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A Mess

September 27, 2011
By RyanTyler PLATINUM, Windsor, Connecticut
RyanTyler PLATINUM, Windsor, Connecticut
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Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters just the plot. I’m not sure how fanfictions work here just yet but I would love if you review. I’ll give you cookies.

“We should tell them.” Martin said. He and Danny were currently stretched out on the couch. Danny sitting facing forwards to allow Martin to lie on his chest and have his feet on the couch. “And then we won’t have to do the whole Elena thing.” He peaked up at Danny who kept a stone face and just hn-ed in response. “You don’t want to?”

“I don’t think there ready to hear it.” Danny said solemnly.

Martin didn’t answer for a while “We’ll maybe you could break up with Elena? I know you want to keep up appearances, but I don’t like having to share you.”

“They’ll think that’s something’s up.”


“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Danny got up not caring that he jostled Martin a bit roughly on the couch “I’m going to bed.”

“I’ll be there later. Don’t wait up for me.” Martin choked out; he was trying not to cry in front of Danny.


Tears stared to trail down his face and he had to put his hand over his mouth as his whole body racked with a would be sob. He knew what was going on. He never thought he would see the day but here it was all but dancing in his face, mocking him.

He took a few minutes to compose himself before he finally made his way towards the bedroom and changed. He paused next to the bed, Danny appeared to be asleep, but he could never be sure. He learned awhile back that Danny was good at fake sleeping to get out of something. Slowly, he crawled in snuggling up next to his boyfriend, resting his head on his chest listening to Danny’s heart beat and irregular breathing, letting him know that he was awake. “Goodnight Danny.” A pause “I love you.”

“Love you to Elena.” Danny mumbled before he fell asleep, leaving Martin to the sick feeling in his stomach. His chest constricted and his eyes watered. Then he cried.

“Hey Danny.” Elena smiled and Danny smiled back, it was one of those smiles that used to only belong to Martin. Now it was Elena’s and Martin got the cheap one that got passed from person to person.

“We’re still going out tonight, right?” Martin asked in a whispered, they were at work so he kept his voice down. But today was a special day, it was they’re anniversary. He wasn’t going to point that out though he wanted to see if Danny would remember.

“Of course Marty.” He gave him a look as if that was the silliest question he ever heard.

“You promise?”

“I promise.” And with those word Martin’s heart swelled with some sort of generic happiness. Maybe there was still hope.”


“Before I say anything, promise me you won’t get mad.” Danny begged, it was the end of the day and he and Martin were supposed to be leaving for there date.

“What is it?”

“I forgot that I promised Elena…”

Martin’s eyes stared to water again, but this time he knew he couldn’t stop them. He turned away heading for the bathroom, scrubbing his face furiously. He leaned over the sink sobbing. He knew it was over, but it still hurt that he let this happen.

“Martin.” It was Danny who followed him “Babe what’s wrong?” he went to hug Martin but they other just moved away “Marty, I’m sorry but if I skip out on her people will think…”

“I get it.” Martin snapped “You’re ashamed of me. Danny I can’t do this.”


“I don’t want to be some dirty little secret of yours. Every time you always go running back to her and you always will.”

“Babe, you know I love you.”

“No you don’t!” Martin was yelling now.

“Shhh.” Danny motioned for Martin to lower his voice; someone might hear “Can’t we have this conversation when I get back in.”

“No!” Martin was close to hysteria.

“Marty I love you. I can promise you that. You’re the only one.” Danny stepped forwards and Martin stepped back.

“You called me her name last night.”

“What? I didn’t…”

“Yes, yes you did! I said ‘I love you’ and you said ‘Love you too Elena’!”


“No I’m done! You can get your stuff out of the apartment later but it’s over, I can’t do this.” Martin walked passed him and headed out. He was going out of the building when out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam holding Elena as she cried. He guessed that they heard them. But he’d let Danny take care of damage control, because he was done putting up with his mess.

The author's comments:
That's right I'm back. After a week of a certain little button not working *cough* certify button *cough* I can finally post again. So here's another fan-fiction. Remember rating and reviewing makes me happy. :):):)

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on Nov. 16 2011 at 12:00 pm
RyanTyler PLATINUM, Windsor, Connecticut
21 articles 0 photos 94 comments

Favorite Quote:
"A myth is a religion in which no one no longer believes." James Feibleman

My sixth artical to over one hundred views. You my not comment but I still see you. :):):)


on Oct. 7 2011 at 12:07 pm
RyanTyler PLATINUM, Windsor, Connecticut
21 articles 0 photos 94 comments

Favorite Quote:
"A myth is a religion in which no one no longer believes." James Feibleman

Thank you I'll keep that in mind.

on Oct. 6 2011 at 5:43 pm
KenyaLove41 GOLD, Dallas, Texas
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heey , cool story even though i'm not exactly sure where this is from i liked the plot and idea just work on your description a little more and make it more detailed so i can kno what u're talking about other than that it was good.(: