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The Legend of King Nova the Great (PART 2)

November 16, 2010
By Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
Firebringer17 GOLD, Mayfield HTS, Ohio
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And so Nova agreed with the Wind Spirit and traveled back to the dormant volcano where he had hid it. He usually put it behind a rock, but when he looked for it, it was not there anymore. Nova panicked and searched for his weapon until he found it levitating in the air. Nova finally retrieved the sword and waited for a burst of wind to speak to him.
“Well done, mortal,” it said, “You have found your sword.”
“What have you done with my weapon, mighty Wind Spirit?”
“I have enchanted it with mana.”

“Mana is the life force of all things on this Planet, but you mortals lack enough like us Titans. I have put mana into this sword, it is not alive but it now has the same mana as the Blackfire Beast.”
Nova gripped the sword, it felt lighter and he could feel the mana connecting through him like a conductor. He gave it a wave of his hand and flames were expelled out like a wave of fire. Nova was ecstatic with hope. “Thank you, Mighty Wind Spirit Titan of the skies. You have given me a fighting chance.”
“Be warned, mortal, killing the beast is no easy task, which is why I have created a new fire with the mana of fire and wind. You cannot make it now, but with training, patience and meditation and when the timing is right, this flame shall burn bright for you to defeat evil.”
“I shall not fail you, Great Wind Spirit, I shall learn this fire.” the wind then stopped flowing and Nova was left alone. It was early in the morning and he knew that he had to start working for the evil titan again. But he decided to not go, for his tasks were far more important than being a slave. For weeks, his family and other slaves were sent to find him, but all were unsuccessful. Nova practiced day and night with his sword, meditating and honing his skills, now dancing with fire instead of copying it. He used a method he composed of flames within flames, burning the flames he already made with more fire while dancing with his sword as if he was fire. Soon he felt he was ready to fight and decided to begin his plan.
Nova arrived in his village again to everyone’s surprise. His brother was the most concerned of all. “Nova,” he said, “Where have you been? Did you fall down a ditch? We have been looking for you everywhere.”
“Do not worry about my safety, Brother because I have great news!” The villagers gathered around to hear his words. “I have been making a weapon to kill the Blackfire Beast, and it has been blessed by the Great and mighty Wind Spirit with a special fire that can destroy our evil master forever! Who will aid me in our freedom?” No one stepped forward, not even his brother.
“Brother,” He said, “Why do you not come with me?”
“I am sorry, but I cannot help you, the Titan will surely kill you if you fight the beast. Please think about what you are doing.”
Nova became hoarse with rage, feeling betrayed by his one brother. “What I am doing is freeing our people! And if you are all too dense to aid me then I will go alone!” Not a soul dared to speak up and they sank back into their small huts, silent to his words. Nova did not back down on his words, he would fight the evil Titan that plagued them alone, with no help. He traveled to the location of the Blackfire Beast, who was busy looking over the working slaves on the Volcano called Mount Hell. He stepped up to the Beast with his sword, unmoving and unafraid of the horrid monster.
When the Blackfire Beast finally noticed him, it spoke in a deep, demonic, booming, intimidating and bellowing voice, “What are you doing just standing there, mortal?” it asked, “Leave now and get back to work!”
“Blackfire Beast,” He said strongly holding his sword up high, “I have been given an honor and blessing…to kill you, and save my people from your tyranny!”
“You dare challenge me?”
“I do not challenge you; I proclaim my goal to you; that you shall die at my hand.”
“Very well human, accept your fate.”
The Blackfire Beast opened its mouth, each of the Titan’s teeth were the size of a grown man. A giant wall of blackfire came from the monster’s gaping jaws, heading straight for Nova. Nova held his sword out in front of him and split the wall of blackfire with his weapon; he strained to keep his ground from the impact, but did not move. The blackfire dispersed and Nova still stood proud with his trusty blade that sizzled from the heat.
“How can this be?” The beast said, “You are but a mortal, what is this that you hold?”
“I have in my hands my people’s salvation, the sword of Inferno! With it, I will slay you, for it was enchanted with mana from the Wind Spirit!”
“So this is the Wind Spirit’s doing? Then I shall dispose of the Wind Spirit as well.”
“No, I will never let you take my savior like you have my freedom!” Nova lunged at the great beast with his sword and sent waves of fire at the Titan. Though it did not harm the beast, the flames pushed the monster back. The Blackfire Beast then lifted its hand that could squash Nova like a small insect, with four claws that could impale him, and sent it crashing down at him. Nova leapt up, dodged the claws and ran up the Titan’s arms while running sending fire towards the beast’s head. He then hurled an explosion of flames to push the monster on his back and landed on the massive brute with his sword stabbing its chest. The beast’s skin was so intensely hot it nearly melted Nova’s body. The horrid Titan scooped out Nova with his sword from its chest and threw him into the opening of the volcano named Mount Hell. Nova grabbed the edge of the volcano’s rim, staring down into the fiery abyss below. He heard the beast’s thundering gallops coming toward him and leap into the volcano’s bowels, splashing hot searing magma as it landed. Nova let go of the ledge and aimed to land on the beast with his sword sticking out. As he let out a battle cry of war, the Titan swatted him like a small vermin to the inner wall of the volcano. Nova stabbed his sword into the rocky wall and clinged to the side to regroup. The Blackfire Beast roared at him from the magma, its legs sticking out of the molten fire as if it were a mud puddle. The clever hero saw a few slabs of unmelted rock in the pool of lava and decided to take a risk and pulled out his sword from the wall to fly down on one of them. As soon as Nova landed, he was facing the Blackfire Beast. The beast went to take a bite out of the slab of rock floating in his domain as if it were small prey. But Nova held out the sword of Inferno and blocked one of the beast’s middle fangs. He kept his stance so that the beast could not devour him, but the hero’s platform was beginning to capsize under the pressure of the mighty stalemate. Nova eventually lost his strength and gave into the vice-grip jaws of the Titan. The Blackfire Beast consumed the slab and raised it head to chew, but Nova suddenly jumped out of the beast’s mouth, avoiding the lava completely. He leapt to a ledge of rock and stood strong against the monster’s might.
“Your wit is strong,” The beast bellowed, “But you will not last much further!” The Blackfire Beast raised the level of magma in the volcano and forced Mount Hell to erupt itself. Nova quickly climbed out of the volcano, but the flow was too fast to avoid. He jumped onto another slab of rock and rode the flowing lava out of the eruption. On the surface, he was able to see his old village in the way of the fast flowing lava, and Nova could not let his people die because of his actions. With the sword of Inferno, he jettisoned himself forward past the molten earth and at the base of the volcano. He stood firm at the base, holding his sword forward, summoning all his might and pushed the lava back. He stepped forward and sent it flowing back to save his people from the scorching magma. But then the lava flowed on its own back into the volcano fully without Nova’s strength. The evil Titan erupted out delivered a stream of blackfire straight to Nova. Nearly being vaporized by the massive heat, Nova dodged to the right, barley missing the pillar of blackfire.
The Blackfire Beast then souted blackfire out of its mouth into the air. Nova was perplexed by the Titan’s strategy until he saw the fire rain down upon him like a storm of death. He jumped out of the way of many and survived the risky ordeal only to find that it was not over. The black flames them began to solidify into solid beings. They were human sized minions of the blackfire beast, with claws and red eyes like the fire beast itself. All at once, they attacked Nova, scratching and punching him. Nova swatted at them with the sword of Inferno, but they only came back, hungry for his blood.
While Nova was being attacked, the Blackfire Beast blew blackfire at the hero. Nova blocked the wave of blackfire but that distraction stopped him from noticing the minions over take him. The first minion to get him bit his left shoulder, Nova cried out in agony as his flesh was being ripped off and burned at the same time. Nova knocked the minion off his shoulder, exposing his skinless shoulder to the air. The pain was more intense than any burn he had ever felt before and fell over in anguish. The minions then surrounded and piled upon him quickly, their massive bodies swallowing the man in an instant. The horrid beasts clawed at his body, spat embers of blackfire on him and kicked him while he was on the ground. He breathed heavily and could not move, the pain was too great, and the hero was looked down upon by the Blackfire Beast that stood triumphantly to the fallen man.
“You have provided a worthy bout, human, but you shall never be on equal terms with me. And for your insolence, I shall burn this entire village as an example to others that dare to stand against me!”
“No,” He protested, “No, I will never let you succeed!” Nova tried to move but the pile of blackfire minions was too much. Then he felt something in his hands, the sword of inferno was burning without his control. The fallen hero gripped it while he was still being attacked and concentrated. Nova thought of the Wind Spirit and what it had said about mana, about how there are different types that control different things; Nova thought about how the special fire was a mixture between wind and fire mana and how it would look. The Sword of Inferno began to glow with white fire that burned like the sparkling stars at night. Nova strained to get back up from the mound of evil beasts on top of him and put both hands on his sword. He yelled and an explosion of white fire emerged from his body. The wave of white fire sent the blackfire minions flying back, vaporized in mid air as well by the powerful explosion. He stood up, though his shoulder that was badly burned and the blackfire seemed to surge throughout his body, he stood tall and firm against the Fire Titan, the evil being that threatened to destroy his people. The Blackfire Beast backed away.
“What fire is this?” It asked.
“The flame of justice, the flame of purity, the flame of your demise. You have enslaved my people long enough; your evil shall no longer stand. Our skies shall not be covered with poisoned smoke and our children shall not live in fear anymore, taste white fire, you vile beast!” Nova swung his sword at the beast and waves of white fire covered the Titan. Like no other fire, it burned the Blackfire Beast, it made the beast feel pain, and it melted its flesh. Again and again Nova pushed him back. The Blackfire Beast was scorched and melted by the hero’s sword. With his sword, he stabbed the fallen Titan with the sword engulfed in white fire and the beast evaporated into the air. Its dust was blown away and the same breeze blew back into Nova’s face.
“Well done, mortal you have defeated the Blackfire beast and freed your people.”
“Thank you, Wind Spirit Titan, Master of the Skies. I am eternally grateful for what you have done for my people and me.”
“More rewards are still waiting, human.”
“What else, mighty Titan?” Nova was then over come with immense power, he began to glow with a bright red aura around him. “Why, why do I feel so alive?”
“You have now defeated the Blackfire Beast, therefore, you have taken its power, and you are now the Fire Titan. Choose wisely what you will do.”
Nova was awe-struck; he set down his sword carefully and ignited a flame in his hand. It was a beautiful sight; he felt all of the fire on earth in his body. As Nova stared at the flame he made in his hand, he thought about his power, about his responsibility, about his people, he knew what he had to do. “Great Wind Spirit Titan, I have chosen a course of action quite rash, but I must do this for my people. From this day forward, I shall be known as Nova: King of Fire. And as my first act, I shall give my power of fire to all people enslaved by the Blackfire Beast!” He ejected the power that he had and balls of fire-mana erupted from Nova’s body. The balls of fire-mana met every person that was enslaved. They too felt more alive and now could make fire from nothing. They danced and praised Nova for his bravery.
The people of his village ran to their leader and raised him up. “Hail our king!” They said, “All hail our savior!” Nova’s brother walked to him with a guilty face.
“Brother,” he said, “Please forgive my cowardice.”
“It is alright my brother, you are forgiven.”

The author's comments:
Get ready for an epic showdown between a hero and a god.

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Again, my comment serves for both Part 1 & Part 2 of your work.

While I prefer The Chronicles of X, this was still an enjoyable read. I feel some of the paragraphs can be split into multiple paragraphs to lessen the strain on the eyes, but other than that it is fine gramatically and formatting wise.

Content wise it is intriguing, and you manage to elaborate on the fantasy concepts you bring into the story, which definitely helps in the long run.