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Wolf's Howls

December 6, 2008
By Anonymous

“You're going to be out of Caia Aero if you don't shape up, Nita”, my idiot boss had said. The nerve! I do more work than he does in a year and he's my supervisor! He even said my name wrong. My name is Diana, pronounced Di-Anna!If I wasn't so broke right now, I would kick his sorry behind down twenty stories out the glass window of his office.

The rain pattered on my shoulders, drenching me in their wetness as I made my way to my car in the parking lot. Now I get a free shower out of the deal. Great. I grumbled as I went into my inconspicuous black Mercedes my aunt had given me for my 142nd birthday two years ago. If was was still human, I would be dead for over a hundred years. It is kind of nice to be a werewolf and still live longer than your ancestors( which are wolves). As I got into my car, the rain started to fall down harder. I glimpsed the Caia Aero building and scowled. I could have gotten a way better job than in a secretary in a stupid flying company. But ever since Father died a year ago, it just wasn't the same. Times have gotten hard and every week, I would have the same haunting dream of him.

The whirring of the car brought me back to the present as I started driving. I sighed. What was the use of griping about my job? My job was the least of my problems. My bills are piling up, my best friend is in the hospital, and now my waxed, and shined car is getting soaked. Perfection.

When I unlocked my apartment door, my dog(German Shepard and Golden Retriever mix)Calix rushed up to greet me. When I stepped into the apartment, something wasn't right. There was an odd sort of aura in the whole apartment. As a werewolf, I have a special sense for smell. Something off was in this apartment. Something that I can't place between good or bad. Someone was in here. Someone who is sensing me, watching me. And was also right behind me. I whirled around.

The intruder stood, amused that it took me that “long” to figure out that he was right there. His midnight blue eyes shone like the night sky with a glimmer in each, like a tiny star. His clothes were well manicured and neat...and expensive. His wardrobe looked like it would cost more than what I would make in three years. There was also this tiny little nagging thing about him. My hackles rose. Vampire. Weres don't like Vamps. Its a simple rule that every paranormal creature knows when they meet either one. It's like mixing wolves with bats. They don't go good together. Even if they are creatures of the night.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” I asked warily. “Start talking or bones will start cracking. Not that that matters to to you.” I usually don't get many paranormal beings in here, except for the occasional witch friend. This vampire looked like he can do serious injuries to me. Even if I change into wolf form,(only two more days until the full moon) it can't heal those kind of wounds. Might as well throw myself into a vat of hot oil. At least the Alpha male of the Pack(my deceased daddy) had us take self- defense classes, even though we were still physically strong in wolf form and human form.

The traces of amusement vanished on his face, to be replaced by a guarded expression. Such a shame. My friend, Kiandia(my friend who's in the hospital...she got run over by a bus) is a psychic telepath. She was teaching me on how to read other people's expressions and minds. This guy's mind was as shut as a door to Fort Knox. “Why,aren't you the inquisitive, and er...violent one. My name is Kennan Ashwane. You are Miss Diane Kade, correct? I--”

“The Kennan Max Ashwane, heir to the Ashwane fortune and supposed murderer of Clarisse Austins, your fiancé?” That made it a whole lot better. I've been ticked off at work and now I've got a murderer in my apartment. My so-called dog is prancing around a murderer and it calls itself a watchdog. My life just went from bad to just downright splendid.
Kennan was being oddly careful with his wording, I can give you that. “Yes, but not in the way you think. I need extra protection-- a bodyguard. You see, I was framed. I was in Atlanta when it happened. That's why I need your services. You're the only sole survivor of the powerful Kade pack.”
My grief started to swell. I swallowed back the tears long enough to ask,”So, it's power you're after, isn't it? Out of every Pack in the world, I will be the one you choose to guard you. Did you hit a wall while walking in here?”
A smirk sneaked near his lips. “I am quite positive I had not encountered any object hitting my head. However, it's not power I'm after, I assure you. Like I said, all I want is your protection services. Here's my number. Just so you know, your father would have been very proud of you. Even if he's--”

“Out!” I yelled. He made one of those annoyingly smug and polite smiles and I just lost it. In two strides, i went right up to him and slapped him right in the face. Ooh, the satisfaction. Then, I attempted to hoist him up and throw him right out this room. Such a shame I only live on the second floor.

My satisfaction was shot-lived, however. He did some kind of turn tango with my fist, which made me end up being smushed against the pale blue wall. I'm not the kind of female who takes defeat easily. Especially when males are the ones defeating me. That's probably why I would end up being in detention for beating up a couple of guys every year.

I slid down from the wall and tore his death grip from my hand. Ken had those looks that say what-the-heck-are-you-doing-woman on his face, but that certainly vanished when I used the arch of my feet (which still had three-inch heels on them) to knock the breath out of him. He staggered and easily took my second attempted punch. Sucker! I then kneed him right where it hurt and then stomped on his neatly polished Armani shoes.
I was rewarded with a look of pain on his face but that too vanished-- just like how my butterscotch cupcakes disappear every time I make them.

He smoothly spun me back against the cool wall(again!) and said dangerously quietly,” I will go, but there is just one little something I want to leave with you before I go. You know it as well as I do that I don't need a bodyguard. As soon as you had set your lime-green eyes at me, I knew it. You're the one. The one that will help me get my soul back. The one and only one in the planet. And you will help me get my soul. Whether you like it or not. I know that you despise me right now, but from now on, you're mine.” And he swept away, with Calix on his heels.

I slid down and listened for any sounds that might indicate that the weirdo was still here. Nope, except for Calix's panting. According to Ken, I was supposedly his soulmate. Ha! That was impossible. I am were, he is vampire. They never mix. Ken really must have knocked his head against the wall while walking in. Although he does have the nicest looking eyes I've ever seen...Nope. Nada. I didn't think of that. Nope. Besides that were/vamp thing, what were the chances that I can be his savior? There are 4 million people in New York City, and he randomly picks me. What are the chances of me really being the soulmate?

My blackberry rang. I rummaged around my bag and on it read: “Meet me in my office in the Ashwane Tower, tomorrow, at 12 PM. If you're not there, I will personally drag you into the Tower. Max.”

It seems like fate wasn't done with me yet.

The author's comments:
i wrote this in 8th grade....comments?

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holy cow! this is really really good! wow i enjoyed this very much! i really like the characters in this story very good! keep on writing!