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Nessa's Goodbye

January 28, 2009
By OneAndOnly GOLD, Co.Kildare , Ireland, Other
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Nessa's Goodbye.

Chapter 1. ' Laura tells it how it is.

'Oh god! Oh god!' Laura screamed as she got in her front door. She tossed her bag on her brown leather sofa, kicked off her shoes and pulled off her saturated coat and chucked it in the dryer. She found a towel and dried her light brown hair. Laura slumped on her sofa and put her head in her hands. It was midnight and the sound of the rain pounding off her windows was making her feel uncomfortable. She had just finished her shift at the nearby pub when she saw her best friend's boyfriend coming out of a club with a tall brunette clung to his side who was giggling at everything he said. She had to tell her best friend Vanessa!

Laura dialled Vanessa's mobile number. 'Please don't pick up!' she thought out loud to herself. 'Why not?' I laughed at the other end of the phone line. Laura paused and took in a deep breath. 'Hey Nessa!' Laura said cheerfully. 'Laurs? What's wrong?' I could hear anxiousness in Laura's voice. 'Nothin' really.' Laura said quietly. 'Laurs! Tell me! Please?' I pleaded. What is wrong with her? Laura broke down in tears. Angry tears. 'Stupid'.Jake'..Grrrr'.'Laura choked out through angry sobs. 'Jesus Laurs! I know ya hate him but he's my boyfriend!' I told her, confused. 'Stupid'.Idiot'.Oh Nessa!' Laura cried. 'Whaaaaaat?' I asked sounding nervous now. 'He's gone'.no'.I saw'.seen'him'..with'.'growled Laura. 'With who?' I pleaded.' Some Club girl!!' came the reply. At that moment I dropped the phone and fell to my knees. I stayed there fighting back the tears. I've never doubted anything Laura had said in the past. But for once I hoped she was wrong. 'Are you one-hundred per cent sure?' I choked after I stood back up and picked up the phone again. 'Yes, why would I lie to you Nessa?' 'You wouldn't' 'Exactly' Laura agreed. Vanessa was watching a film on her flat screen television and eating microwave popcorn while she was waiting for her boyfriend Jake Thomas to come home from his brother's house. It was midnight, he would be home soon. 'What am I going to do?' Nessa cried. 'I think you know' Laura said softly.

Chapter 2. - Jake.

'Jake?' I called as soon as I heard the door slam. I heard footsteps going toward the kitchen. 'Yeah, Nessa?' came a muffled deep voice. Straight to the fridge as usual, I sighed. I managed to put some make-up on to cover my red puffy eyes. 'Have a good time at your brothers??' I snarled. I was waiting for a reply. Nothing, just the noise of the microwave beeping and a dish being lifted off the glass plate inside it, then the screeching of tiles as a chair was being pulled out from beneath the table. 'Well?' I said. 'What?' Jake asked with his mouth full. 'Oh Yeah, Tom's House? Yeah. 'T'was good''

I reached for the phone that was beside me and put it to my ear. I was in the bedroom so he couldn't hear what I was saying but I still whispered anyway. 'Did 'cha hear that Laura? Good fun!!!' I hissed rather than whispered. Laura sensed the anger and said 'Yeah I heard, Oh he's some'.' She trailed off. 'Yes I agree.' I replied. 'Nessa I'll leave you too it' there was a few seconds silence 'Good Luck Nessa' and the line went dead. 'Thanks' I said anyway. 'For what?' came a deep puzzled voice. Jake was standing at the doorway. I slammed down the phone on my bedside table and went to sit cross-legged on my bed.

I grabbed one of the crimson, soft pillows on my bed and hugged it tight. I took a long hard look at the bedroom. The walls were a deep soft purple, the curtains were a darker purple made from silk. My favourite black cocktail dress was hanging on the gold handle on the door of my dark oak wardrobe , next to that was a huge matching dark oak dressing table with a large mirror on top. The dressing table was full of perfumes, expensive lipsticks, brushes, eyeliners and tonnes of eye-shadows. Sparkly, glittery, shiny jewellery hung from the edge of the mirror. On the other side of the mirror were small pictures of Jake and I, Laura, Relatives and other friends. The en-suite was on the right hand side of my King size bed. The en-suite was just big enough to fit a small shower, sink, toilet and medicine cabinet. The two bedside tables either side of my bed matched my dressing table and wardrobe, on top of the bedside tables were tall elegant, gold and purple lamps. On one of the bedside tables was a small silver alarm clock. It read; 2; 00 am. I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath. This was the last time I was going to be in this room because I had to do it now. I had to break up with Jake.

Chapter 3. ' Don't 'Nessa Baby' Me!

'Ya okay sweetheart?' Jake asked, still standing at the doorway. The word 'sweetheart' sent shivers up my spine. Who else did he call sweetheart? I nodded, not making eye-contact. How do I break up nicely so we can stay friends? Wait! Why should I be nice? He was the one who was lying to me and going off to other women!? Laura didn't need to day anything else after she said 'A club girl.' She obviously wasn't the first. If I could have held my heart in my hands right then I would have seen it stop beating and a large crack appear down the middle of it! 'Nessa, Babe, what's the matter?' Jake's deep voice didn't sound concerned.

My eyes reached his and I studied his face. His coal black hair was spiked up in all directions; his perfectly rounded face was highlighted by his sparkling sea-blue eyes. He has long eyelashes and perfectly kissable lips. His nose was carefully rounded and his tanned complexion made him all the more Godlike. How could such a gorgeous human being fall for me? Or at least I thought he did!
I was ordinary. I was slightly tanned, I had freckles, long dark curly hair, and I was petite and had deep greyish-green eyes. There were much prettier people out there! But none of that mattered now. Our two year relationship was soon to be over.

Jake came in and sat on the bed beside me. He tried to hold my hand but I flinched away. 'Babe? Seriously what's the matter?' he was becoming impatient now. 'Should there be something wrong?' I snapped. 'I don't know, you're just actin' all weird that's all' he retorted. 'So what if there is something wrong!' I yelled. 'So there is something wrong?' Jake sounded smug. 'Yeah! There Flippin' is!' I screeched. 'What is it then?' he roared back twice as loud. By this time we were standing on opposite sides of the bed, our eyes narrowed, arms tightly crossed. 'Laura told me!' I screamed. I think I burst a blood vessel I was so angry! 'Told ya what??' Jake yelled. 'You-cheated-on-me-with-a-random-girl-from-a-club!!' it came out so fast I had to take in a long deep breath. 'Oh!' he took at step back. 'Oh? All you've got to say is OH?' I bellowed. 'Nessa Baby'.,' he edged around the bed to me. 'Don't 'Nessa Baby' me!' I hissed. 'I can explain, please babe, don't do this!' he begged, still anger in his voice. I thought it sounded more like a threat than a beg.

'Too late.' I snarled. I knelt down and reached under my bed for my suitcase. At that moment Jake leaped over towards me and grabbed the back of my head and shoved it hard into the carpet. I was suffocating. I kicked and scratched. I managed to escape his grasp and twist round to scratch his face with my long nails. He jumped back and yelped. 'You stupid cow!' he roared. He was clutching his left cheek as the blood oozed out from the scratches I'd left there. 'Get away from me!' I screamed at the top of my voice. He backed away like an obedient dog, still clutching his face. I grabbed anything in my sight, shoved it in my suitcase and made for the door. 'I hate you!' I screamed at him as I slammed the front door. I ran all the way to Laura's flat.

Chapter 4. - Ben & Jerry's.

'Laura!' I screeched as I banged on her door. I heard the television inside buzzing loudly. 'Laura! Flippin' open up!' I heard the rattling of the key in the door and then Laura tore it open. 'Nessa?' Her eyes bulged. Did I look that bad? 'My god, Nessa! What happened?' She knew the answer already. 'Jake.' I choked through my sobs. 'Oh wait 'til I get my hands on him!!' she growled. Then she realised I was standing in the hall so she lead me inside and sat me on the couch.

'Here Hun.' She said as she handed me a warm cup of Cocoa. 'Tahh' I thanked her as I sipped the drink. 'Tell me what happened.' Laura pleaded. I took another sip of the cocoa. 'Well let's just say you don't need to lay your hands on him!' 'Ohh and why's that?' she asked. 'Because I already did.' I cackled. 'What'd you do?' Laura's eyes glistening. I placed my nails to the side of my face and mimed scratching myself. 'You scratched his face?' she laughed. I nodded, smiling. 'Good girl.' Laura laughed. 'He deserved it' I nodded, fully agreeing to what she had just said.

Laura convinced me to stay at her place while I found somewhere to live. On Monday morning as Laura had to go work her day job at the local supermarket I was left to my own devices. I was just finishing off Laura's third Ben & Jerry's ice-cream tub when my mobile started to ring. I found it wedged between the couch and pressed the 'answer' button'.

'What?' I growled, not bothering to look at the caller i.d. 'Wow! You're in a good mood!' Laura laughed heartedly. 'Oh, Hey! Sorry I'm just not feeling too good' I replied. 'Hmmm, eaten too much Ben & Jerry's?'Laura asked. 'Eww No! , I hate Ben & Jerry's!' I lied. 'Ha ha, very funny! I saw you eye them up as soon as I came home with the groceries!' Laura laughed. 'Ha, you got me!' I confessed. 'Seriously though, save some for me!' Laura giggled. 'Laurs?' 'Yeah?' 'Thanks for everything you doing for me, letting me crash at yours for a bit too. I really appreciate it' I told her. 'Nessa! Think nothing of it! You're my best friend; it's the least I can do!' 'Thanks Laura!' 'Anytime! Oh and Nessa, If you eat all my ice-cream your out on the streets, ya hear?' Laura joked. 'I hear ya, I hear ya!' I laughed back'..

Seven Years Later''''..

Chapter 5. ' Mark.

'That'll be twenty-nine euro please!' I chirped. 'Okay one sec.' replied a large red haired lady. She was wearing a bright yellow tracksuit and wore make-up that was too dark for her skin tone, her lips were smothered in a blood-red lipstick and her eyes were covered in pale blue eye shadow. Great fashion sense! She rooted around in her extremely large hand bag for the money while her two boisterous twin sons had a wrestling match on the floor beneath her. She paid no attention to them.

I was currently working in a large toy store that was twenty minutes from my new flat, in Laura's block. It was Laura's idea, so I decided to go for it, having my own flat above my best friend's was brilliant! I had my new flat decorated like my old room at Jake's flat. I loved it!

'Here!' said the red-haired lady loudly. I snapped out of my daydream and frowned at her. 'Valerie! Are you daydreaming again?' shouted my new boss Mark. I turned around to see his glaring at me. He was talking to me? My names not Valerie 'What?' I growled. 'Serve this lady now!' he ordered. I grabbed the money from the lady's sweaty palm and purposely shoved it in the till. 'Here's your receipt.' I snapped. 'Hmph!' the lady scowled, grabbed her receipt, the toys and finally broke up her fighting children and stormed out of the store dragging her children behind her.

'Valerie!' roared Mark. I turned back around to see him motioning me over to him. I sighed and trailed over to him. 'Valerie Whatsit?' Mark asked once I got within kicking distance. Yes, I wanted to kick him! 'Vanessa, Vanessa Storm!!!!I've been working here for a year and he still doesn't know my name! Grrrr! 'My name is VANESSA!' I screamed at him. He took a step back. 'Ms.Storm go take five. Now!' he growled.

I stalked away from him and went towards the cafeteria. I sat down in a plastic chair and put my head between my hands. What just made me snap? I heard the door click shut and someone walk behind me. 'I'm not likin' your mood swings Sugar' said a high pitched voice, a voice I recognised as Mark. Wait! Did he just call me Sugar?? I shuddered. 'So fire me then.' I snapped. 'I can't' he replied. I looked up to see him sitting in front of me. 'Huh? Why not?' I was confused now. 'Because I like you!' he admitted, his cheeks turning a bright shade of pink. 'Ha ha, very funny!' I blurted out. His face fell. 'What?' I asked him. 'I really like you Valerie' he whispered. 'It's Frickin' Vanessa!' I growled. 'Yes, yes that's what I meant' he smiled politely.

Then he began; 'Oh Val-nessa' he corrected himself. 'Your eyes are as green as the sea-weed on the beach, your skin is as tanned as a mango, and your hair is as curly as McDonald's curly fries'.' He stopped short as I had stuffed a full sandwich into my mouth to stop laughing but tears of laughter spilled down my face! This is unbelievable! He's actually serious! Oh-My-Gosh! I swallowed the sandwich and I exploded with laughter! I was laughing so hard my sides felt like they were splitting! 'Ow!' I said still bursting with laughter, I was clutching my sides; they hurt from laughing so much! 'What's so funny?' Mark demanded. His little face was scrunched up as if he was trying not to cry. I stopped laughing, which took me a minute, and stared at him in disbelief. He was crying. Ohh Crap! I made a grown man cry! He stood up, shook his head and left the cafeteria. I sat there for about twenty minutes trying to stop my hiccups.

Chapter 6. ' Maria.

It turns out Mark was so ashamed he took a few days off work. I was like a hero to the rest of the staff. As I came in to work a few days later I was greeted by a short, podgy, spiky haired blonde woman who worked with me. 'Heya, Nessa!' she smiled a big toothy grin. 'Hey Maria?' oh I hope her name is Maria, I was crap with names! 'Yeah, you got it right. Today.' She laughed. I obviously didn't get it right in the past! Oops! 'Phew!' I laughed. 'So how're you today?' 'Ah not too bad, you?' I asked politely. Before Maria got to answer Mark came in the main entrance, back from his 'break'. He strutted right past Maria. 'Look!, there's your lover boy!' Maria joked; she said it just loud enough for him to hear. 'Maria!' I hissed 'Shut Up! I don't like Mark!' 'Ha Ha! I think everyone knows that!' Maria roared with laughter. 'After the cafeteria episode!' she added. How did everyone find out?? 'Could ya imagine kissin'' Maria shuddered for effect 'Mark!' she giggled. 'Eww!' we both chorused.

Just then Mark walked around the corner and scowled. I looked at his face, he had a small head with dark greasy hair, his face crinkled like a crisp packet when he was angry, and his eyes were a muddy brown colour and he was very, very short. I shuddered, picturing my self alongside him, as a couple. 'Enough dilly-dally ladies, get back to work.' he ordered. I snapped out of my daydream and nodded. He smiled respectively and walked back the way he came. Maria made a face behind his back and I couldn't help but laugh. Mark whipped around and we stood there fighting back bursts of laughter. He frowned and walked away. For twenty-five, Maria and I acted like children!

Chapter 7. - Gossip.

'Soo'How's work goin'?' Laura asked sitting in my Kitchen eating my Ben & Jerry's. 'Ah, it's actually goin' well, Maria and I have some laughs at Mark's expense.' I laughed to myself thinking of the memories. 'Maria?' Laura asked raising her eye-brows. God, she could get so jealous! 'She's just a girl I work with!' I laughed. 'A friend' I emphasised. 'And I am?' she sighed. 'My best friend!' I promised. She smiled happily to herself. 'So'.How's Mark?' she asked. She was the biggest gossiper I know, she was bound to find out, unfortunately! 'Oh He's fine, were getting married next month.' I said sarcastically. Laura made a face and stuck out her tongue. 'You're hilarious. The next Tommy Tiernan!' she joked.

I grabbed my ice-cream and finished the tub off. It was early in the morning and two twenty-five year olds were sitting on a table in my flat eating ice-cream for breakfast. How immature can you get? I slid off the table and screamed 'Shit! What time is it?' 'Nine something!' Laurs replied, cleaning out the ice-cream tub with her index finger. 'You're a lot of help!' I teased. 'Sowrry!' Laura apologized, licking her finger clean of ice-cream. 'I'm probably late for work, I may go!' I sighed. Just as I left my flat I turned around and looked out my window to see the heavens falling. 'I hate rain!' I moaned as I reached for my coat. Laura laughed, still sitting on my table. 'Take the spare key, it's on my bedside table, lock up when you're finished eating my ice-cream!' I winked. I shut the door and ran down the stairs to the lobby.

Chapter 8. ' The Model in the Rain.

'Grr, I absolutely hate rain!' I growled to my self as I was standing in the lobby. I zipped up my jacket and pulled over my hood and stepped out into the lashing rain. As I ran around the corner I wasn't looking where I was going so I accidentally ran into a fair-haired man, he looked like one of those male models you see on television.

'Oh, I'm sorry pretty lady.' He said. Was he talking to me? I had to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down. 'No, no it was my fault' I said sheepishly 'I wasn't looking where I was going!' He shook his head 'My fault.' He told me. His voice was so soothing and made me take another step closer to him. 'But-' I tried to protest but he put his finger to my lips. 'Shhh! don't argue with me!' I was breath taken. Literally. We were standing in the rain and he was talking to me like he had no care in the world, it was like we were friends for years!

I completely lost track of time after he took my arm and dragged me into the nearest Caf' for a warm drink. 'Here you go'.?' 'Vanessa' I told him. 'Here you go, Vanessa!' he smiled, flashing his perfect snow white teeth. He handed me a cappuccino and I took it gratefully. 'I'm guessing you don't like rain?!' he said, taking a long look at me. 'You guessed right!' I said, still shivering. 'Here'' he said softly, draping his jacket around my shoulders. I smiled up at him. 'What's your name?' I asked him after having a long conversation about some topic I couldn't remember the name of. 'You had no idea what I was on about did you?' he chuckled. 'No.' I said quietly, blushing. 'My names Harry by the way.' 'Harry.' I repeated to myself. We talked for ages and then I suddenly realised I was definitely late for work. 'Harry, I'm very sorry but I have to go to work.' I said sadly. 'Oh. I'm sorry for keeping you Vanessa, here's my call card, give me a buzz when you want to meet up again.' He smiled. 'Oh and keep the jacket. It's still raining.' 'Thank you Harry, I'll call you soon' I said as I got up to leave.

Chapter 9. ' Late.

As I entered the main door of the toy store I was bombarded with questions from Mark and Maria. 'Vanessa!! Where the hell were you??' Maria yelled. I back up and put my hands up in the air. 'Holy cow! I didn't realise I was running late! I'm so sorry!' I lied. I just had the best coffee date with the hottest guy I have ever seen! 'Harry' I murmured. 'Who's Harry??' growled Mark. Whoops! Did I say that out loud? 'You're late Vanessa; I have to dock your pay.' He sounded pleased. 'Yeah, yeah, whatever you say Boss!' I trailed off towards the cafeteria, ignoring all the questions from the annoying duo. I sat down on an un-comfy plastic chair and sighed deeply. I felt like I was in love. 'Who's Harry?' Maria chirped. 'Harry.' I murmured again picturing his face in my head. 'That's why you were late? Because of this guy Harry?' she smiled kindly. I could tell she was slightly peeved because she had covered my shift while I was 'missing'. Ahh well, it was worth it! 'Oh my gosh! And you ran into him in the street?' she asked after I told her all about Harry. 'Yeahhh'' I replied, as I was texting Harry back. 'You're texting him now?' she laughed. 'Yup.' I said, too busy to continue the conversation. I was in a wild daze all day, texting Harry and calling him during my lunch hour.

Chapter 10. - Santa and the Ex.

'Nineteen-fifty please'.' I smiled politely at a man who I thought resembled Santa Claus. He had a big white puffy beard and thin circular specs. I giggled to myself quietly. Santa in a toy store! Then a little girl in a pink dress and pigtails ran up to the bearded man and tugged at his sleeve. 'Uncle Nick, Buy me these bubbles?' I laughed a little harder. Nick, as in Saint Nicholas?! 'Sure thing Darling.' He chuckled. He paid for the bubbles and the rest of the toys and walked out of the store with the little girl in the pink dress. I was bored stiff for the remainder of the day as the store was deserted. The odd few people roamed around like lost souls. One man in particular caught my attention. He was tall and he had black hair with tiny silver tints of grey wisping through it. I thought I recognised him from somewhere. His gaze reached mine and from what I could see he looked startled at my appearance, so I thought! I looked away quickly, embarrassed. I located my hand mirror and check my appearance. I thought I looked okay! I tied back my hair but a ringlet escaped and clung to my face. I looked back up to see him staring right at me. What's his problem? I glanced at him again to see him walking towards me. It suddenly clicked once he got closer. Oh my god! It's JAKE! I thought I was going to hyperventilate! I looked back at him again and he was grinning fiercely. It's too late to run for it now! I have to stay and face the music!

Chapter 11. ' Facing the Music.

'Vanessa?' Jake's deep voice rang. I looked up to his glistening sea-blue eyes. My heart melted. Oh crap! I straightened up and drew in a deep breath. 'Um'.Hello? Do I know you?' I said icily. I couldn't let him know I hadn't moved on! 'It's Jake.' He replied just as cold. 'Oh, Jake from the laundry place?' I said smartly. He scowled. 'No! Jake Thomas.' He replied angrily. 'Ohh! I remember you now!' I said. And then he began to smile. 'The cheater yeah?' I said harshly. Well it was true! I wiped the smile off his face. He frowned, then realised I was joking. 'Ha, Yes, Hello.' He said. 'Hi.' I replied. I wasn't going to start the conversation! 'Long time no see eh?' he asked after a moments silence. 'Nah'I think I saw you with some club girl a while ago.' I said smugly. I was getting good at being mean! Laura was rubbing off on me! 'Well why didn't you come and say hi?' he replied smartly. Turn's out he was mean too. 'I was very busy.' I retorted. He chuckled to himself. Ha, he had no comeback.

'Daaaaady?' called a high-pitched voice. Jake whipped around to face a little pink faced girl with blonde hair. 'S'up Molly?' he asked. Turns out he saved his secret weapon 'till last! 'I want this one.' She demanded. Jake frowned and she grinned a toothless smile. 'Please?' she begged. 'Alright.' He answered. He took the doll from her podgy hands and placed it on the counter in front of me. 'Nineteen euro please' I smiled. I couldn't believe he had a daughter!

After he had paid for the doll he started up the conversation again by asking me to join him and Molly for a coffee. 'I-I-Can't' I racked my brains for an excuse. 'I promised Laura I'd meet up with her.' I lied. 'Oh god, your still friends with that freak?!' he laughed. He convinced me to go for a coffee with him as he promised it would be just a quick coffee and a chat so then I could head off to meet up with the freak!

'Here ya go girls!' Jake smiled as he handed Molly a hot chocolate and me a cappuccino. 'Tahh.' I thanked him. We were deep into conversation when a tall, long-legged blonde woman strutted into the Caf'. She looked over at us, waved and trotted over in her stilettos. 'Hey baby!' she cooed as she kissed Molly's forehead. Secret weapon number two. She then turned to Jake and gave him a smacker on the lips. 'Jakey, are you going to introduce me to your friend?' she smiled. 'Oh sorry babe. This is Vanessa, an old school friend. I ran into her today at the toy store.' he told her. I was your ex! Your ex! You're bloody EX! I cleared my throat. 'Hello I'm Vanessa, but you can call me 'Nessa!' I said politely. 'Nice to meet you! I'm Cassandra but you can call me Cassie!' she winked. I laughed and said 'Hey Cassie!' we got talking and we seemed to get along well. I completely forgot about Jake who was sitting beside Cassie playing with Molly's doll. 'So Nessa, would you like to join us at a party tonight?' Cassie offered. She looked like she had money. 'Suuure!' I chirped. Should be fun! 'Fantastic!' Cassie clapped her hands together excitedly'.

A Few Months Later''

Chapter 12. ' Us.
My mobile was on my kitchen table when it started to buzz. I dragged myself off my couch and walked over to get it. It was a message from Cassie. It read; 'Hey Nessa! How r u? Molls n me r headin 4 a coffee. Fancy comin? C u at 2. Cassie xox' I smiled. We'd been friends for months now but it really seemed like years. Laura was always going to be my best friend but she had a boyfriend now so she was busy. Cassie was the next best thing! I hit the 'reply' button and wrote 'Yeah sounds fun. C u l8r then. V. xxx.'

When I came back from the Caf' I saw a read light flashing on my answering machine. I pressed the big black button and the voice said 'You have 1 new message'.' I waited 'till until the tone sounded and listened for the message. 'Hi Nessa, its Jake.' My heart thumped against my rib cage. I didn't care. I was used to that happening now. 'Call me back as soon as you get this.' What's up with him now? I decided to call him back. 'Hello?' 'Hi Vanessa.' 'S'up?' I asked him. 'We need to talk, in person.' 'What 'bout?' 'Us.' What was he on about? Us? Us, as in Cassie, Molly, Him and me? Or just me and him? 'Who's included in 'Us'?' I asked stupidly. 'Me and You obviously' he snapped. I hung up on Jake and ran to my room crying. Me and him? What is he playing at? I stayed in my room for about ten minutes when the phone rang. I let it ring out but it rang again for about ten minutes. It had to be Laura. She was so impatient!

Chapter 13. - Laura Looses Her Head.

'What?' I sniffed. 'Nessa! Oh my god' Laura yelled. 'Whaaaaaat?' I asked, irritated. 'Some dude just called me!' she cried. 'And?' I snapped. 'He wanted your address! I think it's that guy Harry you were tellin' me 'bout.' Ohh Crap! I don't need this. I stayed in contact with him and we met up a few times. I really liked him but the whole Jake thing has turned everything upside down!

'But''she continued. 'But?' I asked. 'It sounded like that dumb ass'oh what's his name? From school'.you were with him'.' She trailed off. 'J-Jake?' 'Yeah! That's it. It sounded kinda like him, with his stupid deep voice!' she cackled. 'You told him where I lived?' I screamed. 'I kinda thought it was Harry but then I realised it was that moron'but it was too late, I already told him.' 'No!' I screamed. 'You're back talking to him aren't ya?' she hissed. 'Yeah but I mostly friends with his fianc' Cassandra.' I smacked my head with the phone realising what I'd just said. 'Cassandra!?' she howled. I tried to explain everything to her but she just wouldn't listen. 'Jake-is-a-fool!!' she screamed, her Irish accent shining through. Laura's scream was deafening, I held the phone away from my ear while she ranted on.

'Laura?' I said after a while. 'What?' she snarled. 'Calmed down yet?' I joked. 'Hmph!' came the reply. I cleared my throat loudly. 'Yes, yes, I've calmed down!' she snarled. 'Explain everything to me now.' She pleaded. 'Okay' I agreed. 'Well'.it all started when I ran into Jake and his daughter Mo-' Laura cut me off mid-sentence. 'Daughter?' she choked. 'Laura! He's twenty-five! He can have a daughter if he wants!' I laughed. 'Suppose.' She said. 'Continue...' she added. 'Where was I?' oh coffee shop, that's it. 'I ran into them and Jake invited me for a coffee, then I met his wife Cassie, and we met up a few times for coffee.' I told Laurs. 'That's it.' I added.

'So....Did this Cassie woman match the description of the club girl I explained to you, years ago?' Laura asked curiously. 'Laura!' I scalded her. 'Fine, fine! I was only asking!' she apologised. There was a short pause. I could tell Laura's jealously was seeping through. 'Cassie is your new best friend huh?' she sighed deeply. 'No way! You're always going to be my best friend no matter what.' I promised her. I could tell she was probably smiling away to her self. 'Besides'Cassie and I were friends up until today'.' I sighed sadly. 'Wait! What do ya mean 'until today?' Laurs asked.

Chapter 14. - The Accident.

I explained to Laurs that I think Jake was calling to talk about 'us' getting back together, then of course she had a heart-attack! Then suddenly I realised I had another call on the line. 'Ooh Laura, Crap! I've another call on the line!' I cried. 'Oh Okay Nessa. It's probably Jake.' Duhh! I rolled my eyes. 'Nooo! I think it's the electrician.' I said sarcastically. 'Okay then, I'll talk to you later.' she replied. The girl had no sense of humour, it was unreal! 'Yeah, talk to you later!' I laughed half heartedly. 'Nessa?' 'Yeah?' I replied. 'As I said all those years ago'.good luck!' she whispered. I hung up and retrieved the other call waiting. 'Um...Hello?' I whispered. 'Well?' his deep voice asked. Ignorant Man. I stayed silent. It was like a 'cat's got my tongue!' 'Vanessa??' he growled. 'Mmm?' 'Oh good, your there.' Oh my gosh! Was he on his way to my flat?? 'No, I'm out at a friend's house.' I lied. 'Liar' he growled. 'This is your house phone!' Wait!?'He could be outside!? 'Where are you?' I asked him, my voice quivering. 'Near' he said calmly. Crap! Was he outside on the street? Or was he the one lying?

I placed the phone gently on the table and turned around to face the nearest window. I was backed up against the table and I could hear Jake's voice from the phone. 'Vanessa?' I paid no attention. I drew in a deep breath and started to walk towards the window nearest to me. Just as I walked past an old oak table with a crystal vase on top of it, a loud bang on my door behind me startled me, I whipped round to face my door, as I did so, my foot tangled in a wire that was on the ground I then lost my balance and fell backwards, hitting my head off the corner of the oak table. I howled and fell on the floor and so did the crystal vase. It shattered into a million pieces around me. As I was lying on the floor I could hear a voice outside in the hallway yelling 'Vanessa, What happened?? Open up!!' I curled up in a ball clutching my head while blood oozed from the deep cut the corner of the table had given me.

Chapter 15. ' Harry Comes to the Rescue.

I lay there for a while, drifting in and out of consciousness, the table had left a hole in my head! I shifted myself up against the evil oak table and laid my head against it. 'Vanessa??' the voice outside my door hollered. It must have been a good fifteen minutes until I was able to speak after hitting my head. 'Help!' I cried. 'Finally! What happened??' the voice shouted. I realised who it was. 'Harry??' So it was him on the phone! I sighed a breath of relief. Jake didn't know where I lived! A wave of relief spread over me. 'I tripped and hit my head!' I'm such a klutz! 'You're such a klutz!' Harry chuckled on the other side of the door. 'Can you move?' he asked, sounding worried now. 'No, the vase shattered around me!' I moaned. My head was pounding now!

I heard his footsteps go down the hall and the sound faded. Where was he going?? As quick as lightening my front door was on the ground and Harry was lying on top of it. He looked up at me grinned sheepishly but his smile soon faded when he saw all the blood around me. 'Nessa? What the hell happened??' I heard Jake's faint voice coming from the phone. I ignored it. 'Look at you!' Harry cried. 'Do I always look bad?' I managed to say. He chuckled. 'Just now.' He answered. At least he was honest! He jumped up, cleaned himself down and ran over to me. He frowned sympathetically. He stuck out his hand and I grabbed it. He heaved me up and hugged me tight. He smelt sooo good! 'Ow!' I winced, clutching my head. 'Oh sorry!' he apologized. Harry cleaned my cut up and wrapped a bandage around it. 'Thanks.' I said quietly.

Chapter 16. ' The Decision.

'VANESSA!' Jake screamed down the phone. I got off the couch where Harry had his arm around me trying to convince me to go to hospital. I walked over wincing now and again at the throbbing in my head. 'What???' I snarled. 'Please, Nessa? Baby?' I shivered when he said 'baby'. 'Come back to me. You know you want to. You need me.' He insisted. Just at that exact moment Laura rushed in, took one look at me, her eyes bulging. Harry leaped up to grab her and pulled her down on the couch next to him. She scowled. 'Harry?' she asked, raising her eyebrows. He nodded and motioned her to be quiet. They stared at me while I spoke to Jake.

I still had feelings for Jake, after all this time. I couldn't hurt Cassie and Molly though. How did I know he wouldn't go off with another woman again?? I took a long, deep breath. 'I love you Nessa.' Jake said softly. Was he sweetening me up? 'Jake?!' 'I do Nessa. I swear. That wasn't a whore I was with at the club. It was my sister.' He whispered. He was lying! He had to be! He would have told me ages ago if it was true! I scowled. 'Hold on.' I ordered him. 'Ok' he replied. I put the phone to my chest so he couldn't hear what I was saying.

'Laurs? Harry?' the two looked up at me. Their eyes shining with worry and doubt. Laura! She would KILL me. Harry! He liked me. I liked him too. Just then my mobile started to buzz. It was a message from Cassie. It was one of those chain messages. It read; 'Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm so glad to have a friend like you.' I smiled. I definitely cannot hurt Cassie. I forwarded the message back to Cassie and then to Laura. Laura checked her phone and smiled at me. I nodded, knowing what to do.

'Jake?' 'Yeah Babe?' I shuddered. That triggered something inside me, I lost it. Again. 'Firstly, it's Vanessa to you.' I yelled so loud I'm sure Harry and Laurs jumped. 'Secondly,' I continued. Angry tears slid down my face. 'Cassie and Molly love you, I've moved on Jake,' I smiled at Harry and he flashed his white teeth back. 'Goodbye Jake.' I finished, fighting back the hysterics. I hung up before he got a chance to reply and walked away, away for good.

The End.

The author's comments:
My name's Grace.
I based the charater Laura on Myself.

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