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thoughts brought up

October 28, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m sitting here on my hammock; this is where I go to think. When I first sit down my thoughts get blown away by the wind. I let God think for me from this point on. He’s there to help me bring up thoughts I don’t want to discuss, myself. This one day, October, 17th, I went to lie out on the hammock, my thoughts erased, and God came upon me; he reminded me that today was the day my baby sister died. Four years ago my mother gave her birth, but then… she suddenly had no pulse. In my perspective it was God that took her away to give her a better childhood. Mother didn’t raise me very well, until I was four. Today would have been her fourth birthday he said.

Suddenly the wind came it all became silent and the clouds gathered. I asked myself,” what is happening?” I became scared, my heart racing, too many thoughts. I had to got inside. I get inside and looked back, it all seemed normal, am I going crazy? No clouds, no wind, you could hear the neighbors kids yelling and playing. It just didn’t seem right!

I went to go lay down, Alyssa’s baby hat was lying on my bed. Why is this all happening? I go back to the living room, look outside and it suddenly became dark. Then I heard a noise in the front yard, I go to look. Nothing. Nothing, oh wait what is that figure, out in the street. She has Alyssa’s hat on, thoughts ran threw my mind, back and forth. Who was that? How did they get her hat? Why is she out in the middle of the street? I decide to walk outside, I climb out my window. There was about a two foot drop. Nothing challenging from my point of view. I start walking, step by step. The feelings of walking down the aisle during your wedding, left right STOP left right STOP. I finally got out to the road. I asked the little girl, what are you doing out in the street at this time?

The little girl replied, “You are my sister, I never died at birth God just took me above to raise me the right way and now I am back.” I was flushed with thoughts and words in my head, I did not understand. I didn’t know if I could believe her, I wanted to though. A sudden thought in my mind came up, to ask her questions about Alyssa. She got them all right.

Stunned I asked her if she would like to come inside. I brought her inside trying to hide her from our parents, but I walked in, my parents standing right by the door. “Where were you?” A voice asked. I tried to explain everything, but they didn’t believe me. We went down to the hospital for a DNA testing. She was my sister. I missed her. She was back, and now we have a chance to relive her childhood.

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