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November 5, 2012
By jjgurl BRONZE, Vancover, Missouri
jjgurl BRONZE, Vancover, Missouri
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Chapter 1
Light streamed into my room waking me up, just in time to, I was almost late for work. I was lucky enough to get a job as a life guard on the lake near my house, I was surprised because I hadn’t done swimming lessons since I was very young but, hey, I have a natural talent for it.

I rushed downstairs grabbed a muffin and raced out the door. I never understood why my shift started so early since nobody actually started showing up till around noon. Anyway today was a stinking hot summer day and I knew that the beach would be flooded with people. I had a few extra hours to relax by myself so I took a quick dip before popping down on my lifeguard post. I always felt so aware, so special to be able to sit high above everyone else like a powerful ruler that watches over an ever so lively village. However this job also comes with responsibilities, for example just the other day this kid almost drowned and I had to race from my post into the soothing blue water to rescue this drowning kid. Yea you could say I’m pretty much a big deal.

Like I was saying today was going to be a busy day so I grabbed an extra bottle of water and popped a squat up on my high chair. As people started to show up I noticed a group of attractive males gathering and took a few carful peaks so they wouldn’t notice I was starring. Then I noticed a muscular blond strutting his stuff down the beach towards the other boys. Oh damn Christy I kept saying to myself. You have a job watch the water do not look over at that extremely hot boy and keep your eyes on the possible dangerous water.

I searched the water for young children that may wander of into deeper water but there was nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary yet. Just as I was starting to think that this day would be boarding a herd a scream and scanned the water only to see arms flailing and water flying everywhere. I jumped down from my post and took a mad dash for the water. I dove in swimming swiftly and quickly until I reached a small child maybe the age of 6 or 7. I grabbed him lifting his head above the water as I herd him gasp for air. I treaded water and slowly and carefully made my way back to shore. I carried the child up onto the beach were he lay. He was moving and awake but was hyperventilating. The poor kid was terrified. That’s when I herd someone yell “Damon”. I looked up to see that beautiful blond boy peering over my shoulder. “Do you know this kid” I asked. “Yes he’s my brother” the blond answered.

Damon stood up and hugged his brother. “Thank you” The blond whispered to me. I answered him with a slight nod. “The names Cody” the blond beauty voice was so deep and manly. “Christy” I replied. “Alright Christy. See you around” Cody answered. I felt butterflies in my stomach and a lump rose in my throat. I starred as Cody and Damon walked away. I felt like I was in love.
(To be continued)

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