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Smiling back

October 10, 2012
By Scribbler-of-Dreams PLATINUM, Brandon, Florida
Scribbler-of-Dreams PLATINUM, Brandon, Florida
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I'm floating. Like one of those little kids who press their frost-bitten noses against the cold, frosty glass windows of candy shops and toy stores. I'm watching from the outside, but I'm longing to be inside. And I'm running my finger tips across the words on the window. Glancing back and forth to see if anyone notices me standing out here in the bitter cold. Freezing my butt off. I lick my chapped, frozen lips in hope for some relief from the dry, icy breeze pressing against my face. It's so biting cold out here. I have a feeling that the doors aren't going to open anytime soon and should probably go looking somewhere else for warmth, but I can't move. I'm so cold, I'm frozen in place. The glow of the lights inside make the place look so warm, compared to this cold, gray world I'm surrounded by now. I pace back and forth trying to keep warm. I 'm fighting a shivering fit. My teeth start chattering and I decide to stop fighting it and let myself shake until it's the only thing my body is even capable of doing.
Finally, I decide to look somewhere else and turn to walk away. “Maybe Some other place will open.” As I take my first step off the curb and into the street, I hear the bell that hangs on the door, sing its welcome song. A warm feeling of relief washes over me, like a hot cocoa running down my insides. I turn on the heel of my boots and see you standing there. You're there, surrounded by the warm glow of the light and warmth I thought I would never see again. You look so warm and happy. For a split second, I want to run into your arms and feel the warmth of your beating heart against my cold, hallow chest; relief from all the life I've lost from being out here in this bitter cold. But instead, I walk. I walk slowly, making sure to watch the toes of my boots, so I can avoid your gaze. Finally, the muddy, brown color of your work boots come into view and I take a chance and look up at you. You're smiling. Definitely not what I expected. And despite my surprise, I feel the muscles in my face loosening. And it's like they have a mind of their own. And suddenly, I realize... I'm smiling back.

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Just something in my head.

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