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Back to Reality

October 8, 2009
By kaaaaaay(: BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
kaaaaaay(: BRONZE, Grove City, Ohio
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It was the weekend, finally! The best days to sleep in. I didn’t wake up until 2 in the afternoon. After I woke up and got out of bed, I went into the kitchen. As I walked in there were stacks and stacks of money setting in my kitchen. I mean it was everywhere, the tables, counters, even in the fridge! It was pretty crazy, I couldn’t believe it.

“Dad!” I yelled.

“What?” he asked as he came running in. “What happened?” he asked worried.

“What happened? What’s all this?” I asked shocked and confused.

“Oh that. We’re rich!”

“What? How’d it happen?”

“I hit the jackpot!” he yelled with happiness.

“That’s great!”

“Oh yeah, you bet! I have big plans for this money, all new cars, and a new house too! The house, oh the house it’s going to be gigantic! So big you’ll need a car to get around in it! The yard, it’s going to be pretty big. With a pool the size of our house, practically a water park in our backyard,” he explained.

I couldn’t believe it, all this money and everything we could buy with it. I just sat there starring at the money and thought to myself, my life’s amazing.

A while after the excitement died down, well it kind of did. I was getting dressed when all of a sudden I heard my dad yell.

“What happened?” I asked out of breath running into the room.

“We’re rich!” dad yelled.

“Uh yeah, I thought we went over this like an hour ago.”

“You don’t understand. What I’m saying is they gave us more money then we’re supposed to have.”

“Like how much more?” I was confused.

“Like two million more.”

“Oh wow, that’s a lot!”

“Yeah and I have no idea what to do with it.”

“What to do with it? You keep it, that’s what you do with it! I mean come on dad it’s a one in a million type thing that this could’ve ever happened, and it happened to us! That’s not an everyday thing, be happy!”

“Well… we’ll see what happens.”

I smiled; this day couldn’t possibly get better. It had to be the best day of my life.

So I went back to my room to finish getting dressed when my crappy cell phone rang. I ran over and answered it, it was my friend Annie.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked.

“Hey, nothing. But I have to tell you something, guess what? Oh never mind I’ll just tell you! Can you believe someone won that jackpot? That person’s in our town too!” she said excitedly.

“Yeah well about that. It was me!”

“Wait what was you?” she sounded confused.

“Well not exactly me, but my dad! My dad won the jackpot!”

“No way, I can’t believe it!” she screamed. It was so loud my dad ran into the room to see what happened. I had to explain that it was Annie on the phone. He understood as soon as I said her name. Everyone who knows Annie knows that it’s almost impossible for her to be quiet.

“Kelsie, are you still there?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m here I was just talking to my dad.”

“Kelsie, are you there? I can’t hear you”, she said as the phone hung up.

“Ugh, I hate this phone!” I yelled.

“Well maybe you’ll like this one”, dad said as he handed me the new iPhone.

“Oh, dad really? This is amazing!”

“Well this is just the beginning of these wonderful gifts, get used to it.”

It really was just the beginning too. After that, dad gave me $200 to go shopping. He arranged for a limo to take me too! When I got into the limo Annie, Amy, Joey, Brandy, Tommy, and many more friends of mine were in the limo also.

We were gone for hours, I had so many bags it was unreal. As we were driving, I couldn’t recognize where we were going. “Where are we going?” I asked the driver.

“To your house”, he answered. As he said that we pulled up to the biggest house on the block and into the driveway. I could barely keep my mouth closed. It was crazy, the house was huge. It had a million windows, it was blue, it had the biggest porch and yard you could’ve ever seen, the prettiest and brightest flowers, and the biggest pool ever!

“You’re kidding right, this is my house?”

“Well duh! Who else’s house is it supposed to be”, said Annie. My friends and I had a blast all day, but eventually they went home. As they left I went to my new room. The first thing I went to was my closet. Oh the clothes, there were so many! I tried them all on, well most of them.

As I got to the middle of the closet I looked in the mirror, I was just your average girl. Medium length black hair, glasses, to short I always hated my height, brown eyes, and pretty small in weight. Wow I can’t believe this happened to me, it’s amazing. As I was putting my clothes away I heard somebody yell my name. It sounded so close it was crazy. I heard someone yell my name again. It sounded like my dad. Then all of a sudden I woke up in my bed.

“Kelsie, wake up. Get ready for school!” my dad yelled. I was so confused, it was all a dream? How, it felt so real.

“Ugh, I can’t believe it, it was only a dream.”

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