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Snowflake Promises

December 13, 2015
By ShastaH GOLD, Olympia, Washington
ShastaH GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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Snow falls in flurries, gently blanketing the fall leaves. It falls into my red hair, creating a crown of ice just for me. I let loose an unguarded laugh that rises into the air and joins the swirling snowflakes. It causes a grin to explode across my face, and I poke my tongue out to catch the delicate flakes. They taste of everything that winter represents, with their soft coldness. My arms rise to my shoulders, and I twirl in circles around myself. The cold nips my nose and cheeks, like a jealous kitten, but I don’t mind. To me winter is the type of friend that you can be without for months, but when you see each other again, you immediately resume where you left off without any awkwardness. Winter is the season that holds wood fires, and warm cookies with melted chocolate that seeps onto my tongue. It holds Christmas, Hanukah and New Year’s Eve. Families are drawn together, as they mend bonds that might have been broken, whilst they were apart for so long. However, Winter also consists of numbed fingers, and pink rosy cheeks that peek out of a cozy winter jacket; snowshoeing, skiing, and hiking up mountains, which is why I embrace these first snowflakes of the season. They hold the enticing promises of adventures waiting to happen. You just have to look.

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