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the steadfast intensity of love

February 12, 2009
By dotdotcurve:) BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
dotdotcurve:) BRONZE, Chillicothe, Ohio
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You grab my hand, past curfew, jump into the car, pull me over close to you, and drive until we don't know where we are anymore.
I look over at you and can't keep my eyes off the beautiful flaws of your face. I think to myself about all of your flaws and how every one of them make you the person I have fallen so hard for. You keep the headlights off even as it starts to rain. As the thunder rolls in the still gray sky, I shutter and you pull me closer to you until the only thing that separates us is our clothing. You look over at me and smile and pull the car over. You open the car door and gets out. It's still raining softly outside, but curiosity leads me to follow you. The air is cold but the rain beats warm agent's my back as I pull the sleeves of my jacket over my hands. You smile at me as I nuzzle my face into your chest looking for warmth. Your arms move smoothly across my hips and around my waist. You pull me closer to you and kiss me. Your kiss is soft and lustful but grows passionate. My arms trace from your waist to the back of your neck. My mouth follows my arms to the nape of your neck. I kiss tenderly and tighten my arms around your neck pulling myself closer to you. We are soaked now from the falling rain. I let my mouth trace its way back up to your lips. Your arms move from my hair, my neck, and my back as if they can't decide where they are content, but soon lay at rest on the small of my back. You gently pull your lips away and press your forehead agents mine. I look at you and smile. You tell me Im beautiful and some how for that second, I believe you. Your hands move back up to my neck and our lips touch. So consumed in each other, the loud crack of lightning startles us enough to send us running back towards the car. I climb into the passenger seat, you turn the car on and I feel the sudden blast of air from the vents. My heart beats to the rhythm of the windshield wipers. As the sky turns dark, I rest my head on your wet shoulder and stare out the windshield at the deserted road that lies ahead. I close my eyes and think about forever and how marvelous it would be to spend it with you. Soon I drift to sleep to the feeling of your gentle hand stroking my hair. While asleep, I dream the undreamable because I can do anything when were together.
I feel the car slow to a stop but I'm too consumed in sleep to stir. I am awake enough though, to feel the soft touch of your lips brushing agents my forehead. I open my eyes and look up at you. You kiss my cheek and whisper good morning softly into my ear. I lift my head from your shoulder, still damp with rain from last night and look out at the rising sun. You open the car door and climb out. I sit in the car and watch you stretch your arms above your head. Your hair is a mess, another beautiful flaw so irresistible I climb out the car door and stroll over to where you're standing. I place my arms around your neck as you wrap your arms around my waist and pull me closer to you. You with me, Me with you, two souls bonded together with the steadfast intensity of love

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