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The Night You Hurt Me

November 11, 2009
By SugarnSpice SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
SugarnSpice SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."-Titanic

"You are insane!" Missy squealed in horror. She was riding in a car with her boyfriend Sam. He smiled as he sped down the road.
"Lighten Miss baby." He said.
"Sam, you're going 6o mph when the speed limit is forty." Missy said calmly.
"And?" He demanded.
"Have you been drinking?" Missy asked suspiciously. They had just come from her best friends party, and Sam had been acting a little weird.
"Maybe, but maybe I just want to have fun."
"Fun is hanging out with your friends, fun is going swimming, fun is going to a barbecue. It's not speeding." Missy lectured. She had a feeling Sam wouldn't have heard her even if she screamed through a megaphone. She clutched to the sides of her seat, and looked out her window at the outside world that flew past her.
"Miss, relax." Sam said turning to look at her.
"Don't look at me, look at the road!" Missy screamed. Sam shook his head, and turned back to the road.
"Missy I love you, drunk or sober I wouldn't ever hurt you." Missy smileda faint smile at Sam.
"I know." She said putting her hand on his shoulder. Sam suddenly spun the steering wheel, and Missy looked up. Everything happened so fast. The car was spinning, a semi was honking, and then the car collided with the semi. Missy screamed a bloody scream as the car flew in the air. Glass was flying all over the place, and before the car landed she felt Sam grab her hand.
Misyy woke up in the hospital, she flinched at the pain in her head. She noticed her mother, who was sitting in a chair by her bed, had laid her head next to Missy's right arm.
"Mommy?" She muttered. Her mother shook, and woke up.
"Missy honey." She said.
"Where's Sam, what happened to me?" Missy asked noticing the scars on her arms, and the IV.
"Sweetheart, I, Uh," Her mother seemed to be afraid of what to say.
"What?" Missy pushed.
"Honey, Sam and you were in a car accident."
"Oh." Missy said quietly.
"Yes, and Sam died." Her mother said with sadness in her eyes. Missy was empty all of a sudden, she didn't understand anything. her mother hugged her, and Misyy felt tears falling down both of their cheeks. Missy suddenly remembered the last thing that Sam had said to her,
"You did hurt me Sam, more then you ever knew you could.": She thought seeing Sams green eyes, and white straight smile.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to right this piece because I didn't do so well on my first.

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