass out. “Get her to drink this!” Venus ordered. I felt Kellan’s strong hand lift my shaking head up; he wiped my mouth and poured a thick warm liquid in my mouth. “Swallow, Rose.” Kellan murmured. I swallowed and then within seconds I blacked out.

Why had it come to this? I lost Kellan because he’d cheated on me with C.j. Then my heart literally starts to break in half. I can’t eat, drink or talk. A part of me is missing and then when I go outside the Castle to run away, I run into Kellan who I thought was going to run away too but he was just following me because he wanted to say how sorry he was. Then my heart glues itself back together and when I tell my friends I thought Kellan was going to kill himself and the reason I went outside was to do the same because my heart was hurting so bad I was sure it was going to kill me slowly. Kellan gets really angry and then my heart bleeds again. Only worse and the pains in my whole body were sharper, more terrifying. Now was I going to die? I had so many things I wanted to do. I wanted to contact my Mum, my sister and my best friend Emily. I wanted to finish Venus’ Castle School for Vampires and start a life in the world. How could I possibly die now? I didn’t want to die now! I wished I was human! “Rose,” The bird’s song called my name “Wake up my child. We have news for you.” I heard muffled voices and Tiffany broke into a sob. “Shh,” Kellan soothed his little sister “It’ll be okay.” “No Kellan,” Tiffany sobbed “It won’t.” I slowly opened my eyes and I heard Kellan breathe a sigh of relief. I stared at him and I saw a tear dribble down his cheek. “Rose, how are you?” Venus asked me. Her voice was strained now. I sat upright in the hospital bed. Everyone moaned. “What now?” I sighed. My hair was all knotted and my face felt like a wet cloth from crying so much. My eyes were stinging and they felt raw. I remembered what Venus had said a moment ago. She had news. Not good news by the looks on everyone’s faces. “What’s happened?” I choked. Venus, Tiffany and Cathy stared at Kellan. Kellan did a little hiccup and choked.

“You’re human Rose.” Kellan couldn’t look at me. “NO!” I screeched. I looked at my arms, they were full of color and they had a warm temperature to them. “No,” I breathed, I grabbed the mirror that was on the small table beside me “This can’t be happening.” I stared at my reflection in the round mirror. My eyes were my old sea-blue, color had returned to my face and my cheeks were tinted pink, my blond

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