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When You Know

November 16, 2008
By Anonymous

“So I’ll pick you up at seven?” he countered, trying to keep his excitement under wraps. The butterflies in his stomach were moving at warp speed, and there was little he could do to calm them.

“Sure! I’ll see you then!” she gave him a quick hug before heading off to her next class.

As he watched her walk away, Adam could feel the effects of cloud nine setting in. Tonight, he was finally going to tell her how he felt; that he was in fact, falling for her. Not just in the way of a high school crush, but more in love.

He often heard people say that you had to actually be with someone to fall in love with them, and that real love didn’t exist at the age of seventeen. Granted, he didn’t believe in it happening at first sight, but if it was meant to be, than it could in time. In his opinion, no one had the right to judge whether or not true love existed between two people, regardless of age. Everyone had their own definition of it, and more so their own way of expressing it.

Melanie, whom he had known since freshman year, was different. She enjoyed writing poetry and drinking coffee, but still liked to gab and swoon over guys. She wasn’t the type to be seen at the typical high school party, but enjoyed going out and having a good time. Her best quality was that she had the biggest heart out of anyone he knew, and could not be described in just one sentence by itself.

Unfortunately, there was judgment not only in the hallways, but the world as well. Melanie had a slight handicap, and often walked with a limp. Adam hated the way people stared and whispered as she walked by; how they could just overlook both her inner and outer beauty. However, it wasn’t something that deterred her from living life to the best of her ability. If there was one thing that he cherished most about her, it was the fact that she had a heart of gold and did her best to love and take care of everyone.

He couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact moment when he knew. It didn’t come from a dream, nor did it hit him like a bolt of lightening. It was one of those things that he felt God had planted in his heart, and deep down he knew one day surface. Love in itself takes time, and it can’t be rushed, sometimes, it was the little things that made one fall for another: the way the smiled, the way they laughed, or ultimately things that only that particular person could see. There really was no question about it; when you know, you know. It wasn’t and should never be that complicated.

Across town on that same night, Melanie was standing in front of her bedroom mirror checking her reflection for the umpteenth time. Adam was taking her to the boardwalk tonight and she wanted to look somewhat close to perfect. They had been there about a dozen times before during the day, but she had never seen the place at night.

She was looking forward to it, more than she could ever admit to herself. There was something about the Ocean that was incredibly romantic and spell-binding. Lord knows that she had been attracted to Adam for the past two to three years, but had never really thought about it until now. Mostly it was because she was afraid; not just rejection in itself, but the usual reasons for the rejection. The majority of guys she knew around school only saw her as a “little sister” and never really the type they’d consider being in a relationship with. There were certain moments where Melanie wondered if they were embarrassed by her, which of which was something that she couldn’t control. She did her best not to dwell on it, but there were certain moments where she couldn’t help but wonder.

Satisfied, she made sure the house was locked up and stood on the driveway to wait for Adam to pick her up. The breeze was calm, and she could feel a sense of peace in the air. It wasn’t an omen or a guarantee, but almost a whisper that said “everything’s right.”

Silently, both Adam and Melanie prayed that they both would feel the same. They knew that they weren’t perfect, but there was something about imperfection that made relationships an adventure, and also a challenge. It gave people a chance to connect and learn more about each other. But the most beautiful thing about it was when it was the kind of love that was meant to be; and no matter what happened in the journey, everything would work out in the end.

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on Jan. 2 2023 at 4:59 pm
Casszilla06 GOLD, Gilbert, South Carolina
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"We're shooting for the moon, but if we land among the stars, that's okay, because they're just as beautiful." - Me ;)

Your ending paragraph is beautifully written. I love it.

on Dec. 14 2021 at 12:41 pm
TessaDreamAuthor_3000 PLATINUM, Tomball, Texas
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Awwww <3
The whole time I was reading this, I was thinking, THEY BETTER SAY YES!

on Oct. 26 2019 at 2:13 pm
QueenOfTheWorld SILVER, Joplin, Missouri
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This is a really great story!

on Oct. 11 2018 at 8:31 am
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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Aw, I love this! It's so cute and sweet!

on Jul. 7 2016 at 11:07 pm
Rachelle-Mae PLATINUM, Gb, New Jersey
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i love this so much

on May. 20 2013 at 4:08 pm
yourlove-mywings SILVER, Yuma, Arizona
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This is really impressive!! it is soo cute... i love that they are both worried about the same thing. AWW!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

on May. 9 2010 at 10:16 am
FlyingNewt BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
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this is really good