November 30, 2011
By Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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I watch, and I wait. Eyes darting, ears open. The slightest bit of noise. . . could mean. . . my death. Standing perfectly still behind a great big oak tree, I am planning my next move.

“Seen! Come out, come out where ever you are!” my enemy was near. . .
It was a very cold December night, and it wasn’t about to get warm. . . it was about to get colder.
“I’m glad you could make it See!” I called after him.
See turned around in a swift three-sixty turn and was now facing my tree.
“You know I will see you. I am See! I see all things! And you. . . you have already seen me” See walked over to my tree carefully. “Do I startle you Seen?” he asked.
Hypnotized by his voice, I turned from my tree and stepped out from behind it.
“See” I breathed out. His face was pale, his hair black as night. His eyes blacker than his hair and staring straight into my icy blue ones.
He smiled. “Ah Seen, you have been hiding me for a long time. . . but the truth is I have already saw you” He cackled.
I gasped. “Sister Saw?! You killed her?” I gaped.
“Yes, I killed her, and now, I’m going to kill you. It’s such a shame, you were such a pretty thing” He looked me over.
I stepped back in disgust.
He laughed again. “Unless. . . you wish to join me in creating ultimate power” he said looking me dead in the eye.
“I will never join you!” I spat at him.
“Oh but you will” he smiled wickedly, rushing up to me so fast I could hardly see him. He grabbed my arm, and I was sucked back into a flash back in time. . .

It was a million years ago when it began. . . the war of See, Seen, and Saw.
They were a family. Created and bound together by God himself.
A brother, and two sisters. They were beautiful creatures, but most deadly as well.
See was the darkest of them all. He was the first born, and he witnessed the creation of part of the earth himself.
He was the most power-fullest out of the three. He had the power to see into the future, and find out what his sisters were planning next or anyone in that manner. No secret could be kept from him.
Seen had the power to see the present. What was happening today.
Saw, had the power to look back into the past, to mend what was broken in the past, to make it better. Altering the present and the future.
See, wanted all the power. The power of past and present, including his gift as well.
Though he did not pay attention to way into the future he ignored the warning. And now his going to pay.
The reason why God had separated See, Seen, and Saw into three different things were for this reason. If they were combined into one person, it would over load and kill the host of See, Seen, and Saw.
For a million years, Seen have kept See away from her. But her sister Saw wasn’t so lucky. Now See has the power of Saw. Seen prays that he doesn’t get hers as well.
To late. . .

Seen looks around her. Shes now in the past and has now figured out See’s plan. He took her back into the past so that he can kill her in the past and the become ruler of the world in the present.
See suddenly appears out of the shadows.
“Well shall we get this over with?” See smiles, but watches her carefully.
“Please See! Don’t do this! You will just destroy yourself! I do not wish this upon you! I love you! You are my own flesh and blood! My brother!” I pleaded.
He walked over to me. “Not anymore! I will no longer
need you! I will have ultimate power!” I cried.
“NO!” I scream. As he grabbed me and started to suck the power out of me.
I couldn’t breath. My eyes rolled back into my head. I gasped for air but it wouldn’t come.
I could hear my brothers laughs. . . no. . . no. . . those were screams!
I was doing it. If I gave my power to my treacherous brother, he would over load and be destroyed. I grabbed his other arm.
I saw his face, he was being torn apart. So was my heart. . .
“How could you do this to me?” he whispered, then he dispersed into nothingness, and I returned to the present.

My breaths were shallow and rapped. I clawed at the ground. I was going to die. Like Saw. . . like See.
Well at least I will be with them.
I was see, seen, and then saw.
And now I was going to die.
So I did. . . I died. . .

Heaven was white and fluffy. It looked like a cloud.
“Am I dead?” I asked myself. “Well surely I am! I sure don’t think I’m on Earth!” I laughed at myself.
“No. . .” whispered a voice.
“No?” I called out questioningly. “Is anyone there!” I yelled out.

Saw stepped out of the clouds and in front of me.

I gasped. “Saw! Your here! Were is See?” I asked her, flooded with happiness.

“Yes I am here. You are not dead Seen. I just sent for you. I wanted to say. . . goodbye. As for See, he is nothing” she told me.

“Sister! That is a horrible thing to say!” I gaped.

“No! You have misunderstood me! He is gone, nothingness. He is no more on this planet. The gift of seeing, is now searching for a new host. I also came to tell you, that you need to help the power see, into finding a new body. The future needs to be restored” she said to me solemnly.

“What about your power? saw” I asked.

“It has already found a new host” Saw said. “Her name is Annabella Swane. She lives near you. She is just a baby now so you shall wait until she grows. While you are doing so, you shall find a host for see. But it will be hard. The host has to fit perfectly or the host will be destroyed and you will have to start all over again. You also should be aware that if the host is wrong and the body is destroyed, you will be accountable for the deaths, so be wary sister” Saw told me grimly.

“Now, I have to say goodbye. . . until it is your time to come here again. . . forever. But do not worry, that is not for a long time! I love you, remember that, See may had betrayed us, but I never will!” Saw said firmly. With that she hugged me warmly, and disappeared.

“I love you too! Sister. . .” I was sucked into complete blackness.

I gasped and clung at my neck. I was alive. Yes! Alive!

Sadness enveloped me. I may be alive, but the ones that were dearest to my heart are dead.

One Day Later. . .

Let this serve as a reminder that I will have to be careful on who I choose to be the host of see. I don’t want a power-thirsty boy to host see. I do not wish to see another person die.

Now I will go and visit Annabell. She is all I have for now.

Love- Seen

The author's comments:
It just came to me. Like all stories do. Ideas pop up, and I write them. Hope you like it!

- writerfreak21231

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