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My Ceremony

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

I stand in the middle of the room looking at everyone that had decided to come to this gathering. I see all these faces that seem to be happy and giggling like nothing can bother them in any sort of way. I puzzle myself as I slowly make my way to the stage. No one has a clue why I had invited all these people but I’m the only that knows. Once I’m standing on the stage and the band stops playing the music I slow announce, “Can I have everyone’s attention.” I feel as if everyone thinks I’m going to tell everyone something really bad, something like I was pregnant. Everyone has a face that only seems to be so blank with no expression. “ I stand in front of everyone today opening up to each and everyone. Many things have gone on through the years and each and everyone has a very close relationship with me whether you are family or really good friends. Things have been said and have changed everything whether it was a lie that someone had told me or the other way around.” Everyone seems to have a puzzled face. “Why would I ever dare to say something like that?” I think to myself thinking that I have done something so stupid. “I’m sorry if you think I shouldn’t have said anything like that, but you know what I’m standing here without being pressured into anything but being up front and admitting to the things that I have done wrong. You sit there astonished as if I did something spectacular but you know what I just want to be honest with you showing you that I really have grown into a woman that I promised not only myself but also God. The only way that I would know how to truly become a woman is by starting off by not only forgiving myself for the things that I have done wrong but also forgiving those that have hurt me in the same sense. I hope you understand that I love each and everyone of you and that I’m not always going to relie on someone to decide something that I should do the deciding on, don’t take this as if I’m turning my back on you its just time that I take what matters into my own hands. Today is a new beginning and tomorrow is the day to make a difference in my life and in yours.” Everyone stands up and starts clapping as if this was a speech that just got an award for being out standing. As I walk off the stage the warmth and happiness that I feel, just being able to start off clean and to know that I have all this support from everyone that I deeply and truly love. This hotel is something that I can always remember that you know what everyday is like all the other is just the fact that you have to know how to make it the best. We are never promised tomorrow but you know that I’m going to die in a satisfying way knowing that I have forgiven myself and everyone I know and this hotel is something that I will always remember that I truly became the women that I have grown to be. Always remember that today is a new day and tomorrow will be is the day to make a difference, but how will you make that change or difference?

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