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I Am A Monster Of Kerouac's Manifestation.

November 21, 2007
By Anonymous

Our legs are dangling from the freight car, whizzing past this blurred mass that is Indiana, or Ohio, or- I can't remember anymore. You sneaker is untied and it's careless shoelace is tempting the ground, daring it to bring us back to earth. "Catch me if you can!" it cries to endless fields of dust and disillusion. My hair has become alive. Is breathing and living and moving in all directions at once. The train is shaking, and rattling with an energy I cannot put to words.

A man stirs in the shadows; slides up to sit amongst this scene. Where did he come from? He must have been there the whole time. He looks between the two of us with a certain sly dramatization that inclines he is about to shed some great truth.

-and yet...

"Are you two going to get somewhere, or just going?"

I know these words.
I know this man.

"We did not understand his question, and it was a damned good question." I reply.

-Did I say that?
-I am inside my thoughts.
-I am reciting lines I did not write.
-My head is borrowed...
-My mind is echoing...

Perhaps it was some great truth after all.

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