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The Unexpected Trip

April 20, 2009
By Sarah Graham BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
Sarah Graham BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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Oh My God when is this boring story gonna be over! This has been the longest day ever. I already know about the Salem Witch Trials. UGH, and I have practice after school and I can’t be late or else I will get kicked off the team. Before I could keep complaining, Mrs. McClure’s book slamming against the desk scared me half to death. I had no idea that she wanted me to read the book. Then the final bell rang
Bing, Bing, Bing
When two girls Nicole and Jackie leave, they notice that they are in the year 1692 the year that The Salem Witch Trials took place. Nicole and Jackie are not very good friends, enemies you might say. They are not fond of being stuck here together. When they go into town, scared to death, they see everyone running around like crazy people.

“Um, excuse me,” Nicole asks a young woman. “What is going on here?”

“EVERYONE IS GOING CRAZY!!!!!” the woman yells.

“Yes, I think we have established that,” Nicole says calmly.

“EVERYONE IS GOING OUT OF THEIR MIND,” The woman screams. Her voice dies down to a whisper, “and I think I’m next.” the woman runs away fleeing for her life.

“Jackie.” Nicole says starting to worry.

“What?!” Jackie answers annoyed.

“This place looks exactly like the pictures in the book we read in class today, I think we are in the year when the Salem Witch Trials took place,” she answers with worry in her voice.

“Oh my gosh, I think we are I totally knew it!” Jackie responds.

“Um, actually I-,” Nicole starts.

“I said I TOTALLY KNEW IT, so I’m right and you are wrong!” Jackie yelled.

“Said it,” Nicole finished.

“Well what are we supposed to do, NERD?” Jackie asked.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me Miss. Persnickety!” Nicole shot back.

“Hey I am NOT persnickety!” Jackie said.

“Whatever let’s go find somewhere to sleep,” Nicole said.

“Fine,” Jackie responded.

So Jackie and Nicole set off to go find someone to take them in.

Later that Night…
The Haygood family let them stay with them until they had a place of their own. When everyone was in bed, Nicole heard a loud bang and a scream.

OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT? I HOPE EVERYONE IS OK EXCEPT FOR JACKIE. WHAT A SNOB! I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO GIVE HER NAMES...UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I might as well go check on her anyways ‘cuz that’s how nice I am.

“Jackie,” Nicole whispered, “are you there?”
“Yeah, what was that noise? Should we go check it out?” Jackie whispered back.
“I don’t know, I think we should wait a little while,” said Nicole.
“What did you say? Whatever I’m going down to see if they are all right,” Jackie said completely ignoring Nicole’s suggestion.
“No don’t. Your gonna get yourself killed,” Nicole said.
“Hey can I ask you a question?” Jackie asked in a nice tone.
“Yeah sure what is it?” Nicole said.
“Do you think that people in the colonial days had nail polish remover and nail polish because I need to get my nails redone and you NEED to get yours done,” Jackie said.
“Would it kill you to be nice sometimes?” Nicole shot.
“Well…,” Jackie started, “Yeah it would so GO FIND ME SOME NAIL POLISH!!!!!!!”
“Shhhhhh…do you hear that,” Nicole whispered.
“Yeah…it sounds like…footsteps,” Jackie whispered with a scared look on her face,
“Well no duh it’s footsteps it’s probably the person that killed the Haygoods,” Nicole whispered unkindly.
“Hey are you calling me dumb?
“Well……you’re the dumb one here, not me.”
“Because you’re the one yelling when there is a killer in this house thingy,” Jackie whispered.
“Shoot you’re right,” Nicole muttered under her breath, “for once in your life.”
“What was that, would you like to say it to my face?” Jackie shot.
“What? I didn’t say anything, why would you blame me?” Nicole asked sounding innocent.
“You said something and I know it.”
“No I really didn’t.”
“YES YOU DID!!!!!”
Just then a stranger walked through the door.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Nicole and Jackie screamed in unison.

“WHO ARE YOU?” Nicole asked in a loud voice practically screaming.

“Well I’m not here to hurt you,” the stranger said.

“Oh yeah sure like we will believe that,” Jackie said.

“Well I’m not and I am Pastor Thane.”

“Oh, well, hello Pastor Thane,” Nicole said.

“Hello, I’m sorry to say but your family is dead and there is no trace of the killer so I was wondering if you two would like to stay with my for a while?” Pastor Thane asked.

“Thanks,” Nicole and Jackie said.
They all went downstairs to go to Pastor Thane’s house. They heard a noise in the kitchen. Jackie went to go check it out. She opened the cupboard and there was a cat.

“Awww this cat is soo cute,” Jackie said, almost cooing.

“I know isn’t he?” Nicole said.

“I think I’m gonna name you Duck,” Jackie said now talking to the cat.

“Uhmmm you do know it is a cat, not a duck?” Nicole said mockingly.

“Yeah I know,” Jackie said proudly.

“Riiight,” Nicole said.

“Ok well let’s get a move on,” Pastor Thane said.
They all set off down the dirt path to Pastor Thane’s house. When they were almost there Jackie saw four tall wooden stakes in the ground and the top was like square with a rope loop hanging off of it.

“What is that?” Jackie asked.

“That is where we hang the bad people in the town,” Pastor Thane answers in an eerie voice.

“Oh I hope I never get put up there,” Jackie answered sacred.

“Why do people get put up there Pastor Thane,” Nicole asked.

“When they are accused of witchcraft they are handcuffed and then hanged,” Pastor Thane said.

“Oh and how are people accused,” Nicole asked.

“People that are possessed just say oh that person is a witch for girls or wizard for men. Then we have a meeting to see if they should be hanged. Most of the time it is ‘yes’. We take them out here and put a bag over their head and hang them and people watch,” Pastor Thane explained.

“Oh good to know,” Nicole said.
Wow, someone could really get hanged, no scratch tha,t anyone could be hanged. I have this great idea. I think I’m going to fake being possessed and accuse Jackie, which would be perfect! But how, well it couldn’t be that hard to be possessed. I think I will try it. MWAH HA HA HA HA, MWAH HA HA HA HA!!!!! This is going to be soooo much fun, seeing Jackie get hanged! Well, back to real life.

The Next Day…
Nicole is in bed and Jackie comes into the room and Nicole starts to spaz out. Jackie call for Pastor Thane to see what is wrong with Nicole, even though she doesn’t care.

“OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?” Pastor Thane asks screaming.

“I don’t know I walked through the door and she just started doing this,” Jackie answers.

“Step out of the room for a second,” Pastor Thane orders.
Jackie steps out of the room and Nicole stops acting crazy.

“Come back into the room stay there for a minute and then step out again,” Pastor Thane said.
Jackie steps in the room and Nicole starts acting crazy. After the minute is up Jackie steps out of the room and Nicole stops.

“I think you are the one causing this Jackie. Do you know if you’re a witch or not,” Pastor Thane says.

“Uhmmm……no. Wouldn’t I know if I was a witch or not?”

“I guess so, but how would you explain this craziness, hmm?”

“I don’t know,” Jackie said annoyed.

“Well there is no reasonable explanation for this so I accuse you of being a witch,” Pastor Thane says,”You will be hanged this afternoon!”

“But that’s not fair…I’m not even a witch,” Jackie yells.
“Well I have my proof every time you walk through that door Nicole goes crazy. That must mean that you are a witch,” Pastor Thane said.

“OMG THIS IS BOGUS…I’M LEAVING! Let’s go Duck,” Jackie said, and left with a glare.

That Afternoon…
“Ok everyone quiet down…HEY EVERYONE SHUT YOUR MOUTHS,” Pastor Thane yells, “I think you all know why we are here and if you don’t we are here to hang…”
“Jaclyn A. Bentley,” Jackie stated.
“Ok so Jaclyn-,” Pastor Thane started.
“I actually like to go by Jackie Bentley, please,” Jackie said.

“Ok then Jackie A. Bentley do you have any last words?”

“Actually I do Pastor,” Jackie said.

“Fine, proceed.”

“Well first, I would like to say I love you to my parents even though they are not alive yet. Secondly, I would like to read my mental speech. Nicole this is dedicated to you.
The reason I have been so mean to you the years that we have been in each other’s classes was because…I was jealous of you. You have beautiful hair and you are very pretty, too. You also have friends that like you as who you are not how you try and be, take me for example. All my friends don’t like me and have no clue what my real personality is. I always try to impress them by throwing extravagant parties. You throw really fun parties. Even though I haven’t been to any of them I have heard of them and they sound really fun. So Nicole I hope we can be friends someday, if we ever get out of this place.


Jaclyn A. Bentley

“That is all Pastor I’m ready now,” Jackie said.
“Ok,” Pastor Thane said and as he was putting the loop over Jackie’s head Nicole interrupted.
“WAIT, DON’T DO IT I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!!!!!!!!! Jackie that was beautiful, I never would have thought that you would want to be friends with me. I have something to confess myself. It wasn’t Jackie who was doing all that stuff to me; I was just faking it so that Jackie could be hanged. But now that I know that Jackie wants to be friends with me, I say Let Jackie go she had nothing to do with this it was all my plan.”

“Thank you Nicole, bless your kind soul,” Jackie thanked.
Pastor Thane took the loop off of Jackie’s head and cut the handcuffs.

“But someone has to be hanged today,” Pastor Thane said.

“Since Jackie almost sacrificed her life for me, I will sacrifice mine for her,” Nicole declared.

“Nicole don’t do that because then I won’t have a best friend,” Jackie said, “Just hang Duck the cat, he deserves to be with his real family.”

“Ok then,” Pastor Thane said,” we will hang the cat, Duck Haygood.”
“Good-bye Duck, I will miss you,” Jackie said.
Jackie gave Duck to Pastor Thane. She and Nicole went for a walk back to the Haygood’s house so they could get their belongings. When they were leaving they both hugged. Then suddenly they both woke up and they were in the nurse’s office.

“Where am I?” Jackie and Nicole asked.

“You are at the school nurse, and it seems that you both collided in the hallway when you were leaving,” the school nurse said.
All of Jackie and Nicole’s friends were standing around them waiting for one of them to speak.

“Are you alright Jackie?”

“Yeah I am, but the question is, are you?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“That’s good.”
Then they both hug and all of their friends gasp in astonishment. ‘Did they really just hug? Don’t they like hate each other?’ Nicole heard someone say.

“That seemed really familiar,” Jackie said.

“What did?” Nicole asked.

“That hug. Didn’t you think that was very familiar?”

“Yeah it was.”

“I’m really glad we are friends now, aren’t you?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah, I am. Hey I was wondering do you want to come over my house tonight to have a sleepover, just us two. And you can do my nails if you really want to,” Nicole said

“That would be fun, Thank you. I’ll go home and get my stuff and I will be right over,” Jackie said

“Ok see you in a little while.”

Wow!!! I’m so glad that Jackie and I are friends now; we are going to have so much fun at my sleep over tonight. I can’t wait to see what color she picks out for my nails. WOAH!!! It’s almost dinner time and I can maybe catch the late bus if I hurry. I love it that Jackie and I are friends now!! I can’t wait to see her real personality.

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