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The One with Green Eyes

March 19, 2016
By Shcamoodels PLATINUM, Westover, West Virginia
Shcamoodels PLATINUM, Westover, West Virginia
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He held me closer and it made me smile even more. I opened my eyes. The sun shined through the window blinds, leaving rays that pressed gently against my skin. The warmth of his body made me never want to leave the bed ever again. I turned around to him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

He awoke, his green eyes fluttering against the sun beams. “JENNINGS!” he yelled. I shook my head awake. “What did I just say?”

“I—I don’t know…” I stuttered. I was daydreaming in class again.

“That’s the fourth time this week, Jennings,” Mr. Maul said. “Keep it up and you’ll get another detention. Now, pay attention!” The class snickered and looked at me. I slumped down in my seat a little and listened. “In order to find the variable, you must first divide.” He looked around the room. “Jennings!”

“Yes, sir?” I said. He was going to make me do another stupid math problem that I hated.

“What’s twenty-four divided by six?”


“So the variable is…”


“That is correct. Everyone’s homework tonight is page 378 in your textbook. Now go on, get!” He motioned everyone to leave and we all got up to leave for lunch right as the bell rang.

As I walked down the hall, put my stuff in the locker, and began to walk away, Reece’s girlfriend came up to me.

“Punk,” she scowled at me.

Reece came up behind her and I immediately blushed. “Babe, we need to talk.”

“Sure. What about?”

“Us. You’re too pushy and just… I—I’m in love with someone else…I’m sorry, McKenzy. It’s just not going to work out between us anymore.” He walked away and she scoffed.

“Whatever Reece,” she called after him. “I don’t need you anyways!” She turned and looked at me. “What are you looking at? This is all your fault! Ugh!”

“I didn’t do anything!” I yelled back at her. I walked to the lunch table and sat down. To my surprise, Reece sat down next to me.

“Hey,” he said.

I shoved aside my burning cheeks and greeted him back. “Hey. Why aren’t you sitting over there with all your friends?”

“Because they’re not as beautiful as you.”

“What?” Reece has never talked to me like that before… Is this some kind of dare? Is he pranking me, waiting for me to fall for him and then he’ll dump me? “You’re acting a bit strange… You don’t like me—we’re just friends I thought…”

“Not anymore,” he said as he smiled at me. He took me hand.

“Look, I know I just broke up with McKenzy but that was because I’m in love with you… I guess what I’m trying to say is… Will you go out with me?”

My thoughts got lost in his eyes for a moment… So green—so perfect! “What? Yes! I—” I was at a loss of words. I was way too happy to even express what I was feeling at that moment. It was… It was love at first sight or something! He leaned in and kissed me right on the lips. His softness of his touch made me feel weightless. All the daydreams that I had finally came true that very moment.

It was him.

He was the one for me.

The author's comments:

I just wanted to write this as a challenge because I'm not the type to post lovey-dovy stuff. 

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