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The Monster In The Closet

June 1, 2014
By AbigailGilgal GOLD, Cloquet, Minnesota
AbigailGilgal GOLD, Cloquet, Minnesota
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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Robert. Robert was a good boy and he was pretty brave most of the time, but he had one HUGE fear... MONSTERS. Especially the kind that hides in closets. Every night Robert would be sure to close his closet door and put a chair in front of it so no monsters could get out. But just in case they did, he kept a bucket of mucky sludge water from a swamp safely under his bed. You see, his older brother Tim was always teasing Robert of being afraid there were monsters in his closet. And one night Tim told him that if there was ever a monster chasing him, all he had to do was run to the swamp and get the monster to fall in because everyone knows that swamp water kills monsters. But instead of having to run all the way to the swamp, Robert decided to just bring some of the swamp home with him. And so the story begins one rainy night, when the family was eating dinner together and Tim decided yet again to see how scared he could get his little brother.
“So, Robert, did you make sure to lock the front door?”
“The front door? What are you talking about?” Robert asked.
“Oh nothing,” said Tim, “Its just that it is raining out and everybody knows that is a monster’s favorite weather. Yes sir, every time it rains all those monsters go out and look for anyone who was stupid enough to leave the door unlocked. You know dinner is their favorite time. Everyone is in one room so they can sneak right into someone’s closet and then just wait for them to go to sleep.”
Robert was headed for the door before Tim even finished.
“Hold on there little man.”
Robert’s father grabbed him from behind and set him back in his chair.
“Tim, you know your father and I do not want you scaring your brother like that.” His mother was saying. “When you were younger you were scared of things to, and we certainly didn’t tease you, now did we?”
“No.” Tim said, “But its not my fault he is such a wimp. If he doesn’t want me to scare him all the time, he shouldn’t be such a fraidy-cat.”
“Tim, thats enough.” Their father had that look on his face, and Tim knew better than to say anything else. “Your mother is right, I want no more of this. Do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” Tim sulked.
“Now then,” Mother said, “Robert, you go get ready for bed. Tim is having a sleepover with some friends and it is getting late.”
“Why can’t I stay up and play with Kyle and Zach? They’re my friends too.”
“Because your mother said it is time for bed,” said Father, “Now go before you get in trouble.”
“Okay, but can you lock the front door first?”
Soon Robert was sleeping and Tim and his friends were busy playing hide-and-seek. After about half an hour though, Robert woke up. Something was moving in the closet. Robert looked, and almost screamed. The chair had been moved and the door was open a crack. For a minute, he was so scared he just sat there, like he had been turned to stone. Then he remembered the bucket. Slowly, carefully, he reached under the bed and pulled out the swamp water. With his heart pounding furiously he waited, bucket in hand, staring at the door. What seemed like hours went by, then, the door began to move. It opened about half way, and a head came out.
“Robert?” Tim whispered.
“No, Robert its me Ti-”
He never finished. Robert hurled the whole bucket at him and it landed right on his head. All of a sudden, the room was filled with people. While Dad tried to pull the bucket off Tim’s head, Mom calmed Robert down and Kyle and Zach laughed until they could barely breath. They finally got the whole thing cleaned up and sorted out. After Tim took a shower and Mom cleaned the bedroom, Robert got scolded by Mom for sneaking “that nasty, smelly thing” under his bed. Tim got chewed out for hiding in his brother’s room after his parents told him not to--even though it was the best hiding place, according to Tim. And after that, Tim said he would never ever EVER tease Robert about monsters again.

The author's comments:
Just a fun short story that makes my little sisters laugh

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