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Butterfly Field

July 12, 2010
By cHicKEnWaNg1 SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
cHicKEnWaNg1 SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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I stood in the center of the field. My field. Letting the sun envelope me in its rays. I close my eyes and smile highly at the sky, letting it burn my eyelids. I look down at my feet and all the wonderous butterflies that surrounded me. I glimpsed my favorite butterfly floating towards me. I knew it was her because of her beautiful bent blue wing. It still hurt now to look at it. I thought of myself for so long as a monster who hurt harmless butterflies. And yet she continued to flutter near me every day. She landed on my cheek. I reached my hands up to the sky wanting to float endlessly ontop of its clouds. I wanted so bad to touch the sky. I wondered if I would be able to kiss the sky just once. I stretched my neck up and puckered my lips. I stretched my lips as far as they could go. I even jumped up and down and nothing worked I still ended up on the ground. My blue butterfly landed on my lips as if to say give up already. I sighed and watched her float off in the sudden breeze. Apparently the breeze had brought along my name with it. Dang it. I was late again, Ma was going to kill me. My cotton skirt stuck to the juice on my legs as i dashed out of my butterfly clearing. I ran through the dark misty forest heading for the pond. I was going to have to jump straight in to get this juice off me. When the pond came in sight I ran faster and readied myself to jump in. I had to hurry to make it home within the next five minutes. I came to the edge and gave myself a good starting jump. I held my brethe as I swam to the other side. Drenched I grabbed my shoes from beside the pond where I had left them earlier. I kept running letting the cool air sting my wet skin. I couldnt believe it was almost sunset. How could I have lost track of time? then I remembered that time wasnt important in my butterfly field. I slowed at the thought but quickly reminded myself to keep running. I could feel my adrenaline rush as the house came into view. Drops of sweat and water trickeled down my face as I faught to catch my breath at the back door.

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this was just something off the top of my head but i have more of it written and will be working on the rest so tell me what you think

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