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Never doubt, never look back

October 19, 2007
By Anonymous

The Most Influential Quote in the World

There are many different quotes in the world. They are also in many different languages. My

favorite and most influential quote is in English, obviously. In my opinion, the best quote in the world

is one from the hit TV show, CSI. This quote was said by Marg Helgenberger(Catherine Willows) to

William Petersen (Gil Grissom) in season five.

“Never doubt, never look back. That's how I live my life.”

-Marg Helgenberger

This is my favorite quote because it means a lot to me. I have had bad days when I start the day

with a bad memory of the past in my mind. I have not succeeded in all of the difficult rock climbing

walls because I have doubted whether or not I can make it to the top or not. When I heard this quote, I

began to follow it. I didn't even realize that I was until a few months ago. When some “road block” in

life comes up, I think,” Never doubt.” I don't know for sure what happens after that; I guess something

inside me pushes me to the next level. Before I heard that quote, I never stepped out of my comfort

zone. I was timid. I almost always doubted in everything that I did. Then I heard that quote said by my

most influential actress; I started to believe in it, and I also started believing more in myself.

The quote also helped me stop looking to the past for answers. I would do something

embarrassing, or I would do something that would stick in my mind, and I would look back on that and

cringe. I would also look to the past for answers. Now whenever I try to take a peak into the past, I

would see a white wall and the quote would flash across my mind. It's fine to look back on memories,

but when you look back on the prior events in your life, you start to get a bit depressed. Take it form

someone who has done that. Not a good idea.

I chose to write about this quote because no other quote has ever been this influential on my

life. This totally awesome quote turned my life around. I never realized how much I doubted in myself

or how often I looked into the past for answers until this quote came along. I didn't realize at first how

influential and important this quote was until I kept thinking about it. I used to think that quotes were

just a waste of time. It is strange how life works...

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Joany said...
on Nov. 16 2008 at 6:13 pm
This is also mine favorite quote, I made it with paint on my wall, so that i can see it when i woke up :]