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September 11th

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

September 11th is a day for remembrance. The second the world trade center's got hit they were all over the news. When they started to collapse, the people whose loved ones were inside were left heartbroken. Most people tried to get away, but others were trying to save the people that were trapped inside.

"Let's go Timmy, we have to go bring daddy some lunch."

"Okay mommy!" Timmy said while jumping around.
While Timmy's mom was strapping him in his car seat he realized he had forgotten his favorite blanket.

"Mommy, go get my blankie!"

"Okay where is it?"

"It's on the kiten table."
After handing Timmy his blanket, they left. Several minutes later, they arrived at the world trade centers. When they walked in the building Timmy started jumping up and down.

"Mommy, I wanna push the button on the elvator."

"Okay Timmy push the button with the number 27 on it."
But Timmy pushed 12 other buttons before that. Around 30 minutes later they got to the 27th floor. From there Timmy skipped to his dad's office.

"Daddy! We brunged you lunch!"

Timmy handed his dad the brown lunch bag.

"Thanks Marissa, thanks Timmy! Well I'm busy, so I better get back to work."

"Bye George."

"Bye daddy!"
On the way out Timmy ran into the elevator and pushed the correct button. But on the way down the building began to shake violently, and the elevator screeched to a halt.

"Mommy what's going on?" Timmy yelled frantically.

"I don't know, but it didn't sound good."
Marissa hit the emergency button, the doors opened, but they were stuck between floors. Marissa ducked through to the lower level, while Timmy crawled through. Once they were off of the elevator, Marissa started sobbing but she grabbed Timmy around the waist and ran down the stairs.

"Mommy what's wrong?" Timmy asked, confused.

"We have to get out of the building! NOW!"
Debris and ceiling tiles started falling. Marissa was running full speed and they were only on the 18th floor. Around 5 minutes later Marissa heard fire trucks and ambulance sirens. When huge chunks of the ceiling started falling Marissa laid Timmy on the ground and shielded him with her body. Then the building collapsed on them. Darkness, was all Timmy could see now.

"Get the dogs." replied the fireman. While digging the remains of people out of the collapsed building, Chad the fireman, heard a child crying. Chad was making his way through the wreckage to save the crying child.

Mommy, why are you sleeping? Get up mommy we have to go find daddy." cried Timmy.

"Little boy are you okay?" Chad said as he lifted Timmy up.

"NO noooooo! Put me down! I'm not leaving without my MOMMY!" By now Timmy was screaming at the top of his lungs.

"What is your name?"

"Timmy, and I'm three years old."

"My name is Chad. Timmy I hate to tell you this but your mom is .............dead.

"Mommy wake up."

"I'm afraid she won't."
Timmy was crying and screaming hysterically.

"I'm so sorry Timmy, I will take care of you, you're safe now." Chad said, his eyes filling with tears.

"Noooooo! Mommy! Stop I can't leave her!"

"I'm sorry Timmy but you have to."
Timmy slowly walked and sniffled. Every so often he would look back to see if his mom was following, but every time she lay in a heap on the collapsed building, until some people came and put her onto some kind of bed with wheels. Timmy went crazy at the sight of this. His mind started to stir with the pictures and flashbacks. A few hours later the firemen found out that Timmy was the only survivor that anyone found. Chad helped Timmy into the fire truck, and they drove off. Timmy was having fun, until he found out where he was going, the dreaded place that Chad called, the orphanage. When he climbed out of the fire truck and walked in the door of the old building, the people there gladly took him, but Timmy hated every minute of it.
After being in the orphanage for about a week, he learned that Ms. Helga, the caretaker, wasn't very nice. One morning when Timmy forgot to make his bed, she beat him until he was covered in bruises. Lunch was the worst part, the kids got a piece of stale bread and dirty brown water.

One foggy morning when it was raining, the kids had to clean the orphanage. Timmy was miserable, and he was silently crying. Then the front door opened and a man walked inside, Timmy instantly recognized the familiar face.

Timmy!" Chad said as he was walking towards Timmy.

"Chad! The lady hitted me, she’s mean, and she hurts people. Please don't leave me here with her."
Chad looked over at Ms. Helga, her hands gripped into fists.

"Ms. Helga I would like to adopt Timmy."

"I'm sorry but he's not up for adoption, we cant give him to you because he just got here."

"Since when is that a rule? Do I need to bring this up in court? The poor child has bruises all over his body."

"No just take the little monster." said Helga with an annoyed tone in her voice.

"You're taking me home with you?" Said Timmy with a hopeful voice.

"Yes, no child deserves to live like this."

On the way home Timmy asked if Chad had any kids.

"No but i did have a wife, but she passed away....."


"She was in a meeting in the towers, like your dad and mom."
The rest of the way home was total silence. From then on Timmy could be a normal little boy, with hopes, dreams, and a dad who loved and cared for him.

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