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The Myth of Creation

March 27, 2016
By Shcamoodels PLATINUM, Westover, West Virginia
Shcamoodels PLATINUM, Westover, West Virginia
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Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades vowed never to have children again. It was a solid promise that none of them ever broke. Yet Zeus already had Hera pregnant and ready to give birth at any given moment.

Then it happened. Zeus stood by Hera’s side as a baby god was born. His name was Ordele. Sadly, he was the god of nothing. He had no special abilities to control anything. The vow that Zeus made had cursed Ordele, but he didn’t know that.

As Ordele grew up, he started to fall head over heels for the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. Even though she was already married to Hephaestus, she was always cheating on him with Ares—the god of war.

He was always jealous of Ares. Always trying to come up with plans to get rid of him. He wanted Aphrodite’s love. So he made the perfect plan to get rid of him. For endless days, Ordele worked up a trap that would not only get rid of Ares, but also win over Aphrodite.

Ordele invited Aphrodite and Ares into the woods to watch the sunset and get to know each other. He led Ares to the hidden “x” and had him step right on it. Soon enough, Ares was hanging by his feet, staring at the world upside down

Aphrodite was shocked. She tried to free Ares, but couldn’t. Ordele grabbed Aphrodite and kidnapped her. He ran off into the center of the woods where no one could find them or hear Aphrodite’s screams.

Days later, Ares got free and came to the rescue of his beloved with the help of the tree nymphs. They showed him right where Ordele was and scurried off. Once he got there, he challenged Ordele. Whoever won got Aphrodite’s love.

Ares drew his sword as Ordele ran off in fear as fast as he could. When Ares caught up to him, he pushed his sword right through his heart, and Ordele perished into the wind. Only his heart remained, on the tip of Ares’ sword.

Hephaestus, who had witnessed the death of Ordele, called down the Big 3. They saw the still beating heart and knew exactly what to do. Together, they generated some of their power to create the first two mortal beings. A boy and a girl.

The boy was named Ordell, after the brave god who fought against Ares for the love of Aphrodite.

The girl was named Emerite, after the love goddess who was fought over, Aphrodite.

They both lived to repopulate the Earth as we know it.

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