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Lost And Alone

November 18, 2010
By Theriault35 BRONZE, Waterboro, Maine
Theriault35 BRONZE, Waterboro, Maine
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“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Scott as his plane was crashing down through the trees in the wilderness of Canada. He was having flashbacks of all the fun times him and his friends had and thinking of what would happen if he died in this crash.
SMASH, his plane crashed. He was able to crawl away from the plane but then he went unconscious.

Scott was on his way to go scuba diving in a lake in Canada with one of his friends that he has only seen once in the past year. His plane ride was only about another hour from where he was going. He was going diving in Jackfish lake.

“Ow” my head said scott as he woke up from being unconscious and felt his head throbbing. He was unconscious for about half an hour. He sat up but he was a little dizzy so he waited until his vision went back to normal. Finally, he wasn’t dizzy anymore so he stood up and looked at the plane and it was crushed into tiny pieces. He walked over to it and saw that the pilot driving the plane had died from the crash. The plane was only smoking so he got his scuba gear out of the plane and put it on the ground. He checked it over and nothing was hurt from the crash. He was happy that the plane was smoking because someone might see it and save him. Then out of nowhere it started to pour so the plane stopped smoking. He decided to take cover in the plane till it stopped. The tail end of the plane had been separated from the rest of the plane so he stayed in the tail of it. The rain finally stopped and he got out of the tail and looked around then he saw a ginormous Grizzly Bear standing on its hind legs sniffing in the air. Scott decided to get back in the plane when the bear started to walk towards him. He thought the bear was at least 600 pounds. He got back in the plane and waited and like two or three minutes later the bear was in front of scott. Next the bear walked up to him and started sniffing him. Scott was holding his breath and his heart was beating about as fast as a rocket can fly. Then the bear left.

Scott got out and walked over through the woods and saw that there was a huge pond in the middle of nowhere and it was deep. He went and got his diving gear and went to look around in the pond. He got in the pond and found that it was like 70 feet deep. Then he saw a really big fish. He was so freaked out because it came out of nowhere that he swam as fast as he possibly could back to the shore. It was starting to get dark so he had to find shelter for that night so he went back to the plane. twelve hours later, morning came. He went back to the pond and tried to find a shelter before he did anything else. He saw a hill so he decided to dig a hole in the side of the hill to live in for however long he was there. he finally finished hollowing out the shelter and it was a pretty good sized room. By the time he had finished his shelter it was just getting dark so he went to sleep. At about midnight he heard something outside so he got up and looked outside and in the moonlight he could see a deer. Just looking at the deer made him feel hungry then he started to think about how he was going to get food. The next morning an idea popped into his head. This idea was to make a spear and go diving for big fish that scared him to death. He made the spear got on his gear and got into the water. right off he saw a bunch of fish that he tried to get but he missed every time. Then he saw the big fish he got ready and as it swam by he struck with the spear and nailed it right in the stomach. As he did that he was sure that he was going to have dinner that night. He got out of the water and went to cook it then he realized he had no idea how he was going to cook it. He tried using sticks but that didn’t work so he tried rocks and he got sparks and then finally the fire lit. He was able to cook his food and he had a way to make fire. Afterwards, he decided to back into the pond and dive down deeper into the water and when he did this he found a small cavern that he wanted to explore. He was really tired though so he decided to save this adventure for tomorrow. When he came out of the pond he figured that since he was in the wilderness there had to be berries somewhere so he started to look. He walked through the woods some more and found an opening that had tons of blueberry bushes so he started to eat them. He sat down in front of the biggest bush he could find and he started stuffing his face. Then he heard a low rumble that sounded like a growl. He turned around and the bear was standing right behind him and she had two cubs. The cubs ran up into a tree and the mother bear charged but scott was able to dodge it and all of the other times she charged. Then Scott finally ran away. He sprinted until he got back to the shelter and decided to call it a day. The next day he got a couple fish for food and then went on his adventure.

He entered the cavern and it was completely dark. He looked up and he saw the surface. He went up to the surface and came out in a cave. It looked like an animal had been living there but Scott wasn’t really smart enough to think about what might live there. He left the cavern and went back to get more food but he had decided to live in that cave. That night he slept really well and when he woke up he was in a shadow and he looked around the cave again and there it was. A bear. The bear. The mother bear. He tried to be as quiet as he could and get back in the water to leave but he wasn’t quiet enough. The bear had heard him. This time the bear moved like lightning and was on top of scott before he knew it. The bear was hitting him with its paws and snarling so loud that Scott couldn’t hear anything else. He started screaming for help then he realized that no one was there to help him get away from the bear. He tried to fight it off of him but it was to strong and the bear ended up killing him.

3 Months later
Scotts friend had reported that his friend hadn’t showed up and that he couldn’t get ahold of him at all. They had planes flying in the air and then one of the planes spotted the crashed plane. The search party came into the woods where the plane was and ended up finding the cave that Scott was killed in. By the time they found him his body was pretty much all rotted away. His parents heard of the news and was devastated.

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Man, seriosly, AMAZING!!! :D you could easily publish something like that and you have a talent (and im an author) :) great work.