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Do You Believe

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you believe in old quotes, that they may come true? Like have you ever heard your parents say quotes such as “what goes around comes around,” or “when you point a finger at someone you have four pointing right back at you,” or what about “what goes up most some down.” Well mine do all the time. Out of all the quotes that they have said to me or my sister, there’s one that has always stuck in my head at that is “what you do to others may come around and happen to you.”
My first reason is that to get revenge on those who use to pick on me and make fun of me just because I was a little bit bigger than the other kids, they also made fun of my clothes just because they were a little dirty at times or they had something printed on them that they thought wasn’t cool enough for them. My final reason is because they made fun of how I acted and sound like they made fun of my country ascent and how I acted all crazy because I was young and didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t really care.
Second reason is that the bible tells us “do unto other as they would do unto you” because it’s wanting to make you become a better person to your family and to friends and to strangers. Also to be a friendlier person in every one, if you show respect to people they will respect you and they will think you are a good person.
Back when I was a young one and didn’t know what to do to those who made fun of me I use to think that when they made fun of me the next day something would happen to them. Now I believe over time god will get them back just like this kid that went to elementary school with me he ended up getting over weight and now he has diabetes, or like his best friend that would help him pick on me but now his parents are divorced, so now I think what you do unto others will come around and bite you in the butt.
What I believe in now is totally different from what I use to be suckered into now I believe that what you do to others will come around to bit you in the butt, and god judges you by what you do to others and yourself. I think this will impact my future because people will think about what they do before they act upon some one or that they will treat every one else wilt the respect that they disserve or when someone is making fun of there kid they will take action and stand up for them.

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