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The Mysterious Light

November 10, 2007
By Anonymous

"Yay summer is finally here!" Sofia Anderson exclaimed as she rampaged through her closet trying to find the best bikini to wear. She was going to a pool party soon and she didn't plan on being late because of a bathing suit disaster. "Ah huh, found it!" She yelled from the inside of her closet. She pulled out a pink and black bikini with cute flowers patterned all over it.
"I don't see why you have to make such a big deal over what bikini you're gonna wear." Her twin sister Anastasia called to Sofia, who was still hiding in the huge walk-in closet trying to find her favorite flip flops.
"I have one word for you, cute guys!" She giggled.
Anastasia just rolled her eyes and smiled, remembering how her sister has always been boy crazy ever since they were little kids.
Suddenly their mom called from the front door. "Girls, your limo's here!"
And without a second thought, they both screamed and ran for the door.
"You girls have a good time now!"
"We will, thanks!"
"Bye mom!"

"Hey charlie!" They both said as they got in the limo.
"Where to, girls?" He asked.
"2304 Rosegarden Cresent."Anastasia replied.
"So do you think Chad likes me?" Sofia asked impatiently.
"Yes." Anastasia replied as if she knew the drill. She had no other choice, but to say yes.
"So you really think he likes me?"
"No, not really." She replied sarcastically.
"What! Why? I thought he liked me...How could he not?" She started to panick.
"Relax, I was just kidding."
"Oh, don't scare me like that!"
"Well I guess you'll find out for sure if he likes you or not at the party."
"Yah!" She giggled as they started approuching the huge, white mansion.
"Ok girls, we're here."
"Thank you Charles!" Sofia said as they got out the long, black, stretch limo.
"Alright so I'll come to pick you up at aproximatly 10 o'clock." He said and then drove off.
Anastasia and Sofia giggled the whole way to the front doors of the mansion. When they finally got there, they rang the door bell and listened to the coolest bell ring ever.
Their friend Lily answered. "Hey! Come on in! The pools in the back and we have snacks out there too. Then there's gonna be dancing after!"
"Yay!" Sofia shreaked and ran to the pool.
"Hey, wait up!" Anastasia yelled and ran after her.
They both already had their bathing suits on. So they just left their towels on one of the lawn chairs and jumped in the pool. The pool was very deep, but the water was so nice.
"Hey Anny, bet you I can swim further down than you can!" Sofia challenged Anastasia.
"Oh your on!" And just like that, the two girls started racing down to the bottom of the pool. They were both really good swimmers. The pool looked much bigger from beneath the water. Just then, all of a sudden there was flash of light at the far left corner of the pool, right at the bottom. It startled Sofia, so she swam as quickly as she could back to the top where she saw Anastasia just talking to Lily, who had also gotten in the pool now.
"Anny, Anny! Did you see it?"
"See what? What are you talking about?"
"There was this big flash of light right at the bottom!" She pointed to where she had seen the light. "Lily, did you see it?"
"Uh no, I just got in the pool." She replied looking very astonished at Sofia, wondering what on earth has gotten to her.
"I can't believe you guys didn't see it!"
"Maybe the sun just got to you and you're having hallucinations." Anastasia said as she placed her right hand on top of Sofia's forehead.
"I'm fine!" She exclaimed and brushed off Anastasia's hand.
"Oh look, there's Chad. Why don't you go talk to him! Then I'm sure you'll forgot all about whatever it is you saw." Anastasia suggested.
"No! I have to go find out what that is! And you're gonna come with me! So then I can prove to you that I'm not crazy."
"Oh wow, this is serious! You're actually refusing to talk to Chad." She had a shocked look on her face. "Whoa, wait a second, I'm gonna go where now?"
"Yah, you're gonna come with me to see what that was!"
"Oh no I'm not, I prefer to keep my sanity!"
"Oh yes you are!" Just then, Sofia grabbed Anastasia's hand and pulled her down into the water.

Under the water Sofia kept on swimming deeper and deeper in search of the mysterious light. Anastasia just followed, against her will, but the light was no where to be found. So they swam back up and when they finally reached the top, Anastasia saw that Sofia had a disappointed look on her face.
"I can't believe it. It was there a second ago. You have to belive me! Why would I decide to make this up?"
"Calm down. In a weird way, I do believe you."
"Attention everyone!" Lily announced. "Can I have your attention please." Everyone just kept on talking. "Shut up!" She finally yelled. In a second, it all turned silent as if someone pushed the mute button. "Thank you." She sighed. "The dance will be starting in about 5 minutes. So if everyone could please get out of the pool and come inside, that would be greatly appreciated, thank you."
Anastasia and Sofia got out of the pool and dried off and came inside. Sofia couldn't speak, she was still shocked by the mysterious light and the disappointment of it being gone.

The dance floor was packed with people talking, dancing, and even singing at the kareoke area. The stereo was huge, the volume was turned to full blast and it was playing "Umbrella" by Rihanna.
Anastasia saw that the shocked look was still on Sofia's face. "Oh come on, forget about that for a moment and just have fun. It is a party after all!"
"Well I don't think I'll be able to forget about it, but I'll try for the sake of the party."
"Ok, good." Anastasia replied with a hint of relief. "Oh look, here comes chad!"
Sofia imidiatly got up off her seat and applied a fresh coat of lip gloss as Chad was heading her way.
"Hey." Chad said when he finally reached her.
"Hey! Sofia replied.
"So would you like to dance?" He asked just when a slow song came on. Perfect timing.
"Yes!" She replied eagerly, but trying not to lose her cool.
As they danced the night away. She could smell the sweet smell of his cologne and suddenly all her problems went away. She totally forgot about the light thing. When the song ended, she just remembered that Charlie was gonna come soon to get her and her sister.
"Oh my gosh, I completly lost track of time! I'm sorry, but I have to go." She appolegized to Chad.
"What, why?" He asked, not wanting her to go.
"Oh I just promised my mom that I'll be home by 10 and my limo driver's here. I am so sorry! It's a curfew thing."
"Oh, well ok then." He replied, sounding disappointed.
Sofia rushed to get her sister. "Hey Anny, we have to go! It's past 10!"
"Already? Are you serious?"
"Yes! Now come on! We still have to get all our things from the back."
"Oh right, I almost forgot about that."
They ran to the backyard and saw that thier towels were right by the pool. Lily's younger brothers were playing tag around the pool. As Sofia bent down to pick up the towels, the boys knocked her in the pool by accident. Without even an appology, they ran off.
"Ahhh!" She screamed as she made a big splash into the water. "Well don't just stand there! Come help me out!" She called over to Anastasia who appeared to have a shocked look on her face as if she'd seen a ghost. "What's wrong?" Sofia asked.
"Just look behind you." She murmered.
Sofia turned around slowly. "Whoa! Well I guess the light thingy is back and it's bigger than before!"
"Ok, now I for sure belive you."
"Great! Well come on, let's go check it out."
"Oh no, no, no!"
"Oh come on." Sofia pulled her into the water.
"Well this is like deja vu." They swam down to the bottom and saw the light close up. Anastasia wanted to swim back up and she tried to, but she couldn't. Now, Sofia also tried to swim away from it, but she too was stuck. Infact, the light seamed to be pulling them in closer and closer, deeper and deeper into the light. It was like a vacuum. They couldn't breath anymore. They tried to swim as hard as they could, but thier legs were already in the light. Just then it started to pull them in faster and faster. They no longer had control over it. Pretty soon they were gone, into the light.

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