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The great adventure

October 1, 2009
By goat1 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
goat1 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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It all started June 16, 2009 when Chance, Michael and I stayed the night at Brandon’s. We were all talking and playing games, until Brandon said he saw a gigantic lizard at the pet store. I thought to myself ‘’oh man that would be awesome to have’’.
Then I spoke up and said im going to buy that creature! They all chuckled yea that would be a cool idea. But I never thought about asking my mom, but oh well. The rest of the night we stayed up on x box, computer, and eating all Brandon’s food. We all woke up around 11:00 a.m. and were all starving so chance thought of a good idea of going to buffalo wild wings for 50-cent boneless wings. So we all got money and headed off in Brandon’s car, and Brandon drove it was quite amazing. As soon as we all got there we ordered 40 dollars worth of boneless wings with medium sauce and ranch. The total amount of wings we got was about 80. We almost ate all of these, which was amazing we only had 10 left over.

But I still had 15 dollars just enough for the lizard. So we left buffalo wild wings to go to the pet shop. Then once we arrived we saw this gigantic lizard Brandon was talking about although it wasn’t that gigantic it was about the size of my pointer finger.
We asked the guy how big would it get he said around 4 and a half feet long, are eyes widened and are jaws dropped. There were also lot’s of different kinds of neat animals in their, snake’s, all types of lizard’s turtle’s birds fish I didn’t know what to get but we decided on the savannah monitor Finally we said well buy it he said you have to have someone 18 years or older to purchase such a thing. Are hopes for getting it just down sized then Brandon thought of an idea about calling his mom? So he did, ring, ring, ring, hello mom can you come down to the pet shop and get Blake this lizard yea sure did his mom say it was alright, yes Brandon said slowly. As soon as Brandon gave us the good news we all got high hopes again. It took her about thirty minutes to get across town because of traffic. As soon as she got there we went in and bought the lizard. The lizard was is brown and has yellow dotes along its body also has bumps and a long brown and tan tail. Then we got in to Brandon’s car and drove off to my house it was an interesting ride back, because Brandon’s mom was asking you did ask your mom right and I said yea. In a very slow Suring manor, and in no time were at the driveway of my house I didn’t know what to do. So I slowly walked in side and ran into my room with my friends then put the lizard in my cage. Then left back to Brandon’s, Michael forgot to put on the lid. And later that evening when I arrived home Blake I heard my name in a shrilling screech! Threes a lizard in the house get it out this instant, my mom said she is terrified of things such as lizards if they’re not in a cage. I said calm down its probably from outside and came through the garage. So I picked up the lizard and pretended to take the lizard outside but, I put it into my pocket and brought it down into my room and this time put the lid on top of the cage. Later that night as I was going to sleep my mom came down to check on me and saw the lizard she said didn’t I tell you to take that thing out side, no ive always had that one oh ok she replied, then she left but man that was a close one I thought to myself, that was a sigh of relief.
One and a half months later the lizard is a full 1 and a half feet long and we also bought a leash for it. That day Brandon, Chance, and I took the lizard for a walk down to Dara’s We had a lot of fun with that people would be giving us second looks and asking us to take a picture and we said sure and we got a lot of laughs out of that. But taking care of a big lizard is a big responsibility, because of what its needs are it eats mice, crickets, lettuce, and money. But im glad to have such a thing because it was and still is a great experience.
A day later all the same people came over and I told them how my mom saw the lizard and how the lizard got out and Michael said my bad. In a laughing manor it was all funny to us now but at the time it was not. Then Chance said we should bring the creature over to Brandon’s house so we did. And later on that night while Ryan was
sleeping we put the beast on top of him and hit him with a pillow and he woke up yelling sending chills down everyone’s spine. We all laughed and fell on the floor, then suddenly Brandon’s parents woke up and came to Ryan’s room to see what all the commotion was about. Then Ryan told them that we put the lizard on him and as soon as he said that he took my lizard and I home as well as Michael, and Chance. And that’s just one of the few adventures we had over the summer.

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Its very interesting about a couple of boys who get in trouble for having a big lizard.

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