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What He Doesn't Know

December 21, 2008
By Anonymous

She inhaled deeply and her nose was filled with his scent -- cologne mixed with laundry detergent. She could feel his muscles and tendons tighten beneath her hands. They were strained like her thoughts. She knows letting her thoughts wander isn't worth it. Her mind is constantly filled with thoughts of him, but his vacant of her. He's like her drug, but to her, the cliché has much more definition than typically given. Like any drug addict will tell you, one day you'll have to go without your addiction. She does not want to ever do that.

The cause of all her problems is the cure. His scent still haunts her. That night still haunts her. Her thoughts of him still haunt her, but she's going to throw her past away. She'll erase it all because she found you -- her rehab, her new found cure.

She has a secret. It's folded away in the darkest of corners. What she won't admit is that her ruptured heart still longs for the taunting scent of cologne mixed with laundry detergent and tense muscles and tendons beneath her fingertips. What she won't admit is that her first love will forever be her only love.

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Be who you are and say who you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind.

thats sooooooo cute. a little dark i like it