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Adventures in Diablo City: Tragedy on the Train

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Who would’ve had thought one slip of the tongue would ever set off a chain of obscure events. My name is Tracey but I like to be called Tai, because its sounds cooler. I shall tell you my story in Diablo City.

“I was riding the train in the west part of Diablo. I was going to visit my grandmother; she’s really nice and sweet. We have a plethora of things in common. We both love old bands, peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches, and the number 3. My dad says or uncanny alikeness must be genetic. But anyway everything seemed to be normal, people come in, get off, etc. That was until mayor Caliente got on the train, looking troubled. I thought “that’s strange why would mayor Caliente be on this train.” On top of that he had no security with him. He was sweating all over, and his eyes kept switching back and forth. Now everybody knows that mayor Caliente has been the main cause of our city’s trouble lately. He did nothing for that anchor accident in the harbor, and a library destroyed in place of a mall.

As I was pondering all this, mayor Caliente’s running opponent Mr. Fresca, got aboard the train. Along with his security. He smirked at Caliente and sat down. No was talking, all us commoners were wondering how Caliente and Fresca were going to react to each other. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then it happened, Fresca said the first word.
“Caliente how are you?” he asked
“I’m fine…just fine.” Caliente nervously responded.
“How’s your wife?” Fresca asked with a sly smile on his face.
“Oh she’s good. We’re happy.”

Then it happened the slip of the tongue. Fresca answered under his breath “That’s not what she said last night.” Like a smarmy high school kid. Then out of nowhere Caliente pulled off his jacket. He had a bomb strapped to him.
“Alright nobody move! I’m tiered of you people and this city! I’m going to blow it to smithereens!” At instinct everyone ducked down and covered their heads.
“Caliente calm down, it was a joke.” Fesca said trying to calm him down.
Caliente kicked him in the face and replied “I said nobody move!”

I sat there concerned about my life, wondering what kind of miracle it would take to get me out of this one. Then I hear BEEP! BEEP! I look out the window and see my grandma driving along the tracks in her old jalopy. Like a James Bond movie, grandma crashed the car into the train.
“Tai where are you!? I had a feeling you were in trouble. Something about a bomb threat!” she yelled. I quickly get up and point to Caliente.
“Grandma, its Caliente he’s the keeper of the bomb.”
Grandma looked at Caliente and cracked her knuckles. Caliente just scoffed at my grandmother and pointed to the bomb.
“Back off old lady! I have a bomb!” Caliente yelled but it was too late. POW! Grandma socked it to him. Sending him and the trigger flying. It fell to the ground and Fresca grabbed it as the citizens tied Caliente to a pole with his jacket.

And that’s the end. Both Caliente and Fresca didn’t win the election. Caliente for going to clinically insane and Fresca for having an affair. It was the underdog candidate Bajo who won. As for me and Grandma, well for saving the train and the city, she was named a city hero, While I got to spend the weekend with my favorite hero, my grandma.

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