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May 3, 2021
By Anonymous

It was a blurry morning when it happened. It was like any other but something still stood out.

“Hurry up!!! You're going to be late to school again” my mother yelled from the kitchen.

I woke up with my eyes half open. Kicking my feet off the bed, I was met with a cold floor. 

“I should really buy house slippers” I mumbled

Getting out of bed, I started walking to the bathroom to get ready for my long day. When I entered through the door, I started rushing to get ready for school. Then I noticed a key item missing.

“Michael did you steal my hair spray again!!!!” I yelled while running to my brother’s room. 

“Why do you need it? You can’t even control that hair of yours,”  he replied.

I burst through his door which had a “NO TRESPASSING” sign. We decorated it when we moved in a couple of months ago. He was very determined to keep us out of his business. I looked at him. He was sitting on his desk turned away from me. 

“Come on, give it back.” 

He replied, “Sorry I can’t do that.”

Gritting my teeth, I said, “May I ask the reason why?”

He slowly turns around in his chair with a smirk on his face.

“It’s because there is none left.” 

The tension in the room grew. I walked up to him and pulled him close by his collared shirt. 

“I bought that with my own money from my job. If you want stuff go get your own job.”

I reluctantly let it go and turned on my heels. Stepping out of the room, I headed to the kitchen to have breakfast.

“Good morning mom” I sang excitedly. 

“Morning, I heard some yelling. Did something happen?”

“Nope, I just asked Mike for something.”

I took a seat at the edge of the counter. It turns out that we’re having pancakes for breakfast. I watched as my mother turned to cook some more. I sneakily reached my hand to grab a pancake. 

“No, that's dirty!”She said while turned around. 

While grabbing the pancake and hiding it under the counter. 

“What's dirty?” I asked while looking away. 

“Your hands and now that pancake you grabbed, “ she told me. 

“What pancake, you mean I can grab the pancakes already?” I asked ready to grab another one. 

She turned and gave me the look. The one that can make you tell anything if she stares for too long. 

With a smile on her face, she responds “no wait for your brother to get here.”

She turned back to the stove and I started stuffing the pancake in my mouth. 

“Mom she’s eating without me again!” Mike hollered from the hallway.

I gazed at him with a smirk on my face. Sarcastically I said, “Did you know snitches get stitches?” 

He stuck his tongue out at me and continued to sit down at the counter. 

As we ate breakfast my mom rambled about her new boss and coworkers. 

“They are all good people but the boss is harsh,  he fired someone for spilling coffee on papers.”

After spending time with my mom, I've learned it's better to act like I'm listening than to ignore. 

Eating my breakfast quickly, I kissed my mother on her cheek and walked outside in the driveway. 

My brother and I attend different high schools. He is a year older but he attends his school for the sports scholarship opportunities. Although he likes to walk me to the station. He always says “What if you get kidnapped and never come home, hearing mom cry is painful.” He acts indifferent about it but I know he loves us. 

Walking past two streets, we arrive at the subway without a word. While entering, he stops and pays for our fares. Skipping a little way past, I sat at my favorite bench to wait. The station is bustling with people from all over the world. Closing my eyes and listening I can hear the sounds of music, laughter, and words. 

Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I spoke assuming it was mike.

“Is our ride here already?” 

Softly a low tone voice spoke, “I suppose so.”

I whip my head around to a boy around my age.

Looking away again, “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers.”

“We could just not be strangers?”

“No thanks, I like my life the way it is!”

I look him up and down. He seems to attend the same school as my older brother, judging by the uniform. 

“What does this have to do with your life?”

I stare at him plainly. He was starting to be nosy and sat next to me on the bench. 

“I can’t focus on what I was doing. Also, my friends say all boys are wolves!”

He pulled out his phone and turned back to me. 

“Your friends are only exaggerating. Also, what are you doing, Miss mystery?”

“My name isn’t Miss mystery. Although you're the mystery here.”

I looked toward where my brother was, he seems to be flirting with a random pretty stranger again. For a person who worries about his family, he’s terrible at responsibility. 

After losing myself in thought, the boy clears his throat to get my attention. 

“Do you know that guy?”

Shrugging my shoulders, “Why do you know that guy?”

He sighs with a sad smile on his face, “Sadly yes, my girlfriend broke up with me to date him. So I told how I know him, what about you?”

Looking at the trains pass, “He’s my brother that makes it hard to live. I love him but he causes too much trouble.”

The atmosphere felt uncomfortable but I was saved as my brother sauntered near us. He took a long look at my awkward smile and signaled that my train was soon arriving. 

I turn to the uneasy boy, ¨Thank you for talking to me, maybe I’ll see you next time I visit my brother´s school.”

He glances at my brother and whispers, “I look forward to it, take care, miss mystery!”

After rolling my eyes, I briskly walked to my brother who led me to the train door.

Clutching my bag tightly, “I see you at home, Mike!”

He responds with a smile while ruffling my hair, ”Goodbye rascal”.

My smile turned into a pout as I turned to get on the train. Without facing him, I said “ Really! It took a long time to get my hair done this morning.¨

He laughs and watches me go. As the train leaves, I turn to see a peculiar sight. My brother and the boy were arguing. Just as I entered the tunnel, I saw the boy turn away. 

I wish I took notice of that moment as I turned to an empty seat.

The author's comments:

I hope the audience can create their own ending as there are infinite ways this story could end.

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