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December 19, 2012
By Moonchild97 BRONZE, Erie, Pennsylvania
Moonchild97 BRONZE, Erie, Pennsylvania
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Three days before Halloween, five girls, Kaléa, Ida, Sarah, Emily and Allison were on their way to Sarah’s to spend the night after a fun night going to the mall and out to eat. It was about 11:08PM when Emily suggested”Hey lets go through these woods, I bet it’s quicker!”
“I don’t know” Allison said
“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!”
“Okay, but if something happens, lets agree to blame Emily.” So they all agreed.
So they entered the woods, passing the sign that read “KEEP OUT!” in blood-red paint.
Most of the leaves were on the ground and dead. The full moon made ghostly shadow through the bare tree limbs. The leaves rustled and twigs cracked beneath their feet, all were scared, but none admitted it. “What’s that?” Ida asked in alarm as she pointed toward a dead and hallow tree with a single lighted candle in it. “That’s a little creepy” Sarah said as they neared the hollow tree. “Let’s go back.” Kaléa suggested. “Yeah, maybe we should.” Allison said. The girls started back. Ida turned and looked one last time at the tree with the candle, and a scream escaped her lips for right next to the tree was something floating. That something pointed at the five girls then came swooping toward them! The girls scatter in all different directions! The thing disappeared into the misty darkness that surrounded them.
There was a blood curdling screech then Allison found that she was all alone, as did the rest! Allison screamed with fright! Suddenly an owl, a huge owl at least two times bigger than herself, swooped low and in his great feet, grabbed her high into the air! The owl’s talons dung into her shoulders, blood dripping. Then as quickly as the owl appeared, it was gone, taking the girl with it!
Ida stood still, for she thought she heard a sound like a horses hooves against the hard ground. She stood still wondering what it could be. Suddenly out of nowhere came a horse, pale as the full moon that loomed above her now. Then she realized the horse had a rider, both terribly pale and frightening looking. Ida started to run away from it, scared to death! The pale horse and rider gained on her, the rider of the horse reached for her with long, bony fingers, and then Ida, the horse and the rider all disappeared as it touched her!
Now Kaléa and Sarah had managed to find each other. The two girls huddled together as they walked along. All of a sudden a wolf jumped out of the bushes, right behind it was a whole pack of wolves! They could see the wolves yellow eyes looking at them hungrily, their teeth bared, thirsty for blood. The wolves surrounded the two girls. They started to move in slowly. Then they all lunged forward, the girls screamed then disappeared, their screams echoed for a second then vanished all together.
Emily heard the screams and called out to them, but no one answered. She called again. Nothing. She began to shake all over with a fear so strong that she thought she might faint. Suddenly a huge black and brown spider with multiple red eyes and fangs dripping with poison came down on its web right in front of her! She screamed a scream so loud that it startled herself. The spider jumped on her, sending her to the ground and then they disappeared just like the rest of the girls.
Nobody knows where the five girls went that night. Some say that if you go to those very woods at around midnight, you can still hear the terrified screams of the five poor lost friends.

The End

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