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   Choose one of the following and explain using specific details, paraphrased quotes, and intelligent analysis.

1. Explain the use of Imene as a foil in Antigone

2. Show the differences in Creon's character (if any) in the plays, King Oedipus and Antigone

3. Find three examples of irony in the play King Oedipus and explain each ...

Okay, I'm dead. I laid my forehead down on the desk, closed my eyes, and prayed for divine intervention or inspiration to help me in this futile attempt to write something worth reading ...

One thousand dollars a plate and I'm worth every penny. The celebrities have come out in droves to hear me speak about my glorious writing career. The President, Paula Jones, Pope John Paul II, and Princess Di all sit at the first table in front of the stage. Other movie stars, authors, and newscasters are mingling throughout the Plaza's Grand Ballroom, congratulating me on my latest novel.

I step up to the oak podium, spotlights streaming down, illuminating my face, and begin what was to become one of the most inspirational speeches ever given.

"There was not much room for growth in my quaint little town, and Mom and Dad were not that big on educating their only daughter. At night, when I was young, I had to sit by the fire and teach myself to read. It was a cruel way to grow up. My outlet stores were the Goodwill and Salvation Army. My first car was a picture of a Ford Taurus. I started to cry, the audience was quite moved. Somehow I made it to high school where my teachers, seeing my awful condition, took me under their wing and taught me grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I do no know where I would be without them. Teachers are our children's future!! I had to put that pitch in there, heads of every PTA board in the country were watching. I forced my way through two years of high school English class to find myself faced with a challenge my senior year. It was an essay on the play King Oedipus. I was inspired by the phrases I was to explain, and, to make a long story short, I wrote a masterpiece. My teacher, recognizing my wonderful writing talents, entered my essay in a number of contests and gave it to a few well-known publishers. I was an instant success. My essay was published in dozens of critical essay collections and journals worldwide; I made millions. Though I gave most of the money to charities and my church, a halo appeared above my head, I had enough left to set my family up comfortably. But of all the things I have made over my glorious career, self-confidence is the most important. I only hope that through reading my book, which can be ordered at 1-800-555-5804 for only $39.95, everyone can experience just a little of the enlightenment that I have received. Thank you all for coming out to hear me tonight. God bless you and God bless America!!!"

People in the audience were amazed, stunned, and speechless. There were at least thirty seconds of silence before the crowd erupted into an enormous outpouring of applause. "Bravo!!" "Wonderful!!" "Encore!!" People were throwing money and red roses onto the stage. I was loved, honored, and adored. But, just as the man of my dreams was running onto the stage to propose, I heard a faint bell in the background. I turned to the audiences, and, in a flash, they were all gone. I was standing on the stage alone, spotlights shining, wondering where the bell was coming from ...

"Patricia, wake up!!" My teacher said. "The bell rang, you have to go now."

"Sorry about the drool on this," I said as I handed the paper to my teacher and wiped the slime from my face.

"I'll forgive you this time. I hope you were dreaming about Oedipus."

"Well, sort of. Hey, I hope I'll get extra credit for the textured paper." 1

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