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November 7, 2011
By Sydney(: BRONZE, N/a, New Hampshire
Sydney(: BRONZE, N/a, New Hampshire
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For a moment she saw perfection before she began to fall. 

She felt the gentle tug at her toes followed by the icy immersion into nothingness. It was completely familiar to her but there was a sense of elusiveness this time. It drew her in faster than she wanted; lightning paralyzing her body.  But before she knew it her skin was pulled tight and ripped off. her stomach flew out through her head as she watched it drift up through the dark. 

Everything around her was spiraling now. Slithering. Hissing. flowing through her as if she was made if air.  & maybe she was. Her body, by now, was only her senses. It seemed like even those were dissolving.

All she could focus on was that where the bottom usually lay there was nothing but the foggy blue of midnight that had overcome her.   Her hearing was more acute and alive than ever before but she could only hear the hum of the silence. No longer could she feel the echo of her thoughts bouncing off her. Her fears were a mere twinge and nothing else was relevant. all that she wanted to be, was what  she had already forgotten.  Forgotten in the melted drips of what used to be everything she loved. She sought for much more, Love only a distant glitch in her vision, joining an effervescent orchard of her past which she had left above her. 

She was nothing now; she was everything now. Dancing on her lips now was not the usual piercing of the silence, but a smile as she welcomed everything that was unwelcome

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