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June 2, 2009
By sHaDoWnInJa PLATINUM, West Jordan, Utah
sHaDoWnInJa PLATINUM, West Jordan, Utah
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Do I stay or do I go? I dont feel it anymore. I miss someone else. I dont know when to tell him. He makes me happy when im with him. But he isnt the one thats supposed to make me happy. Its not his job. I love him though. I wish it was him. when ever im bown he comes around and life turns upside down. He makes it better. He is the one. All I want is someone I can hold. Someone to call. Someone who will never break my heart in two. some one to fall in love with. Thats you. All i do is thing about you, talk about you. I love you. I didnt mean for things to end that way. All I do is wish I was with you. My love for you will never end.

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