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In Paris with you

March 28, 2013
By londongirl90 SILVER, Hanworth, Other
londongirl90 SILVER, Hanworth, Other
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I took your hand and gently clasped my fingers between yours. Ignoring the clammy feel of my hand, you looked up and smiled at me. Oh that smile. I don't know what it is about that it, but whenever you smiled, it felt like my stomach was doing a hundred cart wheels and back flips all at the same time. There was always a warm sensation inside my chest. It was like one huge chemical reaction was exploding and spewing out fire works inside my body. I felt alive.
We started walking. I didn't know where at the time. I just knew that I wanted to be with you, right there, in Paris. I wanted to show you this amazing city, and all it had to offer.
You didn't say a thing. Just walked along side me, mesmerized by everything you saw. It was mid November, and already, the whole street was lit up with Christmas lights. They were draped around every tree that was in our midst. Every store, there was Christmas trees, innocently twinkling away in the corner of the display window. Everyone was filled with Christmas spirit. Locals skipped around us, singing joyfully whilst handing out free candy canes to every person walking by.

It was a calm night. But with a slight chill in the air. I saw you tug your hat down further and pull your coat across you tighter. I pulled you in closer in my embrace, taking in every smell of you, gently inhaling your sweet smell of Chanel No.5.
The streets were starting to get full of people coming out to enjoy their Friday evenings. Everyone was doing something. Some were quickly filling the nearby restaurants. A few locals were still stood outside behind their market stalls, hoping to sell the last of the days stock, they were selling Christmas gifts and decorations. Everything from tinsel, baubles, ribbons, fake snow and singing Santa statues to boxes of perfume, nail varnish, Lego, Barbies and even clothes. Also, many people just like us, arms draped around each other and enjoying the sights of the city and the season.

The misty blue sky was rapidly descending into multiple shades of orange, reds and greys as dusk finally settled into our evening.
The Eiffel Tower stood tall in it's pride position across the lane from us, giving off a bright glow as we walked along.

You're smile was embedded into your face,there was no where else you could be where you would be any happier. You was with me. Your boyfriend, your other half, your significant other, or whatever you want to call it. I could tell that you never want to leave. You never want to go back home, to our boring apartment, back to our dead end jobs. You don't want to go back to reality, you want to take in every detail, every speck of this country. You're afraid that this will be a distant memory. Something that will slowly fade in a few years time. I felt a wash of sadness overwhelm me as I thought this.

I took a long breath and prepared myself for something that I have been planning to do for many, many years.

I knelt down on one knee, and with wobbly, shaking hands, took the small velvet box out from my coat pocket.

"Charlotte, will you marry me?"

The author's comments:
This was something I did for my English class. The task was to write a short story describing a romantic place. This isn't as good as it could be because it was quite rushed!!

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