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September 1, 2021
By CallieCopeland25 BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
CallieCopeland25 BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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I jump up trying to get the book I’m wanting. I curse my shortness while jumping up again. Someone behind me stifles a laugh. I turn around to see a boy standing there with an amused smirk. “Need some help shorty?” I glare at the boy in front of me. “I’m not short! You’re just built like a giraffe. And no, I don’t need your help.” I tell him. I see his smirk grow, “Okay then, have fun.” He turns around and starts walking away. I jump up one last time to see if I can get it. 

Did I get it? No, no I did not. I let out a sigh before saying, “I need your help.” I keep my eyes towards the ground, too embarrassed to look at the boy. I hear footsteps coming closer until they're right beside me. “What was that? I didn’t quite catch it. You’re going to have to say it again.” he says.

I let out a grunt, putting my pride aside, I said, “I need your help.” As soon as the words left my mouth, again, I instantly regretted them. I felt like I could feel his smirk grow even more, if that’s possible. 

“Which book are you wanting?” he asked. “The Maximum Ride by James Patterson. Thank you.” He grabs the book and gives it to me, but he doesn’t let go. I give him a confused look. “My name is Liam. What’s yours?” “Oliver.” I say, I pull the book out of his hands and turn around. I walk towards the checkout area and place the book on the counter. 

After the librarian checks out my book, I grab it and take a seat on a bean bag chair that's in a corner. I feel eyes on me so I look up and see Liam standing there. “What do you want?” I ask. He says nothing and sits down on the bean bag beside me. I let out a little huff before opening my book to read.

I get to page twenty before he asks me a question. “Can I draw you?” I snap my head up to look at him with big eyes. “W-What?” “Can I draw you?” He asks again. “Why?” I’m flattered that he wants to draw me but like, why me? I think. “Because you're cute when you read.” He says it so calmly and with a straight face too. I feel my face and ears turn red. 

“How can you say that so calmly?” I squeak out. He lets out a chuckle and smiles at me. “Because it’s true. You are cute when you’re reading.” I feel my face get even redder. “S-Shut up!” “So is that a yes?” he asks once more. I look at my feet thinking. Should I let him draw me? I know who he is, he’s the popular kid that everyone loves. I know that he loves to draw too. I’ve seen some of his art. They are really good. I’m not gonna lie, he’s cute but why is he wanting to draw me? Out of all the students in this school, why me? “Sure.” I finally answered. His smile grows even bigger and his eyes light up. “Great! Come by my house at 11:00 a.m. Saturday.” He runs up to the librarian and asks something. He comes back a minute later with paper and a pencil. “Here’s my address.” He writes his address down on the piece of the paper and gives it to me. 

I nod my head in thanks and start to read again. Before I can even read the first word, the bell rings for the third period. I let out a groan before putting my book mark in my place and closing the book. I pack up my bag and start to head to English class. I jump up in surprise when I feel an arm on my shoulder. “Do you mind? Everyone is looking.” I keep my eyes on the ground until I make it to my classroom. “Okay bye!” I rush to my seat before Liam can say anything. 

“I’m wounded Oliver. Apparently you forgot that we had the same English class.” I let out a sigh and slide down my seat a little bit. “Why won’t you leave me alone?” I snap. I noticed his smile falters a little bit before it goes back to normal. 

After the final bell rings for school, I go to my locker and take out the books I will need for homework. I walk out the school doors and head to my bus. I take my normal seat and take out my book to pass the time. A hand pulls my book away, I look up to see my best friend, Amy, smiling at me. She wiggles her eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

 “So? What were you doing with Liam?” she asked. I roll my eyes. I take my book back from her and don’t say anything. “Hey! I’m talking to you, answer me.” she says. I roll my eyes again and say, “Nothing happened. Liam just helped me get my book. That’s all.” I start to read again. I must’ve been head deep into the book because Amy had to slap my arm to get my attention. It was my turn to get off the bus. 

I get up and get off the bus. I walk into my home to hear my parents arguing over something stupid. They’ve been doing this alot lately. It wouldn't be a surprise if they got a divorce. I take off my shoes and go up to my room. I take out my homework and start to do it. 

It took me about an hour to finish it all. I change into some pajamas and take out my book. I feel my eyes getting harder to keep open so I close my book and fall asleep a few minutes later. 

On Saturday I go over to his house. I knock on the door in front of me and wait for it to open. Liam opens the door with a smile. “Hey.” he says. “Hi”

The author's comments:

This story was written for a class. This isn't the best work I've written but hopefully anyone that reads this will like it. 

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