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Flickering of a light

March 25, 2013
By loveiduckies BRONZE, Perrysburg, Ohio
loveiduckies BRONZE, Perrysburg, Ohio
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The normal stars that shone in the night were covered by clouds. The lamp post illuminated the even darker area with little power that the dim light bulb it held produced. Underneath the light sat an empty bench. The place was deserted. No life was shone but the occasional flickering of light.

A light breeze blew past the bench. The trees whistled in the distance. A leaf fell down landing on top of the bench. Footsteps echoed across the night time sky. The traveling feet came from a girl who was walking on the park path. She stopped at the bench setting her large body down. Her pink nail polished hand picked up the leaf playing with it in her hand. She turned it around examining the dry color. She lightly picked at the leaf crumbling it up. When she opened up her hand the breeze carried the pieces across the park scattering them.

She closed her tearful brown eyes. The breeze blew her black frizzing hair into her face. She wiped at a tear before clinging her small hands to the bench.

“He left,” she repeated over and over, “he's never coming back. I thought, I thought he loved me. It can't be over. It can't..” her mumbling crossed with the roar of an engine. She didn't even blink when the car lights hit her face. The bench took in the bright lights as they hit his worn wood. He wished to have these lights upon his face for the whole night, but he'd never confess that to the lamp post. No, he wouldn't because he loved the lamp post. It was his only companion on the long dark lonely nights. He glanced up at the lamp post. Unlike that lady he had a partner that he could always count on. The lamp post would never leave him in the night. She would always be there to light his path.

All was dark and quiet that night after the lady left. The stars didn't shine in the sky. The park didn't have late night partners walking together. The only two things there were the bench and lamp post. The bench's wood squeaked as he tried to speak to her. The lamp post light flickered as though responding back. The bench looked into the darkness glad to be in the light, glad to have that one thing that he could always count on, and then the light went out.

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