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Lost in Society

April 11, 2015
By CEWritingManiac GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
CEWritingManiac GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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" In three words I can sum up everything i've learned about life: It goes on." - Robert Frost

The light shimmers in my face. Sweat beads come running down my face, as if they are having a race to see who will go down first.

“W-where am I?” I managed to say. I look around me trying to get a glimpse of where I really was.  My vision is blurry but i still manage to focus it as if it were a camera. I tried to remember what had happened in the last 12-24 hours or so, but there was nothing. I couldn’t remember anything at all. Just one thing. I’m in a room that is bursting with white lights and that im lost.

“Hi, i see you have finally awoken from your… sleep.” someone said hesitantly.

“ What do you mean asleep?!” I asked. I felt the urge to get up and run out the door.

“Calm down, we are just addressing that we are glad that you have awoken from your coma.” the person replied in a sturdy voice. I looked closer at the person and saw that it was an elderly looking woman standing right above me.

“A COMA?!” I yelled. How can I be in a coma? I need answers and I need them now.

“Ma’am calm down or we will have to put you down again.” She said with an agitated look. How can I calm down,I thought.  I WAS IN A COMA THERE IS NOTHING TO BE CALM ABOUT! I felt a large sting in my neck. I turned my head slightly and I saw a big syringe being implanted in my neck. I turned my head back where it was and I yelled. I yelled at the top of my lungs and I jumped up. The guards had there hands on my shoulder, trying to put me back down. Though my vision wasn’t as great as it can be I caught a glimpse of the door and I sprinted to it. I was at least three feet away from it; my legs didn’t bulge. I looked down to my feet. They were chained to the table. I used all of my force and I ran even more until I heard a large snap. I kept running, without looking back. I finally reached the door and I opened it. A large wind came blasting in my face and I left.

It is sunny and blazing hot outside. I felt like a animal that finally escaped its cage and ran free. Now i'm free and i'm loving it. I passed three neighborhoods, five stores, and two train stations while I was running. To me I was going a good speed until I saw in store window reflection that I was going really fast. Faster than any other person. I stopped and looked at my feet. The chains were broken. I broke them. Those were metal chains that were impossible to break, especially for people who were held hostage the way I was. I shook the thought out of my mind and moved on. After a few miles I finally got to my house. My heart was beating really fast at the thought of going home. I was in a coma for god knows how long and my family are probably thinking i’m dead by now. I stepped forward and knocked on the door three times. A minute passed and still know one answered. Two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, and five minutes passed now. I knocked again, more harshly this time, waiting again and see if someone will answer. As I turned away to go, the door had creaked open.

“Hello?” the person asked. This person was a woman. She looked really sad, almost as if she saw a dead puppy.

“Hi”I said,”I-I’m your daughter”. The womans eyes had widened and then her face lifted;putting on a smile. She let out a sigh and hugged me. I hugged her back and started to cry. I don’t even know my name or where I was born, or even half of my family, but I knew that for one thing I am home.

“Come in, Come in.” she said. I walked inside of the house and made my way over to the kitchen. A lot of people were sitting there. They gathered around a photo that had candles and flowers surrounding it.

“who’s that?” I asked. They all looked at me and then at the picture. Their expressions were scared, as if they saw a ghost.

“That’s you.” A man said. His face was red and blotchy. He looked stunned at first, but it turned into confusion.

“Sweetie, this is your memorial…. We thought you had died because.. we haven't seen you in a year.”my mother said. We all exchanged looks, but I looked away.

“Oh.”was all I managed to say. I don’t remember much in my past life, let alone my own name. It was definitely hard for me to take it in all at once. Even though I wished to stay, I was going to try my best to make up for the time I had lost.

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