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By abbieboyer BRONZE
Franklin, Wisconsin

“Thomas! I will NOT go to the soup kitchen! Do you know how desperate that would make us look?” I heard my mother shouting at my father. Our house was small, so the wal...
abbieboyer BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like."

#32 Fiction
By 1127981 BRONZE
San Mateo, California
1127981 BRONZE, San Mateo, California
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#33 Fiction
jilliandani SILVER, Oil Springs, Kentucky
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#34 Fiction
By Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD
Portola Valley, California
Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD, Portola Valley, California
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Favorite Quote:
Oh, if I could run free with the wild horses
I'd run and I would keep going and never stop.
Oh,if I could keen with my brothers the wolves
I'd cry sorrow and call for the freedom we lost.

If I could pick up my legs and just gallop away
my footprints would be pounded in the earth
If I could hunt with my pack , coexist as one
our cries would be recorded in a wild journal.

Oh if I could race out my heart and challenge
the wind
Even if I lost ,my lose would be mine to own
Oh, If I could speak the name of a word to feel
its birthing roots
If freedom were the word-then I am coming

#35 Fiction
By Anonymous
#36 Fiction
By urvashi_d BRONZE
Houston, Texas
urvashi_d BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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#37 Fiction
Palo Alto, California
Allen. PLATINUM, Palo Alto, California
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Favorite Quote:
[i]No matter how much people try to put you down or make you think other things about yourself, the only person you can trust about who you really are is you[/i] -Crusher-P

#38 Fiction
By milarivercochran BRONZE
Bellingham, Wa, Washington
milarivercochran BRONZE, Bellingham, Wa, Washington
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JugHead_Jones SILVER, Madison, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"You just done did it again."

#40 Fiction
By JenDovehaven PLATINUM
Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Other
JenDovehaven PLATINUM, Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Other
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