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The Note

December 10, 2021
By Anonymous

I woke up 15 minutes before the bell.

6:45.   Normal time a wake up every day.

I put on a huge sweatshirt and some leggings from Goodwill.  Not trying today, like usual.

I change into some new sweatpants and a Patagonia pullover.

I missed the bus so now I’m on my way to school by foot.

I grab a banana and yogurt while running out the door to my mom’s car.

I ran into class late, everybody staring.  I just thought it was because I was late.

There she is.  Late.  Not caring, but somehow looking perfect. 

It got a little intense.  More stares and more laughs, even though we are 30 minutes in class.

Everyone was laughing at her, from what I saw.  Maybe she had a hole in her pants.

What did I do wrong?

What am I missing?

I looked around and I saw him, saw him not laughing.

I saw someone’s phone.  Her in the hospital.  I looked at her wondering if she is okay.

We made eye contact, but it suddenly stopped.

She saw me staring.  That was too embarrassing.  I don’t want her knowing.

He tapped my shoulder at the end of class.  Is he going to tell me why everyone is laughing?

I got the guts to go up to her today.  Tell her today.

He handed me a note.  Maybe he wanted to write it and not say it, so no rumors would get around.

I had a note for her, but somehow someone slipped another one in my hand. 

I opened the note.  He already had left though. 

I gave her both notes.  Maybe someone else had another confusion she needed to see.

“Make a wish kid.  Bet you got cancer from living in that crack house.” The note read.

“I love you.  Always had.  Always will.”  The note read.

The author's comments:

I had a really fun time writing this.

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