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Allergies part 1

October 8, 2010
By Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
Internal-Love PLATINUM, Queens, New York
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OK peeps, I'm shifting the story 2 the perspective of a girl named Rebecca. Here we go............

The name's Becca. Re, i dont care. i guess u could SAY I'm pretty average, EXCEPT I've got this stupid peanut allergy that makes me break out in hives, and i luv dark music. i luv the whole legacy of it. But i dont rlly tell that 2 ppl cuz right away, they start thinking I'm a goth. i HATE when that happens. Anyway, i dont think there's much of a point in life. For me, highschools the same. i get considered a goth, therefore i bcome an outcast kind of, and get teased by the popular (but i dont care). i hav one best friend, and i hav no interest in the gossip, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Thats life. That, AND dark rock. :). That's what i USED 2 think til recently. i was out at a nightclub at the far side of town (1 where they DONT ID u). i was never in2 alcohol, but on that Friday i wanted some alone time so i took my Ipod and headed out. "Can i get u somethin?" the bartender asked. "Nope" i answered. i blasted my pod at full volume. Just then i heard a muffled voice: "her wanna hear her fears"
i took my ear plugs off. "WHAT?"
"i SAID ur gonna hurt ur ears"
i turned 2 see a guy sitting on the stool next 2 me. He wasnt there bfore. The light was so bright and there were sparks in my eyes from the loud volume of rock, that i didnt get a good look at him. But i guessed he was my age. i shrugged. Apparently it wasnt enough.
"What were u listening to anyway?"
he asked. i put a plug to his ear. i expected him 2 wince at the sound but instead he nodded, & said "ah, it's ok. But why dont u try this?"
He took out his ipod and put 1 plug to MY ear.
And wasnt i struck with an awesome sound. It wasnt too upbeat, not 2 preppy & had WAY more life 2 it then dark music...........
"WHOA DUDE THIS IS AWESOME!! WHO'S THE BAND?" i asked. he answered "that would b Paramore. And it doesnt make u deaf either".
This guy was officially cool. i smiled, now, FINALLY interested and said "My name's Becca"
He smiled "ah....Rebecca. A lovely name"
A bit uncomfortable i corrected him "just Becca".
And his reply: "People these days. Wasting perfectly good names for nicknames. i will never understand it. My name's Greg"
Was he seriously in high school?
He then says "Can i get u a drink?"
i knew he wasnt talking about soda, so i answered honestly. "i dont drink". Hey, u never know when someone's gonna put something in it. He laughed as he stated "Girl who comes 2 a club, doesnt drink, doesnt dance, and just sits there blasting out gothic music". Greg shook his head. "i knew u werent the type to party at clubs. What's a girl like u doing at a place like this?"
i shrugged again. "a girl's gotta get out once in a while. And what's a teenaged guy like u doing at a nightclub?" i challenged. He answered "It's not like i need an ID".
That was so very true.
"be right back" he then said b4 taking off.

The night had suddenly bcome 10 X better.

When he got back a slow paramore song was playing. Slow, but still holding the rock vibe. i laughed, "how do u do it?"
And Greg, all charming says "i have my ways. May i have this dance?"
Being the straightfoward person i was i told him "u sound so corny".
He laughed, a cute laugh.
And despite the comment, i found myself taking his hand as he led me onto the dance floor.

Now that we were in the lime light, i could finally take a good look at him. i was love struck. He WAS my age & a bit tall. He had golden hair that flopped against his forehead, just screaming to b pushed back. He had hazel eyes........I'd never seen a guy with hazel eyes before. But what caught me wasnt how cool he dressed, or his unique features. It was how he was looking at me. As though i was the only girl in the world. We glided across the dancefloor. As we did he complimented "Ur a stunning dancer, Rebecca. Why didnt u dance b4?"
It was always something I'd kept secret to not draw attention. But all my efforts were wasted as we were now at the center of the floor, a crowd watching us. But, it didnt matter. With Greg's hazel eyes peering into mine, it was all i needed.
He was amazingly beautiful.
i usually went for dark & mysterious guys but i was willing to make an exception. Prince Charming charmed me 2 heaven.

Speaking of, he offered to walk me home, since it was so dark outside. i went home smiling.
For once i had something to gush about.

The next night i wore what i never thought I'd wear. A luscious red skirt, leggings, black lipstick, and a cute top to top it off. Mom gushed "o sweetie u look wonderful!!". This time though, i didnt mind. She could gush all she wanted. i was happy too. And, there he was, handsome as usual, waiting at the door, ready for the date we planned yesterday. He looked lovestruck as he looked at me. "U look beautiful" he breathed. "Thanks" i said. i couldve blushed. "You take care of my little girl now, ya hear?" dad said. i wanted to shout "DAAAAAAAAD.........."
But Greg answered "Yes sir", without taking his eyes off me. We went to see the late night showing of Eclipse at the movies. As we went in G said "u know, i didnt think u were a twilight fan"
"i dont LIKE twilight i LIKE Bella"
'And a shirtless Jacob' i added in my mind. In the theatre, people 'aww'ed at certain parts and cheered at others, but we were silent. Just staring at the screen & sharing a popcorn. Once the bowl was finished, we held hands. It was very nice. But not as nice as when we went on a moonlit walk afterwards. "Do u do this with all the girls?" i asked. "A couple of em" he answered. Then a grin spread across his face out of nowhere.
"What?" i asked.
"2 words. Hand-offs"

It turned out hand-offs was a local band. And they just happened to be playing at the park that night. i guess u know where we spent the rest of that date.......
The lead singer (a tall girl with a rockstar cut) shouted "R U READY 2 ROCK!!!". The audience at the park cheered as though it were a stadium. "We're the hand-offs, performing tonight and a few nights later. I'm Mandee and this here's Josh, Pat, and Nate. And BABY we're gonna KNOCK UR SOCKS OFF!!!!!!"
They went right into song. I'd never seen anything like it. Who knew they were a local band. They were the ultimate rock. Me and Greg as well as everyone else jumped as Mandee sang a fast song at the top of her lungs. G and i looked at each other grinning. We knew where our next date was gonna be in a couple of days. We screamed our cheers at the end of each song. It was amazing i could still talk. At the very end, the hand-offs launched in a slow rock song. i asked Greg "do u kiss on the first date?"
he answered "Usually, no. But i think I'll make an exception". And before i knew what was happening we leaned in, my eyes closed, our lips touched. Just as Mandee was singing "Love gets me everytime......."
in the lights of the park.
It wasnt nice, it was FANTASTIC.
I'd never felt so happy in my life.

As we reached my house, i asked "So, when do i get to see UR house?"
And him: "Nah, no need to see mine. It's too messy"
i continued "O.........K then. Do u wanna meet up in the afternoon?"
NOW Greg looked as if he was gonna vomit. It quickly went away though as he replied "No thanks, I'm kind of busy. Good night Rebecca".
THEN he dashed off.
That was odd...................

A few nights later he picked me up, ready to see the hand-offs again. i knew i was supposed to be happy, but somehow when i saw him my stomach started turning. It was the few nights ago. The odd thing. He smiled, said "Hey Precious. Ready to go?"
He was smiling, like it was all casual but i had a hunch he had a secret.
i was suddenly VERY uncomfortable.
Which may've been why i said what i did. "i dont think i'm going. i feel sick"
Greg's smile vanished. "Is something wrong?"
i stuttered "no, i just, i gotta go" and hurried inside. i was paranoid, i knew it. He was Prince Charming, and i was walking away like an idiot.

My phone started ringing. i looked at the ID. It was him, again. Sighing, i picked up. "Hello?"
"Rebecca, you havent spoken to me in 2 weeks, not even a phone call. What's wrong? And dont deny it, cuz something's up. i know it"
Greg was right; i knew he was. i couldnt stay bottled up forever.
"Ur keeping something from me" i blurted. "And i dont like it"
There was silence on the other line.
i continued "Why dont u ever show me ur house? Why r our dates always at night?". Still, silence. Did he hang up?
"Ur seeing another girl, arent u?" i assumed. "Another girl by day, me by night".
He whispered "That's not it"
"THEN WHAT IS!?" I demanded.
Silence again. Finally, sighing, he said in a low voice "There's something i have to tell u. Rebecca the truth is.........."


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