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The Key

September 24, 2021
By MagenSlover SILVER, Flora, Illinois
MagenSlover SILVER, Flora, Illinois
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She bought the shirt for a dollar at the thrift store and found the key in the pocket the next morning.  She didn’t know what the key went to though, so she kept it in her jewelry box while she went to school.  While she was at school she forgot about the key that she had found.  When she got home and as she was going to her room, she passed her mom who had seemed to be excited about something. She decided not to worry about it and continued walking up to her room. 


When she got into her room she saw the shirt she had bought from the thrift store that had just opened up yesterday morning.  When she saw the shirt she remembered the key she had put in the jewelry box at the top of her closet.  She grabbed the box and pulled it down from the shelf, she sat it on her desk and opened it. The key seemed to have words on it that she hadn’t seen before. The key was very dirty so she couldn't really see what it said. Her mom called for her to come downstairs for dinner so she put the key in the box and shut it.


After she got done with dinner she went to her room and sat at her desk so she could read her book.  While she sat there and read her book she couldn’t stop thinking about the key, and what it says.  She was so curious that she decided to stop reading her book and clean off the key.  As she held the key and was heading downstairs to the kitchen she passed her mom once again. Her mom stopped her and said, “Dear where are you going, it’s almost time for you to go to bed.”  

“Well mom, I found this key in my shirt pocket this morning and I was going to the kitchen to clean it off.” She says with a smile on her face. 


“I will do it for you darling, why don’t you go get ready for bed.” Her mom says taking the key from her.  She nods and heads up to her room. She puts on her pajamas and brushes her teeth. When she gets done brushing her teeth she starts to read her book again, forgetting all about the key. Eventually, she fell asleep while reading her book.  When she awoke she had realized she never got the key back. She went to go see her mom and she ended up not finding anyone there. She called her mom’s cell phone and was relieved when she answered. She asked her mom, “Where are you guys?” And her mom said that they were never going to see her again. Once, she tried going back to that thrift store but the store wasn’t there.  And she never found out why her family left her behind or what that key had said on it. 

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She bought the shirt for a dollar at a thrift store and didn't expect to find...

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