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President Trump: I HATE GMOs!

October 27, 2016
By RoseGriesgraber GOLD, Reseda, California
RoseGriesgraber GOLD, Reseda, California
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     Now you may call me bananas, but I know that GMOs are the only way to save our favorite yellow fruit. Currently, the major bananas in consumption are the cavendish variety, but their popularity only grew after the banana blight which devastated the Gros Michel. Now the cavendish, which are largely genetically identical, face a fungal disease called Black Sigatoka, and the only hope for our bananas is an appeal to science and the utilization of GMOs. By crafting a GMO strain of bananas immune to the fungus, many cultivators of the fruit can be saved from bankruptcy and our taste buds can be satisfied.
      As should be apparent, my lamentations are in response to President Trump’s recent ban on all GMOs. The bill prohibiting GMOs should be repealed immediately before it can cause lasting damage to our country. Such a ban was made to satisfy the extremists within his supporters and, perhaps, because of some perverse hatred Trump has for anything else the color of his hair. Either way, say goodbye to bananas.
     The movement against GMOs is based purely on fear and a misunderstanding surrounding new advances in science. There are no credible studies to support the assumption that GMOs are toxic; and to believe they are carcinogens, as the extremists claim, defies logic. Rather than cause health problems, it has been often seen that GMOs come with health benefits. GMOs can be furnished with genes allowing them to produce vital nutrients and decrease malnutrition in populations which consume them. The need for GMOs is highlighted in a WHO report in 2012, stating that 2.7 million children worldwide could be saved from death if provided with vitamin A. Golden rice, a GMO which produces high amounts of beta keratin, has been implemented before to combat similar problems; this situation exemplifies how genetically altered organisms could be used to solve such global debacles.
     In addition to saving millions of lives, GMOs present a significant economic benefit. Crops can be engineered to resist drought, frost, sun damage and a slew of other potentially harmful environmental conditions. Hardier GMO crops have a larger total yield and are therefore the potential to be largely economically beneficial. As a self proclaimed business genius, one would think our president celebratory of GMOs. In the past, Trump has preached that “Money was never a big motivation for me [him], except as a way to keep score.” Well, Trump - 0, American people - also 0.
     One cannot expect every American to welcome GMOs with open arms, but there are better options for dealing with opposition to them than an outright ban. The labeling of GMO products has long been suggested by those in opposition to them; many countries worldwide do require the labeling of GMOs. However, GMO labeling in the European Union, which contains the majority of countries that require GMO identification, is not based upon any danger presented by the crops. It provides traceability of the GMOs and a close monitoring of the environmental and health effects of GMOs. A report released by the European Union, “Long Term Effects of Genetically Modified Crops on Health and the Environment (including biodiversity)” shows no detriment to human health but instead recommends procedures to bolster the study of the effects of GMOs.
     Many of those who are concerned with GMOs are fueled by the idea that GMO’s are experimental and that their effects, if unknown, must be harmful. Although much research is still needed to understand the impact of transgenic organisms, organisms which have been genetically engineered to contain foreign DNA, GMOs as a whole are not nearly as experimental as many think. As stated previously, all bananas are GMOs, but corn, rice, and domesticated animals fall in the same category. These organisms have been altered by human cultivation and husbandry throughout history; GMOs are central to the human narrative. So, just as the GMO Action Alliance claims that “this type of genetic alteration is not found in nature, and is experimental,” the same could be said about corn, pomeranians, wheat, cats, sweet potatoes; the list goes on.
     The number of humans on Earth reached 7 billion in March of 2012 (worldpopulation . Since then, the population has only been on the rise. According to publications from Harvard and Scientific American, GMOs present the best option for feeding our growing world. Worldwide adoption of GMOs would prevent famine and allow the subsistence of the 200,000 people added to the earth daily.
     Presently, 800 million people remain undernourished despite the fact that current agricultural output could supply over 11 billion people with 2,000 calories a day. This gap is due to the uneven distribution of arable land globally and an unsatisfactory food delivery system. The use of GMOs could create new arable land; the crops can grow in harsher locations where agriculture was previously impossible. In addition, GMOs can be crafted hardier and better suited for transport, aiding with the latter problem as well.
     Trump has said: “If I had it my way, and I tell you, it would be great, no one would have to eat GMOs. They could all eat delicious Trump steak.” This shows that Trump not only lacks a basic understanding of the human diet, but lacks concern for the millions of children which would go undernourished from his plans.
      In short, GMOs represent the best option to create a sustainable world and provide for every human on it. And, as always, fear should never impede the path of progress. So I would leave you with some wise words from Trump:“When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.” Do not allow this GMO ban to be final; take action and let every branch of government know we want this banana apeeled.

The author's comments:

This is a fake persuasive essay set in a world where Trump has been elected president and has banned all GMOs. It is a humurous peice but the stats in it and most of the quotes are real.

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