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Malice in Wonderland

March 30, 2012
By RollerDerbyRocker PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
RollerDerbyRocker PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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It was a sunny day in the country of New York. Alice and her friends

were skating down the street to the park to meet a team of roller

derby girls to do a bout. As they were skating down the road a shiny

green car comes into view and speeds up to meet the girls. As they

scatter out of the road or to the side Alice is come over with dread

because her skate laces are stuck in her wheels. “Cr*p” she says and

bends over unaware of the green car speeding towards her. “Watch

out,” yelled one of her friends. “Crash, Boom” and then it went dark.

3 months later she wakes up from her coma unaware that that car

was radioactive. No one knows… except for the people driving the

car. The Strypers. Alice decides that she is going to move to New

York City because she thinks it will be safer there. She finds a nice

apartment with some friends and moves in, in a couple of weeks.

One day when I was skating in the park I suddenly feel a tingly

sensation in my feet. I stop and go again. My feet are still tingly. Then

because of this I skate all for it and zooms at 30mph across the park

20 again. I end up going around in circles for the rest of the day and I

never got tired.

When I get home I make a costume out of my grandmother’s old

derby outfit but with my new gear to be safe. I decide to call my self

Malice in Wonderland and I will zoom around at the speed of light

and decide to save people. On a sunny day most like the one I was

run over on I am saving a guy that was pushed off a building by a

gang called the strypers. They sneer at me and I leer back. “Hey you

new around here?” the gang leader says. “Yeah” I say, “Why did you

push that man off of the building?” I say. “Well he needs to be taught

a lesson”. He says and smiles his weird twisted smile at me. “My

names Stinger what’s yours?” “Malice my names Malice and I hate

your attitude and your ways of dealing with people.” “Well if that’s

so then we will have to get rid of you.” I backed up agents the wall,

frightened. Then I remembered my powers and they kicked in just in

time to save my life.

5 months later with time to spare I get a call from the police about a

robbery and a plotted murder. I zoom off to the location and find my

enemies The Strypers. There leader is holding a gun to the mans

head. He is about 20 and about 5ft 11 and has blond hair and green

eyes. I zoom over pull him to his feet and hall him on my back. He

stars at me wild eyed as I ask him “were do you live?” he tells me

the address and I’m there in 4 seconds. I drop him off at his house

and he looks at me with loving eyes. “Weird” I say in my head. He

asks me were I live and I tell him. The next day he visits me and

for 3 weeks he does until he asks me out. “Wow” I said “well okay it

wouldn’t hurt to try it” on the 3rd date he asks me to marry him and

I say “yes”. “Wow” I say to myself “If I hadn’t got hit by that car I

wouldn’t even be here.

The lair

My lair is in my old high school on the corner of 32nd street. To get

into my lair you go to locker 134. In that locker there is a button.

When you find the button you press it and a very powerful wind tube

comes through the ceiling and sucks you up. When you are in the

lobby of my lair you find a high-tech hand scanner and a password


Password: *********

When you get into the lair you find a extra uniform and a vending

machine full of high-tech gear and some skates made out of the

finest material and a basket of wheels. There is a track for me to use

when I’m not saving your butt and a trampoline the size of a large

swimming pool for me to practice my jumps and that is all.

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on Apr. 5 2012 at 6:56 pm
Allicat001 SILVER, Waukesha, Wisconsin
6 articles 0 photos 170 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Love is not someone you can live with, love is someone you can't live without."

"Always stand up for what's right even if that means you're standing alone."

Good job:) I personally thought the ending was a little sudden but the concept was great.

on Apr. 3 2012 at 9:31 pm
Metalhead36 SILVER, Amherst, Massachusetts
8 articles 0 photos 23 comments

Favorite Quote:
Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. - Edgar Allan Poe

Two words: slow down! It's a good concept, but everything's just whizzing by and it's all jumbled and hard to apprehend. Take your time and explain the story; there's no need to say it all so fast.